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Sitecore oms

Sitecore oms



How Sitecore OMS can help win more customers on the web

How Sitecore OMS can help win more customers on the web



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    Sitecore oms Sitecore oms Document Transcript

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    • An Insight - How Sitecore OMS can help win more customers on the web!Executive SummaryA few years ago, when the Internet truly emerged as a strong alternative medium formarketers, a number of channels & tactics on the Web took center stage to achieveboth demand generation & brand visibility. But the essence of all these tactics boileddown to a destination - a landing page, a microsite, a questionnaire/poll, a webinarpromo, a piece of valuable collateral/download – the game was all about pullingprospects & potential respondents to these destinations & then providing themsuccinct takeaways albeit behind gates. Gated takeaways in any form that yielddemand or leads were, & to a large extent, still are ruling the roost on the Web.But then Web marketers began to question the ROI of significant numbers in spendson their brand/product/corporate websites. Their contention was – if takeaways &destinations are all that give us demand/leads, why do we focus on our websites?Analytics, Automation, Website Return On Investment (ROI)tracking – one tool?To counter this somewhat from a business as well as industry perspective, webanalytics product suites started ramping up furiously on their capabilities. It wasevident that marketers needed more actionable information more readily – beyondslice & dice reports showing geographical audience spread & most visited content.Thus, the likes of HBX, Omniture & WebTrends went about their products fashionedto provide advanced capabilities such as usability metrics, visitor trends bydownloads, journey/goal mapping based on cross section sampling of websitevisitors. So did Google.On the other hand, there has been a recent surge in the penetration & adoption ofmarketing automation products such as Marketo & Eloqua. These products, availableto boot in SaaS modes, can lend more teeth to the marketing (read partly CRM) &sales effort by getting integrated with websites & CRM systems, automate outboundcommunication to leads based on rules & nature of enquiries & further the leadnurturing & scoring process based upon history & frequency of outboundcommunication.Call us at: North America: 1-877-EDYNAMIC (339-6264)India: +91-11-26384306-07Email: contact@edynamic.netVisit us at: www.edynamic.net
    • An Insight - How Sitecore OMS can help win more customers on the web!But for the web marketer in 2010 & going ahead, the need still remains of a tool thatlargely brings together the efficacy of a good Web analytics tool, a marketingautomation product & a ROI estimator while retaining the robustness of a tool thatwill exchange hands right from your website content producer & creative designer toyour SVP of Marketing. Finally, ease of use of such a tool is the icing on the cake.Sitecore Web Content Management System – the OnlineMarketing Suite (OMS)This brings us to Sitecore CMS & the rip roaring addition in their latest version – theOMS. Here’s a quick look at what Sitecore’s OMS does for marketers & websitemanagers:Visitor Experience Analytics: Do you have an integrated understanding of who yourvisitors are and what they want to accomplish? Who is on your site? Would you liketo be able to quickly understand the profiles of your visitors based on their userbehavior and browsing interests? Sitecore now makes content profiling a naturalextension of what your content editors do when developing new content. Thefeedback is immediate, and gives you the ability to adjust content profiles rapidly,evolving as you learn about your visitors and their behavior. With this newfoundknowledge, a whole new world of understanding is open to you.Real-Time Personalization: Can you adjust your site real time to the profiles of yourvisitors to achieve higher conversions? Would you like your websites to actuallyadjust the content real time as a profiled visitor progresses through your site,providing true dynamic and targeted user experiences? Would you like to be able tocontrol those experiences just like you manage content on your site today?With Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite, this isn’t an expensive, complex process witharoom full of experts coding for weeks and months; it’s simple check boxes, sliderbars and intuitive rules wizards.Get the real ROI of your campaigns: Would you like to fully understand onlinecampaign results, identify the experience and responses visitors had on your site,and get to a much more meaningful ROI?Call us at: North America: 1-877-EDYNAMIC (339-6264)India: +91-11-26384306-07Email: contact@edynamic.netVisit us at: www.edynamic.net
    • An Insight - How Sitecore OMS can help win more customers on the web!With Sitecore’s OMS you have an unprecedented ability to gain immediate insightinto seeing the website goals and conversions accomplished by each campaign,down to the individual session level.Sales Team Enablement with Web Prospects: Sitecore’s OMS transforms yourwebsite into an extension of the Sales team by identifying new and active prospectson the site, detailing the experience in understandable terms, and immediatelyproviding this intelligence to Sales. With our GeoIP tracking abilities, your Sales teamwill know the lead’s country, state, city, and registered company name, automaticallycorrelated with the resources downloaded, pages visited, forms completed, andsocial content contributed.Simply Get Results: Now with Sitecore’s Online Marketing Suite you won’t have theimplementation risk and costs of complex “tool initiatives” for your website. TheOnline Marketing Suite gives you the power to take well informed action. You’ll beable to more deeply understand your site measurement and analysis and be able toeasily Implement testing and optimization of critical content and presentation options.Is the Sitecore OMS a game changer?Whether or not the OMS is a game changer remains to be seen over the next year orso when its adoption by Sitecore customers will be key. However, the OMS hasenough going for it already to at least alter the rules of the game & force Webmarketers to seek their next website revamp to include OMS while clearly showinghow they will measure ROI on website spend. Here’s how:The OMS compels you to leverage your own website & other digital contentplatforms like ad serving & content network engines: Push an ad here, rotate thebanner there, add a new product release PR on 10 sections – all in an hour’s work.No media planning needed, no head banging your IT team, your designers orwebsite partner. That is the power of real time analytics that OMS delivers inconjunction with Sitecore CMS’s multi-platform, multi lingual content publishing &localization capabilities for websites.Call us at: North America: 1-877-EDYNAMIC (339-6264)India: +91-11-26384306-07Email: contact@edynamic.netVisit us at: www.edynamic.net
    • An Insight - How Sitecore OMS can help win more customers on the web!To hell with gated takeaways: Sitecore OMS boast of GeoIP tracking that can beused to track ROI on any Web advertising or marketing initiative not just in terms ofleads/sign ups but in terms of in depth analysis of visitor behavior, history of visits,preferences & sources of these visitors. So the OMS not just empowers you uniquelyon your website but on other destinations on the Web where you are spreading yourcampaigns. Unbelievably, the OMS also provides you ‘clustered’ dumps by visitorprofile/geography of your website content being shared on social networks!Lead Scoring & Nurturing: The OMS integrates with leading CRMs. By providing leadinformation along with details of pages visited, forms filled, content downloaded &shared socially, the OMS provides as comprehensive a snapshot of a prospect as amarketer/sales rep can hope to get. What’s even better is that once you have asnapshot of leads, you can further configure OMS by rules to direct these leads(depending on their maturity and/or urgency) to either your marketing team for furthernurturing or your sales team for direct, informed engagement.The Sitecore OMS is here to stay & make deep inroads into Web marketing territory.It has the power to make marketers revisit their websites with gusto & make themdiscover that there’s so much more that they can do on their very own turf!Call us at: North America: 1-877-EDYNAMIC (339-6264)India: +91-11-26384306-07Email: contact@edynamic.netVisit us at: www.edynamic.net