Code of general ordinances


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Code of general ordinances

  1. 1. Sponsor: ____________ Be it ordained by the Sangguniang barangay of Ramos West, San Isidro, Isabela, that:
  2. 2. Chapter 1 Introductory Provisions Article A – Short Title Section 1A.1 This ordinance shall be known as the Code of General Ordinances of Barangay Ramos West, San Isidro, Isabela. Section 1A.2 Scope – This ordinance covers all general ordinances existing in the Barangay. Article B. Rule of Construction Section 1B.1, Definition of Terms – Words of phrases embodied in the Code not herein specifically defined shall have he same meaning as are found in the specific sections and chapter.
  3. 3. Article A – Declaration of Policy Section 2A.1, It is the policy of the Barangay Officials of Ramos West, San Isidro, Isabela to promote a high standard of ethics in public service. All barangay Officials shall at the time be accountable to its constituents, and shall discharge their duties, and responsibilities, integrity, competence and loyalty, and uphold public interests over private interests. Article B. Rules of the Sangguniang Barangay Section 2B.1, Composition – The Sangguniang Barangay of Ramos West shal composed of the Punong Barangay as presiding office,r seven (7) members elected at large, and the Chairman of the Sangguniang Kabataan, who shall also be elected by the registered voters of the Kabataan Barangay assembly members.
  4. 4. Article a – Illegal Fishing Section 3A.1 it is generally prohibited to use electrical fishing device/s as well as poisonous chemical for catching fish. Section 3A.2, Any person found using such prohibited device, as well as the chemical/s mentioned above s hall be caught and penalized in the following: First offense : Warning Second Offense : P 1500.00 Third Offense : 1,000.00 and confirmation of the device Section 3A.3, any person found habitually violating this ordinance shall be apprehended for court action.
  5. 5. Article A – Building of Sanitary Water seated Toilet Section 4A.1, All head of families residing in Barangay Ramos West are required to build their sanitary water sealed toilet, and to repair such if having damaged. Section 4A.2, Anybody found without water sealed toilet shall be penalized to pay P 200.00 and given one month to build, and another fines of P 200.00 for the another violation thereafter. Article B – Dumping of Waste Materials Section 4B.1, Prohibited Acts – it is generally prohibited to Dump/throw waste materials outside of dumping sites/ given for use. Section 4b.2, Any person found dumping and/or throwing, or have thrown waste materials within the prohibited places shall be investigated and if be found violating or have violated the provision of this ordinance shall be penalized, and to pay P 500.00 for the barangay. Section 4B.3, any person/persons found habitually violating this ordinance shall pay P 1,000.00, fines for the violations thereof.
  6. 6. Article A – Public scandals Section 5A.1 It is really generally prohibited to make scandalous in any kind of occasion within the jurisdiction of Barangay Ramos West, San Isidro, Isabela. Section 5A.2, any person or persons found violating this ordinance shall be arrested and shall pay damages and a fine of not less than P 500.00 AND NOT MORE THAN P 1,000.00, and / or to serve imprisonment upon the discretion of the court.
  7. 7. Section 5B.1, it is generally prohibited to drink intoxicated liquor and other alcoholic beverages infront of Sari-Sari Store within the jurisdictions of Barangay Ramos West, San Isidro, Isabela. Section 5B.2, Any store owner allowing person or person to drink the prohibited drinks mentioned in section 5B.1 shall be held liable. Section 5B.3, Any person found drinking intoxicated liquor infront of the sari-sari store shall be penalized.
  8. 8. Section 5B.4, Sari-sari Store owner held liable in this ordinance shall be fines of not less than P 100.0. Section 5B.5, Any person held liable shall also be fines of not less than P 50.00 but no more than P 100.00. Section 5B.6, Sari-Sari Store, as well as the person habitually violating this ordinance shall be dealt with in court.
  9. 9. Section 5C.1, No store owner/seller is allowed to sell intoxicated drink in the barangay from 10:00p.m to 4:00 a.m. the following day. Section 5C.2, Any Sari-Sari Store owner / seller found selling or have sold intoxicated drinks during the restricted time mentioned in section 5C.1 hereof shall be fines P300.00 for the first offense; P 500.00 for the second offense; and P 1,000.00 for the following offenses:
  10. 10. Section 5D.1 it shall be unlawful to go inside the compound of the Barangay Hall of Ramos West, San Isidro, Isabela during nighttime; Section B3.2 Definition of Terms Night – refers to the restricted time between 10:00 pm to 4:00am the following day. Roaming – refers to person travelling inside the compound. Section 5D.3, Any person found inside the compound between the restricted time shall be apprehended and penalized to pay P 100.00 for the first offense; P 200.00 for the second offense; and P 300.00 for the third offense; and thereafter.
  11. 11. Article A – Illegal Gambling Section 6A.1 it is generally prohibited to play and /or maintain illegal gambling such as Jueteng, Tung-it and other similar gambling activities. Section 6A.2 Any person/s found playing illegal gambling shall be caught and apprehended, and shall be penalized by the court for the violation thereof.
  12. 12. Article A – Videoke Sing-Along For Section 7A.1, There is hereby a time limit of videoke bar/sing-along owner/s to operate the business as follows: For videoke/sing-along within 300 meters from school- 7:00am to 9:00pm, Sunday to Saturday. For videoke / sing-along operating near school – 5:00pm to 9:00pm during school days; and 7:00am to 9:00pm during holiday. Section 7A.2, Any videoke bar owner violating this ordinance shall be penalized by a fine P500.00 for the first offense; P 1,000.00 for the second offense; P 1,000.00 and cause the cancellation of permit to operate for third offense.
  13. 13. Article A – General Penal Provision Section 8A.1, Penalty – Any violations of the provisions of this Code not herein otherwise covered by a specific penalty, or of the rules and regulations promulgated under the authority of this Code, shall be penalized by a fine of not less than P 500.00 but not exceed P 1,000.00 or imprisonment at the discretion of the court. Article B – Separability Clause Section 8B.1, Any provision, section, or part of this Code be declared unconstitutional or invalid by a competent court, this shall not affect the other sections or part of this Code.
  14. 14. Section 8C.1, All ordinances, rules and regulations which are inconsistent with any provision of this code are repeated or modified accordingly. Section 8C.2, Effectively – Tis Code shall take effects upon tis approval. I HEREBY CERTIFY to the correctness of the foregoing “Code of General Ordinances” which was duly enacted by the Sangguniang Barangay of Ramos West, San Isidro, Isabela during its regular session held on April 06, 2002.
  15. 15. Adapted and approved : SY 06 -02. Attested: RENATO P. RAGASA PEDRO C. LOMBOY, SR. Presiding Officer Barangay Secretary Approved by: RENATO P. RAGASA Punong Barangay
  16. 16. END