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Making the Case for an Outsourced Demand Center
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Making the Case for an Outsourced Demand Center


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Learn how to setup a demand center of excellence and increase your marketing automation ROI

Learn how to setup a demand center of excellence and increase your marketing automation ROI

Published in: Marketing

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  • We live in an age of of a very savvy customer. Instantaneous transactions, multiple touch points, and the merging of offline with digital have combined with a multitude of media outlets (including social media) to create ever-savvier audiences that are harder to find and keep. We need greater clarity so as to move faster, stronger, and better to deliver their messages and capture consumer attention.

    Amidst this fast-moving environment is digital marketing. digital marketing is increasingly affording the situational awareness needed to not only know what works in the marketplace, but how to continuously make what works, work better. For many marketers, tracking the digital footprint of the customer is the first step.

    While digital marketing makes data readily available, for many of today’s marketing decision-makers, the clutter of information received from the vast array of sources can blur the bottom line rather than bring it into focus. Therein lies the irony: Today’s marketing environment offers a rich menu of options for reaching the customer, and in return delivers a vast amount of data to the marketer, who must capture the meaning, implication, and importance of that data.

    digital marketing is very powerful and puts marketing executives in the unique position to leverage technology advancements to gain customer insight and drive ever-new approaches to doing business.
  • But the benefits of doing it right are enormous. Engaging your customer with personalized messaging and timely communications generates a 2 to 3 times
    For best in class organizations, average performance in terms of revenue was 59%.

    If you look at the industry average, the average performance increase was just 9%

    So the question then is how do you there?
  • The Hunter has become the Hunted. Sales or even the Company is no longer in control. The Buyer is in control: savvy customers today are very good at tuning out commercial noise and being more selective with whom they do business
  • The truth is, as marketers, we are already wrestling with multiple applications for data, CRM, email, web, social, analytics… and we are having almost parallel, siloed disconnected conversations on these platforms…
  • Today’s marketers struggle with limited time, money and staff. All of these resources need to be spent wisely to maximize efficiency and keep your marketing pumping out results.
  • Gartner Research projects that “by 2020 customers will manage 85% of their relationship without talking to a human.”
    The primary need that leads and customers have in their research is for useful and timely information. Our role as marketers should be to help customers get all of the information they need and ease their decision process.
  • The promise of the Demand Center is that it can become a Command Center – mission control if you will..
  • The promise of the Demand Center is that it can become a Command Center – mission control for marketing excellence. It drives new levels of predictability and performance.
  • Transcript

