Grade 7 music sound by: Ms. Jeremy Reyes
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  • 1. Sound and Music
  • 2. What is music
  • 3. Music - defined as an organized sound to express a particular idea, mood, interest or feeling through tonal movement.
  • 4. Noise- distracting sounds which are not pleasant to hear because of irregular vibrations. These sounds may come from a television program which interfere with what we are listening to, sound made by passing vehicles, people talking, a dog barking, and many others.
  • 5. What is the difference between noise and music?
  • 6. What are the elements of sound?
  • 7. Of sound • Pitch- the highness or lowness of sound. Within a song, we may hear a series of sounds going up and a series going down.
  • 8. • Duration- the length of time a sound I held. • Intensity- the loudness or softness, or in music we refer to it as dynamics
  • 9. • Timbre- quality of a sound. We can recognize people by the quality of their voices. Four Types of Voices 1. soprano- highest female voice 2. alto- lowest female voice 3. tenor- highest male voice 4. bass- lowest male voice
  • 10. Let’s Try This!! Identify the following sounds if it is a musical tone or noise a. A dog barking b. A child singing “Bahay Kubo” c. Francis Magalona doing a rap d. student’s talking e. Church bells ringing
  • 11. Choose the best answer. 1. Which sound is a musical sound? a. people talking c. bomb explosion b. mother humming a lullaby d. thunder ANSWER: B
  • 12. 2. The highness or lowness of sound a. duration c. pitch b. intensity d. timbre ANSWER: C 3. Loudness or softness of sound a. pitch c. duration b. timbre d. intensity ANSWER: D
  • 13. 4. The quality of sound a. intensity b. pitch c. timbre d. duration ANSWER: C 5. Length of time a tone is held a. duration c. pitch b. intensity d. timbre ANSWER: A
  • 14. Your tasks! 1. Produce different sounds from any object such as bottles, metals, paper, wood and other things you can think of. Think of different ways to produce different sound from each object. 2. Create a short composition using these sound sources. 3. Write your own definition of music.
  • 15. Prepared by: Ms. Jeremy V. Reyes