Social Responsibility

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Section 4-1 Social Responsibility notes and team assignment.

Section 4-1 Social Responsibility notes and team assignment.

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  • 1. Intro to Business
    Presented by:
    Mr. Zayas and Mr. Toda
  • 2. Intro to Business
    4.1 Social Responsibility
    Key Terms:
    • Social Responsibility
    • 3. Non renewable resource
    • 4. Ethics
    • 5. Business ethics
    • 6. Code of ethics
  • Intro to Business
    What is social responsibility about?
  • 7. Intro to Business
    What is social responsibility about?
    It’s about the duties of businesses to contribute to the well being of the community where they operate.
  • 8. Intro to Business
    Social Responsibility Examples:
    • Protecting the environment
    • 9. Protecting minorities and women in the workplace
    • 10. Employment for the physically challenged and elderly
    • 11. Health and safety of workers
  • Intro to Business
    Environmental Protection:
    Conservation is protecting scarce natural resources
    Non-renewable resource cannot be replaced when used up (gas, oil, minerals like copper and gold).
    Pollution from factories endangers natural resources.
    Government sets standards and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) enforces them.
  • 12. Intro to Business
    Workplace Diversity:
    About making sure that women, ethnic groups, physically challenged and elderly have equal access to jobs and education.
    Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) mandate that companies make accommodations for people with disabilities.
    Ramps for wheel chairs.
  • 13. Intro to Business
    Job Safety means having a safe place in which to work
    About protection from hazards.
    It includes training.
    Examples – hearing and eye protection, use of hard hats, gloves.
    Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) oversees and enforces safety standards.
  • 14. Intro to Business
    Ethics are principles of morality or rules of conduct.
    Business ethics are rules about how businesses and their employees ought to behave
    A Code of Ethics is a set of rules for guiding the actions of employees or members of an organizations.
  • 15. Intro to Business
  • 16. Intro to Business
    TEAM Teaching Proposal
    Worth 100 Points!
  • 17. Intro to Business
    TEAM Teaching Proposal
    - MS Word Document
    - Times New Roman
    - Font Size = 12
  • 18. Intro to Business
    TEAM Teaching Proposal
    Must Include:
    Team Name
    Chapter choice of the following:
    7 - Management and leadership
    9 - Career planning and development
    19 - Savings and investment strategies
    Section you would like to teach
    Technology Products used in the lesson
  • 19. Intro to Business
    Chapter 4 Exam
    70-70 CHALLENGE
    If 70% of students score 70% or more I will:
    Cook and bring a pot of chili and a pot of rice
    Day off with a movie show
    I will wear a Tweaty Bird costume
    I will walk to the main office escorted by 2 students with a sign that says “I lost the 70-70 bet”