10 Strategic UX Techniques


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Many companies, in their haste to be first to market, forget the value of good early, strategic design thinking when creating a product or service. This results in mediocrity, and ultimately leads to an unloved brand experience where consumers become fickle and disloyal. Now, whether leading a design team, sitting on the board of directors or starting up a company, UX practitioners have made their way back up the value chain and have been re-empowered to make decisions that really can change the world.

This talk and workshop helps you get into the right mindset and apply techniques that prove the enormous value of UX at a strategic level.

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10 Strategic UX Techniques

  1. 1. 10 Strategic UX Techniques by Eewei ChenEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  2. 2. ears y 16I have been designing a long timeEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  3. 3. SKY+ EPG ANYTIMEMOBILE WEB SKY GO Working with large organisations! Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  4. 4. 1. Predict the future2. Influence3. Balance innovation4. Join the dots5. Define success6. Understand customers7. Test your MVP8. Measure success9. Simplify the business model10. Sustain success What you will learn today Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  5. 5. “An experience strategy is that collection ofactivities that an organisation chooses toundertake to deliver a series of interactionswhich, when taken together, constitute aproduct or service offering that is superior in ameaningful, hard to replicate way; that isunique, distinct & distinguishable from thatavailable from a competitor.”- Steve Batty, VP IxDA What is Strategic UX? Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  6. 6. Hopes, Fears, RAIDs User behaviours Value map (incl. Competitors) and needsBusiness purpose and needs Activities needed to deliver interactions that define a product or service in a unique & memorable way* Interactions and journeys Validate Prioritise Business model Elevator pitch Build team What is Strategic UX? * Adapted from Steve Batty’s (VP IXDA) definition of an Experience strategy Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  7. 7. Predict the futureEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  8. 8. “The best way to predict thefuture is to create it.”- Peter Drucker, management guru Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  9. 9. no longer exist no one can live without Survival of the fittestEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  10. 10. 1886 1903 1937 1943 Ford Model T Wright brothers 302 Biro First car First flight First phone First non drip penRetention, Market share, brand strength? 1975 1996 2007 2013 Xerox star Motorola Startac iPhone Your product? First GUI First mobile phone First ‘Smart’ phone First... Why predict the future? Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  11. 11. customer Trends Trends Trends customer Stakeholder Stakeholder Stakeholder customer customer Trends Trends Stakeholder TrendsTrends Stakeholder Stakeholder customer customer customer customer Trends Stakeholder Trends Trends Trends Trends Stakeholder See what is trending Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  12. 12. school nature home commute Web Se co Mobile workshopping s? n d d ar scdining ew re play R e n ?exercise Live event hobbies sleep Data analysis? cinema family sport friends TV holiday Create a framework Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  13. 13. InfluenceEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  14. 14. Founder Business owner Futurist CEO Strategy / Planning Manager Producer Marketing Customer insight Director of design UX DesignCreative Director Graphic Design Teacher Development UX LeadDesign team lead Operations SalesMentor Strategy consultant Customer Service Nerd Customer Training BA Brand New business guy Designer HR IA Finance Connect with everyone Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  15. 15. Sticky whispers e.g. “The only way is up”Why is shared understanding important?5 Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  16. 16. Thanks Jeff Patton! Create a shared understandingEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  17. 17. • “Hopes and Fears” • Technology• ROI, Impact & KPIs • Opportunities• RAID • Analysis Define the vision Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  18. 18. TV Vi v , He • Marketing plan and timings ad of my Mar • Tone of voice and brand messaging ma ket te ing • Shared awareness of needs :-) , Create UX champions Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  19. 19. Roles & ResponsibilitiesRACI Design the process Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  20. 20. Balance innovationEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  21. 21. Innovation is the development of newcustomer value through solutions that meetnew or old customer and market needs innew ways. - Wikipedia What is Innovation? Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  22. 