How OTT is changing the TV concepts


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A quick talk about how OTT is changing the way that we have been watching the TV.

How OTT is changing the TV concepts

  1. 1. How OTT is changing the TV concepts Ednardo David Segura
  2. 2. How is a typical TV viewer? /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  3. 3. How is the new kind of TV viewer? /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  4. 4. How is TV changing? /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  5. 5. Over-The-Top stands for the delivery of multimedia without an operator being involved. /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  6. 6. The idea here is to deliver video/audio services through your internet. /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  7. 7. Where do we fit in this? /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  8. 8. Do you have time to watch TV? /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  9. 9. When you have time to watch it, is your favorite TV program on? /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  10. 10. How do you do to watch your favorite TV program? /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  11. 11. How could I have guessed you are going to the internet for that? /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  12. 12. People have become more demanding /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  13. 13. The rise of OTT Services /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  14. 14. YouTube 17% Netflix 33% Web 17% Others 28% Source: Sandvine Networks Bit Torrent 6% Hulu 3% iTunes 2%
  15. 15. How does it work? /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  16. 16. OTT Services Internet Your Home /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  17. 17. Connected Devices /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  18. 18. OTT Services /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  19. 19. /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  20. 20. The list is still increasing /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  21. 21. What's the difference about IPTV? /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  22. 22. IPTV OTT Requires dedicated last mile bandwith Unmanaged network delivery aided by CDNs Efficient Multicast linear delivery Uses typical in-home broadband network with no QoS management RTSP for on-demand Segregated in-home network Web-centric unicast media delivery technologies High bandwith, high quality services of fixed format End point can be Smart TV, STB, PC or mobile Typically requires dedicated STB as end point Variety of formats and quality Local service reach Global service reach /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  23. 23. Inatel Case /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  24. 24. What about the technologies? /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  25. 25. STB / TV - Browser Engine Data UI Logic HTML DOM Application server Deployed application Application server Application logic /inateltecnologias /company/inatel Database
  26. 26. Content Provider Contact Management System Ingest /inateltecnologias CDN /company/inatel
  27. 27. /inateltecnologias /company/inatel
  28. 28. “Give users control, what they want, when they want it, at a fair price, and stop worrying about piracy”, Kevin Spacey
  29. 29. See you around! Ednardo David Segura @edysegura /inateltecnologias /company/inatel