    • 1. A Digital Solutions Firm delivering Marketing and Technology Solutions New York . Toronto . Phoenix . Los Angeles . London. Dubai . New Delhi The Business Case for an Outsourced Demand Center of Excellence Or how to get quick returns on your marketing automation investment
    • 2. 1 1. Challenges facing Marketers today 2. Gaps brought about by Marketing Technologies 3. The Demand Center 4. What tolook for inan Outsourced Demand Center Agenda
    • 3. 22 Why we are here
    • 4. 3 1. Improving engagement: Delivering relevant experiences that keep customers or prospects engaged withyour organization 2. Maintaining digital dialog: Two-wayconversations using multiple channels—web, email, mobile, social media… 3. Nurturing: Move leads through the buying cycle tothe point at whichthey are ready for sales 4. Scoring and prioritizing: Identifying those high-value customers or prospects MAPs: Leveraging the Digital Footprint Marketing Automation affords us the “situational awareness” to optimize our ability to acquire and convert customers
    • 5. 4 Automation is Driving Conversions Eloqua noted that automated campaigns on average have a >200% higher conversion rate than batch and blast
    • 6. 5 The Reward of Higher Revenue Best-in-Class Organizations deliver a 79% improved company wide revenue growth
    • 7. 66 Challenges facing marketers today
    • 8. 7 Buyer 2.0 SiriusDecisions: How sales people want to sell has little impact on how buyers are choosing to buy
    • 9. 8 What platforms do you use? ” I feel more like a CIO with all the technology I have to deal with in my organization”
    • 10. 9 Marketers are using point solutions Website CMS, Analytics, CRM, Marketing Automation, Business Intelligence, Social tools… Forrester Global Direct Marketing Benchmark Survey Q3 2008
    • 11. 10 Bandwidth!
    • 12. 11 Stoking the engine
    • 13. 12 The Snowball Effect!
    • 14. 13 The Data Problem The natural decay of contact data can cost a marketing department a significant portion of its budget
    • 15. 1414 Gaps brought about by Marketing Technologies
    • 16. 15 Skills Gaps
    • 17. 16 Process Gaps
    • 18. 17 Organizational Readiness
    • 19. 18 Technical Readiness
    • 20. 1919 A Reality Check
    • 21. 20 B2B Marketing – a reality check “Too many B2B marketers … do not experience the full potential that these platforms deliver. They are held back because they don’t have the right lead management process in place, the right contact information in their database, the right content for engaging buyers, or the right skill sets for managing the intersection of these efforts.” - B2B Marketers Must Better Prepare for Automation, Forrester Research
    • 22. 21 85 The percentage of b-to-b marketers that describe themselves as “self-taught” professionals. 81 The percentage of b-to-b organizations that spend $1,000 or less per year on marketing skills development. 25 The percentage of organizations that have purchased marketing automation that are utilizing it to the fullest. 7x The gap in waterfall performance (inquiry-to-close ratio) between average and best-in-class organizations. B2B marketing – a reality check Only 25% of organizations are fully realizing the potential of their Marketing Automation Platform – Sirius Decisions - Sirius Decisions
    • 23. 2222 The Demand Center
    • 24. 23 Marketers recognize the need for a comprehensive service suite Forrester Global Direct Marketing Benchmark Survey Q3 2008
    • 25. 24 Forrester’s Online Marketing Suite Forrester – February 2011 – Revisiting the Online Marketing Suite
    • 26. 25 Mission control for marketing excellence
    • 27. 26 1. Sirius Decisions: The Demand Center is a hub of shared marketing services, infrastructure and process that enables organizations to bring programs to market by leveraging key corporate assets and best practices The Solution Create a Marketing Operations Demand Center
    • 28. 27 The Function of the Demand Center A central resource pool of practitioners experienced in MAP, CRM, Design, Analytics
    • 29. 28 The Demand Center’s Services A centralized Demand Center addresses the gaps brought about by marketing technologies like automation Skills Gaps Process Gaps Organizational Readiness Technical Readiness Technology Installation Day to Day Operations Campaign Design and Execution Organizational Readiness & Strategy Marketing Automation Implementation Services Managed Services Campaign Design and Execution Strategy & Consulting Demand Center
    • 30. 29 1. Enabling optimization across the entire funnel 2. Drive new levels of predictability and performance 3. Managing a single set of segments and business rules 4. Providing a data repository for a single customer view 5. Integrating and synchronizing third party applications 6. Knowledge share and best practices across the organization 7. ProgramAssembly and Execution 8. Strategic Guidance and Advisory Services Benefits of a centralized marketing suite Marketing must move from a siloed organization to a flexible, project-based organization able to execute with agility
    • 31. 30 The Onsite Model Investment in FTEs, Training and Ramp-up
    • 32. 31 The Hybrid Model Implementation and Best Practices provided as a managed service
    • 33. 32 The Outsourced Model Administration, MAP Campaign Strategy and Best Practices and all implementation handled by outsourced digital agency
    • 34. 3333 What to look for in an Outsourced Demand Center
    • 35. 34 Definition: A Demand Center is a services organization that centralizes Demand Generation-related skill sets and capabilities in order to leverage marketing investment, improve efficiency and impact, and organize resources around buyer journeys. The Outsourced Demand Center
    • 36. 3535
    • 37. 3636
    • 38. 3737
    • 39. 38 Connect with us 1-877-339-6264