22. too busy unproven risk over analysis not connected Innovation process, less risky process, process political safety in what is known Tacticalquick results comfortable no time to improve Optimise and fix short sighted old tech Find the right balanceEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  23. 23. NON-APPLICABILITY Not applicable Future Good enough tech not innovative enough Emerging awesome innovation* idea product Tactical idea idea fix * push and join the dots INNOVATION More applicable innovation Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  24. 24. IMPACT potential maximum impact what if... 60% of TIME gives you 95% of IMPACT. Good enough? TIME Time box it Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  25. 25. Join the dotsEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  26. 26. Identify problemsEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  27. 27. Point, know & buy mobile advertising Start Monetise Find Relevance idle sourcing Ease of usemobile payments Find-a-bility accessibility Belong Learn Mood monitoring social media Consume second screen Outline the customer experience Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  28. 28. Relevance Find-a-bility Ease of usehttp://staging.skycreative.tv/jh/nav/index.htmlhttp://staging.skycreative.tv/jh/nav/indexx.htmlhttp://staging.skycreative.tv/jh/nav/indexxx.html Solve it Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  29. 29. Define successEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  30. 30. “Start with the end in mind.”- Anonymous Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  31. 31. Manufacturing= Production of high quality goodsAgile= Working softwareLean Startup= Validated learningLean UX= Outcomes & Impact What is success?Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  32. 32. Output - EASYSoftware we build. The materials we produce.Outcome - NOT TOO HARDThe immediate change due to delivering output.Impact - VERY HARDThe larger change we see over time How do you define success? Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  33. 33. OutputA new sign in pageOutcomeUsers sign in at a higher success rateImpactlarger basket value per purchase How do you define success? Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  34. 34. We believe by Output, we willOutcome* leading to Impact* Qualitative and or Quantatative Assumptions define success Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  35. 35. Emotivu Facebook posts movie database Affiliate deals profile second screen Tweets sentiment analysis movies buy mood tags rent interestsYouTube subscribe mobile ads Express Suggest Watch “We believe by letting users link their social IDs we will improve the accuracy of movie recommendations leading to increased content viewing & purchasing.” Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  36. 36. Understand customersEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  37. 37. Create a time management app! pretty Unique pic insightStatistical Specific data needs Lightweight personas Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  38. 38. ???No TimeI am always running ...errands, managing thekids, keeping thingsrunning... ??? ??? ... ... What are Mary’s problems? (shout out)5 Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  39. 39. Problem: No TimeWe believe by Output, we will Outcome*leading to Impact We believe by synching with users calendars, we will reduce the number of clashing events leading to increased productivity * Qualitative and or Quantatative Writing assumtions15 Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  40. 40. Write an assumption5 Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  41. 41. Sketch your assumptions (6 UP)10 Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  42. 42. Test your MVPEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  43. 43. Fenyman, the grandfather of Lean Startup? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b240PGCMwV0 What is an MVP? Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  44. 44. Fenyman vs Ries• Guess • Assume• Consequences • Output, Outcome, Impact• Experiment • MVP Validated learning! MVPs help measure success Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  45. 45. • Validate biggest assumptions first• ‘Thin slice’ a holistic journey• Continuously add and pull new features (Kanban)• Build, Measure, Learn Do it in small batches Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  46. 46. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szr0ezLyQHY• “In the wild” • Pivot or persevere• Real-time • Guerilla usability• Fast, furious & fun • Developers, designers, customers• Insightful • Lean, Agile, MVP Get out of the “building” Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  47. 47. Measure successEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  48. 48. AS SU M PT ION Quick wins Differentiator AS Impact SU MP T ION Building Bin it blocks ASSUMPTION AS SU Difficulty of Implementation MP T ION Drive out assumptionsEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  49. 49. Having the latest movies before Netflix & LoveFilm... HIGH IMPACT Differentiator QuickEASY DIFFICULT Building blocks Bin it LOW IMPACT Value map assumptions Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  50. 