Preventive measure against overfatigue

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  • 1. Preventive Measure AgainstOverfatigue By: Wan Izzatie Wan Abdul Aziz G. 34
  • 2. Defenition• Overfatigue is: ▫ long/irreversible reduction of work capability resulting from fatigue accumulated in human body under the influence of poor working condition
  • 3. Symptoms• weakness• lack of energy• constantly tired or exhausted• lack of motivation• difficulty concentrating• difficulty starting and completing tasks• loss of consciousness (syncope),• near-syncope• rapid heartbeat (palpitations)• dizziness or vertigo
  • 4. Prevention• Work Rhythm ▫ Know your work rhythm well ▫ Are you the kind of person who likes something steady or predictable? ▫ Or do prefer seasonal work, where you’re very busy for a while and then have lots of holiday time following?
  • 5. • Rational rest ▫ Have enough rest after working hour ▫ Sleep well on a comfortable bed
  • 6. • Work regime ▫ develop a working-hours policy on daily work hours, maximum average weekly hours, total hours over a three-month period and work-related travel ▫ eliminate or reduce the need to work extended hours or overtime
  • 7. ▫ design working hours to allow for good quality sleep and enough recovery time▫ eliminate or reduce the need to work long shifts for more than three consecutive days▫ schedule work for hours when the risks may be lower – for example, complex and safety-critical tasks are best undertaken during normal day shifts when workers are less likely to be fatigued.
  • 8. • Organization of workplace, orgonomics ▫ avoid working during periods of extreme temperature ▫ install heating devices in cold work environments ▫ install cooling devices and/or provide access to cooled areas in hot work environments ▫ provide shelter in hot work environments
  • 9. ▫ install ventilation and mechanical cooling devices in hot, confined work environments such as truck cabins▫ provide adequate facilities for rest, sleep, meal breaks, onsite accommodation (if appropriate) and other essential requirements, such as bathroom facilities▫ install adjustable, vibration-free seats in appropriate machinery and vehicles▫ ensure the workplace and surroundings are well lit, safe and secure.
  • 10. • Functional music ▫ Listen to something that can sooth your feeling ▫ Listen to calm music ▫ Music does affect our mood
  • 11. • Aestheticism of working environment ▫ Comfortable chair, desk ▫ Good lighting ▫ Good colour ▫ Plants