EEN english version corporate presentation


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EEN, Escuela Europea de Negocios.

English version corporate presentation

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EEN english version corporate presentation

  1. 1. Main data EEN, Escuela Europea de Negocios, established in 1986 by D. Jesús López Davalillo y López de la Torre, is one of the oldest private spanish business schools working in Spain and South America. EEN, Escuela Europea de Negocios, is founder member of the Spanish Business Schools Association, AEEN. EEN, Escuela Europea de Negocios, is member of the National Internet Enterprises Association, ANEI, and founder member of the E-Learning commission. Alumni EEN More than 8000 students graduated along his history Nowadays. 350 students graduated / year in Spain
  2. 2. Mission Our mission is to promote an academic environment between free people, in which, professors, researchers and students would work together for the advancement of knowledge, culture, business and international development. To reach our objetive we work: • in the refinement of the individual and social coexistence developing the skills competencies of our students. • improving the use of new technologies and their rational application to serve mankind and company enviroment. • and, in general, for the creation, communication and education in science and business ethics, in a non-competitive environment.
  3. 3. Values • Independence, not to be subject to political or business conditions affecting in any way to our decision-making process or content and online academic research. • Commitment, both to the quality of teachers as the adequacy of training methodologies, as well as respect for people in a healthy environment for non-competitive collaboration. • Spirit of development, where people are stimulated both in terms of their skills as the enterprising spirit.
  4. 4. Business Schools in Spain EEN Asturias EEN Valladolid EEN Salamanca EEN Madrid EEN Murcia
  5. 5. Business Schools in South America EEN Perú EEN Argentina: EEN Bolivia • Salta EEN Argentina EEN Bolivia: • Cochabamba • La Paz • Santa Cruz • Tarija EEN Perú: • Lima
  6. 6. Educational areas Master in Business Administration MBA Postdegree Master in Marketing and Corporate Sales From 23 to 30 MMK No working Modalities experience Master in Human Resources MDRH required Postdegree Environment Management. and Executive MGI Executive Over 30 Banking and Finances More than MBF 5 years On-Line Unit of working experience In Company Unit
  7. 7. Masters characteristics Two promotions of students per class: October and February A maximum of 25 pupils per classroom Masters of 9 and 12 months All professors have to be active professionals in their fields and with credited teaching experience
  8. 8. Rankings / Awards Spanish Business Schools Ranking • Master MBA 12º Postdegree, 10º Executive and 5º International 2006 • Master MGI 2º place 2007 and 2008. 1º place 2009 • Master MDRH 5º place 2007, 2008 and 2009 • Master MBA Recommended Business School 2007/08/09 • Master MMK. 5º place 2009 • Recommended Business School 2007 Rewarded one of the best 1000 Business School worldwide 2008 With the support of the Academic Council of United Nations (ACUNS)
  9. 9. Corporate connections More than 350 corporate scholarship partners
  10. 10. Thank you for your attention