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Marketing for Gyms and Personal Trainers is a total online marketing solution for your gymnasium, health club, personal training studio, day spa or beauty salon. We can create a system that incorporates a powerful combination of custom website design, search engine optimisation, custom facebook fan pages, sales and marketing training, direct debit payment systems, client management software, video and mobile marketing, effective business systems as well as full integration with social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Health club promotions

  1. 1. ABOUT US Marketing for Gyms was established by Brad Cusworth and Sean Bridger after they identified a huge opportunity to educate Gyms and Personal Trainers about effective online marketing strategies to generate more members and retain current clients. After doing some extensive market research they soon realised that a very small percentage of Gyms and Pts were effectively using online strategies in their business and many were still using very outdated marketing methods such as letter box drops, flyers and banners to promote their services. Marketing for Gyms offers a wide range of services including Website Creation, Custom Facebook FanPages, YouTube Channel Design, Twitter Backgrounds and Video Tutorials teaching effective marketing strategies. Marketing for Gyms has also teamed up with other leading professionals in the areas of Offline Sales & Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Filming & Photography, Video & Mobile Marketing, Direct Debit Payments and PT Business Systems. Marketing for Gyms has worked with Les Mills, Australian Fitness Network, Genesis Health Clubs,Contours, YMCA, Anytime Fitness, Re-Creation as well as a number of private clubs throughout Australia and the United States. Marketing for Gyms has also worked with Adro Sarnelli and Bob Herdsman, winners of The Biggest Loser Australia series in 2006 and 2009.Marketing for Gyms is a total online & offline solution to take your Gym or Personal Training Studio to a whole new level using a combination of simple but incredibly powerful strategies. Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients. We look forward to working with you soon!
  2. 2. Increase Number of need to have gimmicks to interest your prospect members. YourClients through trainers need also to be experts inAdvertising and their field. It will also be an addedMarketing Personal promotion if they specialize in aTraining specific program which is new and only offered at your own fitnessAfter the holiday season, people are center.complaining of too much food intake Another kind of promotion that youdue to parties that they have can do is giving out flyers inattended wherein food is the center community events or at the parkof the celebration. Some of them where most people are hanging out.made a commitment to be physically Posters will also help by posting themfit. Going to the gym is an option and in supermarkets or in bulletin boardsit has becoming a trend due to health where many individuals can see. Tryconscious individuals who wants to giving away freebies such as free trialacquire an illness-free kind of life and work-out session for the first week orget rid of the excess fat in their free membership for those who canbodies. Many of these clubs have recruit five or more friends.become a necessity to most of them,that is why, having this kind of The social network is one of the greatbusiness will give you definite success inventions where businesses canas long as the management will apply advertise for free. All they have to domarketing personal training as well as is make a page of their company andadvertising the gym itself. promote it by inviting people to check it out. Facebook and TwitterIt is important for every business to are very popular nowadays. Morepractice the right kind of marketing and more business firms are turningstrategy in order to be successful. to them to reach their desiredAdvertising is one way of letting your market. This is an advantage formarket know about you. This is those who are new and have fewernecessary if you want to acquire new budget.clients and retain the old ones. You Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients. We look forward to working with you soon!
  3. 3. Referrals are another helpful option. how to increase your clients in orderIt is inexpensive and you only need to have high revenue. Improving theyour friends, relatives and colleagues facilities of your gym must beto spread the word about your fitness included in your priority list becauseclub. Even your customers could do if you have appropriate and modernthe same if they appreciate the equipment, then many customers willservices and facilities of your gym. like to visit your place. Moreover,That is why it is important to be learning the importance of marketingprofessional and to know your personal training tactic is a powerfulbusiness and your clients in order for weapon to promote a gym to know on how to serve their Every businessman aims to attainneeds. success on their venture. However,It does not need a lot of money for they need find out effectiveyour gym promotion. Dedication and promotional strategies so that theyhard work are just two of the factors can attract prospects and turn themthat have to be practiced in order for into loyal clients. Every businessthis kind of venture to succeed. depends on the number of their customers in order to keep alive. Indeed people serve as the bloodline of the companies that’s the reasonIncrease Your why they should be given with a highBusiness Revenue by value. By using effective marketingUsing Marketing techniques, it is effective that you willPersonal Training get beautiful results. It is then assured that the number of yourApproach clients will increase for the reasonPutting up a business is not easy that your fitness center will becomebecause you a lot preparations in more eminent.various aspects. You need to gather It is advantageous if you know how tohelpful ideas most especially in rely on modern and dominant tacticsmarketing part. If you own a fitness regarding business, then you have to focus on Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients. We look forward to working with you soon!
  4. 4. Actually, there are many options that health club but you should give themyou can choose from when you plan many positive reasons to keep onto have advertisements. The coming back.popularity of your gym depends onthe effectiveness of theadvertisement approaches you will The Advantage ofuse. It is important to have a fewpowerful promotional tools to be Online Fitness Centerused in establishing an identity for Marketingyour health club or gym. If you believe in the saying thatBy making your venture famous over health is wealth, then do your best tothe web, you will get a good chance maintain your fit and healthy popularize your gym’s identity. This way, you won’t easily get sick ifPeople who live in your local area will you feel healthy inside and out.not have a hard time looking for When it comes to training in a fitnesshealth club where they can do their gym, one should know the properhealthy routine. Make certain that programs that he must use for hisyour fitness place offer different physical enhancement. On the othertypes of programs because you will hand, if you are a gym proprietor,be having customers that have then you must learn how to usedifferent body sizes. It will be perfect modern and effective strategies toif you have various programs that will entice more clients to go to yourmeet the needs of the clients. fitness center. Today, the mostDoing exceptional fitness center effective and fastest way to promotemarketing strategies will definitely a business through online fitnesshelp your enterprise become center marketing.lucrative. Generating steady huge It is advantageous for a business toprofits is possible if you know how to use effective approaches when itimplement efficient advertising regards to advertisements. Peoplemethods. You should not only make a will discover your enterprise if youway to convince people to go to your have successfully establish an identity Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients. We look forward to working with you soon!
  5. 5. over it. Once your online ads become to depend on the latest methods tosuccessful then don’t be surprised if promote your enterprise. By properlyin the incoming days the number of implementing the modernyour clients will be doubled or even techniques, expect to see amazingtripled. The best way to promote results within a month. You need toyour business is to properly use the use something fresh and powerfulpower of the internet along with marketing tools in order for you toadvanced online marketing compete in this challenging world.strategies. If you noticed that the Keep in mind that millions oftraditional methods that you have consumers are found online. That isbeen using don’t give great results, why if you plan to execute a personalthen you have to try new tactics in training marketing strategy, you haveorder to get beautiful upshots. to do it by using the internet. It is aNowadays, individuals are depending big factor that could certainly helpin the internet when they want to you attain or search something importantto them. They make use of thebenefits and convenience that webhas to offer. They don’t have to traveland shop around the mall to get themerchandise that they want toacquire. All they have to do is toinquire and shop online. It is thefastest and most convenient way toprocure the things you need. That isthe main reason why using onlinepromotional methods is quiteeffective if you want to make anidentity for your fitness gym.It will be easier for you to reach yourgoal on your business if you choose Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients. We look forward to working with you soon!