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Marketing for Gyms and Personal Trainers is a total online marketing solution for your gymnasium, health club, personal training studio, day spa or beauty salon. We can create a system that incorporates a powerful combination of custom website design, search engine optimisation, custom facebook fan pages, sales and marketing training, direct debit payment systems, client management software, video and mobile marketing, effective business systems as well as full integration with social media sites such as YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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Health club promotions

  1. 1. ABOUT US Marketing for Gyms was established by Brad Cusworth and Sean Bridger after they identified a huge opportunity to educate Gyms and Personal Trainers about effective online marketing strategies to generate more members and retain current clients. After doing some extensive market research they soon realised that a very small percentage of Gyms and Pts were effectively using online strategies in their business and many were still using very outdated marketing methods such as letter box drops, flyers and banners to promote their services. Marketing for Gyms offers a wide range of services including Website Creation, Custom Facebook FanPages, YouTube Channel Design, Twitter Backgrounds and Video Tutorials teaching effective marketing strategies. Marketing for Gyms has also teamed up with other leading professionals in the areas of Offline Sales & Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Filming & Photography, Video & Mobile Marketing, Direct Debit Payments and PT Business Systems. Marketing for Gyms has worked with Les Mills, Australian Fitness Network, Genesis Health Clubs,Contours, YMCA, Anytime Fitness, Re-Creation as well as a number of private clubs throughout Australia and the United States. Marketing for Gyms has also worked with Adro Sarnelli and Bob Herdsman, winners of The Biggest Loser Australia series in 2006 and 2009.Marketing for Gyms is a total online & offline solution to take your Gym or Personal Training Studio to a whole new level using a combination of simple but incredibly powerful strategies. Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients. We look forward to working with you soon!
  2. 2. Efficient Fitness getting pumped up and healthy will solve their problems, well most of theMarketing Technique times yes but not all the time. If that is the only reason that people shouldOwning a gym is good, that is if you go and exercise then it’s such a sadhave a lot of customers come and go excuse.every day. Most probably if you knowhow to really market your gym then People exercise because they want toyou won’t be lacking in customers. have a fit and healthy body, no otherThat is you must be able to sell your reason beside that. Yes there areservices well to your current health benefits but if an obese guycustomers so that you can have more comes in and demands to a gymcustomers. Of course the first thing trainer that he wants to get healthyyou should do is advertise, if you are pronto, that is just bad manners. Youa startup gym than you should have a will encounter a lot of these peoplegood ad at the ready, get it to show and you should just be patient withon TV or have a billboard showing them if you are a gym owner. Part ofyour services, that will people will having a fitness place going is theknow that you exist. It would also be ‘opportunity’ to serve this verygood for your business if you make demanding customer. The good thingyour gym positioned to a prime spot, about this is that if you successfullyvisible to passerbies and if possible, got them healthy, it’s going to giveclose to where people jog in the your gym a good name. Half of themorning. It will attract customers time though this folks just give upthat way like food attracts flies. This after a few weeks and that’s sad foris efficient fitness marketing and no them.ones the wiser doing so. But still, if you are having problemsA lot of people today have become on your gym promotions technique,aware that their daily routine is not just make a fat guy slim and that iswhat people will say is healthy. With one of the best ways to advertise. Hesickness that comes from being will be telling everyone how goodunhealthy and being obese sprouting your gym is and customers will comejust every other day people are afraid flooding in. they will want the samethat they will catch on to those miracle out of your fitness gym, it’ssickness. Their first impulse is to run going to be hard, but customers areat fitness gyms; they think that customers right? Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients. We look forward to working with you soon!
  3. 3. Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients. We look forward to working with you soon!
  4. 4. Fitness Marketing 2. One of the quickest ways to getTips and Tricks for people join you is by offeringYour Business free memberships during your first month.Every business owner understandsthe importance of what marketing 3. Offer big discounts or free signcan do to his or her business. It is the up for group of people who willlifeblood of any business endeavor. register together.No matter how effective the servicesyou are offering in your gym, it is 4. During your opening, invite adeemed useless if you can’t be able celebrity fitness guru as yourto build awareness. If you want to speaker or as a guest. This is ahave more clients, you have to make fantastic way to create a greata great fitness marketing that will deal of attention around yourwork for your business. area. 5. Create a good rapport to yourA lot of fitness professionals and existing clients. It is importanttrainers push themselves hard in that you should retain them fororder find new clients and retain the this will prove that you are offering a great service.old ones. The competition is gettingtougher and tougher that is why a lotof extra effort should be done for you 6. The referral system is also anto stand out. Here are some simple effective marketing tool. You should offer discounts or freetips that can be useful in your membership to your clientsbusiness: who can refer and bring in new 1. An open house is great way to clients. get people know the services you are offering in your gym. 7. The word-of-mouth is still one Prospect clients can also have of the best advertising that you the idea on can have. Family members, the equipment that you have. Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients. We look forward to working with you soon!
  5. 5. friends and co-workers can only challenge that you have is spread the word about the to find right fitness advertising services and promotions that that will help you on your way you are offering. to success. 8. You can create a sort of wall of fame in your gym. You can Fitness Marketing: Try A place the pictures of your best performing customers and also Different Approach! placetheirbefore and after pictures. You can also post the When people speak about marketing testimonials of your previously a product or services, magazines, satisfied clients. televisions, radios, business cards, and stickers always comes to mind. Perhaps it’s because of its 9. Bring your marketing endeavor effectiveness in bringing new online. Make sure that your customers into their business. It also website is optimized.It should helps keeps old clients. These be also interesting and full of marketing media have been proven useful information. to be very effective which is why until today, many people who are in to the industry are making use of them 10. Another great strategy is by despite the fact that these have been tapping the social networking around for many years. However, sites such as Facebook and have you ever thought of making use Twitter. of a different approach? Have you thought of using the internet to A lot of people are now endorse your business to the public? If you are in to the fitness industry, realizing the importance of then you’ll most probably find the having a healthy lifestyle and internet a very good source to joining health clubs and fitness promote your gym to the interested centers. This is a good customers. Online fitness marketing opportunity for all gym owners has been proven to be a good move to grasp the goal that they by many and it will be very beneficial to you as well if you are new to this have always aimed for. The business. Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients. We look forward to working with you soon!
  6. 6. people to visit. It will be much easierIf you want to put your advertising to entice the customers if you canendeavors over the web and try a have your programmer create adifferent approach, then here are visually appealing site. You also needsome of the things that you should to consider your business’s niche. Thedo. color and theme should complement the products and services you areFind a programmer selling.There are many free-lanceprogrammers that you can contact Online health club advertising canover the web. They would post their only be effective if you truly dedicateads on social media and other high- yourself into it. You need toprofiled sites to make it easier for the persevere into making this endeavourcustomers to find them. All you need successful. Take time in finding ato do is to key-in the right keywords programmer. After you found anand you will immediately be provided expert to help you with yourwith the name, location, address, and problems, you can help him by givingcontact information of the the expert some ideas as to how youprogrammer. want the site to look like.If you want to make things likepayment and services, faster andeasier, then you’ll want to hiresomeone close to where you work orreside. Type-in the keywordsprogrammer and your location sothat you will be provided with expertsthat work around your place. Thisway, you can easily contact him if youwant to look at the status of your sitethat he’s working on.Web designIf you are familiar with the internet,then surely, you know that the lookand theme of the website isimportant. It’s what entices the Click the Services tab to discover the strategies that we have developedand the Gallery tab to see some of our work with previous clients. We look forward to working with you soon!