50. HIGH RISK Having the latest movies before Netflix & LoveFilm...KNOWN UNKNOWN LOW RISK De-risk assumptions Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  51. 51. ics m etr i ty van ase! No ple Split tests saw Wk4 joiners get all changes all at once. Retention was best: - simplified search box - sign in at start of experience - 3 products vs 9 - introduction of Live ChatInnovation accounting, Cohort analysis Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  52. 52. Value map assumptions10 Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  53. 53. Simplify the business modelEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  54. 54. rc les Ci ld en GoWhat: We make great computers, Why: We constantly challenge the statusphones, tablets and TVs quo to make your world a better placeHow: They are well designed and How: Everything we create is beautifullysimple to use designed, simple to use & useful to youWant to buy one? What: We just happen to make great computers, phones, tablets and tvshttp://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action.html Would you like one? Start with the “Why” Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  55. 55. For people who need information on the move , the Apple iPhone is a SmartPhone that lets you access email and internet , unlike the Palm Treo , the Apple iPhone removes the fixed keyboard giving you 40% more room to email and browse the internet + Tag line “Reinventing the phone”Sum up your business in one sentence Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  56. 56. Calendar integrationMovie studios SEM and SEO Co-creationand productioncompanies Task delegation Mary the busy mom NEEDS & GOALS 1 2 Marketing Mobile 3 4 5 6 SEM keyword Pay for movie purchasing (-$) previews (+$) Business model canvasEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  57. 57. • Acquisition: arrival from channels• Activation: enjoy the initial visit• Retention: re-visit• Referral: tell others• Revenue: pay for serviceshttp://www.slideshare.net/dmc500hats/startup-metrics-for-pirates-long-versionDaveMcClure Pirate metrics AARRR! Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  58. 58. Write an elevator pitch10 Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  59. 59. Sustain successEewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  60. 60. Innovation Innovation Tactical Projects Tactical projects Optimisation and fixes Optimisation and fixes*Innovation needs to be practical Oil the machine Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  61. 61. Cool tech + clever partnerships Release Release Release Build Build Build Measure Measure Measure Learn Learn Learn Awesome teamChoose the right tech, partnerships, team Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  62. 62. Good design is:Innovative = early adoption & new prospectsUseful = increased repeat visitsAesthetic = improved customer satisfaction (NPS)Understandable = reduced complaintsUnobtrusive = reduced task completion timeHonest = social media kudosLong lasting = less release cyclesThorough = preferred over competitorEnvironmentally friendly = accessibilityAs little design as possible = fewer clicks to content http://www.vitsoe.com/en/gb/about/dieterrams/gooddesign Map principles to success metrics Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  63. 63. • Page component layout • Document lightly (fonts, colours)• User flows • High level rules, design rational, flows• Interaction models • Page templates, components, css stylesheets and ux pattern library Wireframes & Guidelines Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  64. 64. • Give expert talks• Facilitate creative workshops• Mentor teams Live and breathe it Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  65. 65. t io n no va n inBe a sive ! bver Of 15 innovation champions*, su 10 left their organisations to become consultants, 4 joined smaller or startup companies, and 1 retired. ZERO returned to a Fortune 500 company.  Most have Fortune 500 companies and their former organisations as clients.*consultant is not a ‘dirty’ word any more!Innovation studied why corporate innovation champions struggle to survive. * The Association for Managers of It’s ok to get fired (I did... kinda) Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  66. 66. Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea Idea IdeaBin Tactical Awesome • Start small fires. Fail fast & often. • Pivot based on customer validation. • Persevere past early stage adoption. Build momentum. Don’t stop believing Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  67. 67. 1. Influence people2. Predict the future3. Balance innovation4. Join the dots5. Define success6. Understand customers7. Test your MVP8. Measure success9. Simplify the business model10. Sustain success What you learned today Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni
  68. 68. Dave Gray Alex Osterwalder Eric Rieshttp://www.davegrayinfo.com www.businessmodelgeneration.com www.startuplessonslearned.com Jeff Gothelf Jonathan Rasmusson http://tinyurl.com/d72chdl Eewei Chen http://tinyurl.com/btdxl9j http://designrecip.es Thank you. Questions? Eewei@HaaYaa.com @ultraman #UX #Lean #LeanStartup @KingstonUni