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  • 1. Powerpoint Templates Page 1 Powerpoint Templates Insights to Web Hosting Industry & Roadmap for the Systems Engineer by Edwin Lee
  • 2. Powerpoint Templates Page 2 General : The web hosting industry is constantly evolving and changing. A Global industry which offer multitudes of opportunities and challenges. Keys of Success : Relies on leveraging technologies, marketing strategies and staying up to date on latest industry trends. Builds custom solutions and branding with products and services. Maintains reputation, reliability and providing good customer services. Building Blocks : The hosting company is only as stable and reliable as their infrastructure. The workforce consisting management, operations, technical and support. Objective : Through this presentation, the primary focus will be on the working areas of web hosting infrastructure with open source solutions.
  • 3. Powerpoint Templates Page 3 1. Configuration Management : Challenges :  On an infrastructure with numerous server nodes and services to maintian. Administration and configurations of systems can be prone to errors and time consuming.  Effeciency relies on the skills and knowledge of the systems engineer. Benefits :  Centralise configurations change and policies to standardise the environment.  To ease the process of repetive tasks and lighten workload.  Faster turn around time in provisioning, deployments, system breakage and human error.  ITIL implementation of Change management and Change request. Solutions : CFEngine / Puppet / Chef / Salt
  • 4. Powerpoint Templates Page 4 Monitoring, Alerting, Responses & Analysis : Challenges : An effort for sustaining infrastructure backend and compliance to industry best practise. Enterprise products come with premium pricing which does not combine all-in-one solution. Benefits : Provides the visibility layer to key asset’s state and conditions. Notifications for network, servers and services outrage. Deters attacks to known and weak services. Solutions : Nagios / OpsView / Zabbix / Munin / Monit / SmokePing / Splunk / Ossec HIDS / Iptables rate limiting / Shell scripts
  • 5. Powerpoint Templates Page 5 Monitoring (Centralised mailbox demo) : Consolidation of email notifications and alerts to a centralise mailbox account. Access to shared folders, managing of alerts from a common user account.
  • 6. Powerpoint Templates Page 6 Monitoring (Nagios demo) : Montoring of Hosts avaliability and Services status. Notify when conditions meets Critical, Warning, Unreachable by methods » Email, SMS, Twitter, iPhone Push and integrates with Full cycle escalation process.
  • 7. Powerpoint Templates Page 7 Monitoring (Nagios notifications demo) : SMS iPhone Push Twitter
  • 8. Powerpoint Templates Page 8 Monitoring (Munin demo) : Performance graphs and metrics. (CPU, Memory, Disks, Bandwidth) Aiding optimization of consumption bottlenecks and spikes.
  • 9. Powerpoint Templates Page 9 Monitoring (Ossec HIDS demo) : Real-time monitoring of log files and system files. Periodic System Integrity checks and Rootkit scans. Alerting via email and Daily report for user logins, file changes. Block brute force attempts with Active responses. (SSH, IMAP, POP, HTTP) Centralize Master node and agents model, Customizable rules, alerts and responses.
  • 10. Powerpoint Templates Page 10 Monitoring (Ossec HIDS email notifications demo) :
  • 11. Powerpoint Templates Page 11 Monitoring (Splunk demo) : Dashboard providing analytics and overview of Splunk apps module. Indexing of log files and data rentention for reporting and searching.
  • 12. Powerpoint Templates Page 12 Helpdesk and Ticketing : Challenges : An effective support system is vital to the business and operations. Point of contact to cater queries, issues and requests. Managment in staffing, resource usage and allocation. Benefits : ITIL is a framework of best practices to manage IT operations and services. Provides the schematics for Service, Incident, Problem and Change scenarios. Maintains SLAs, quailty of service and customer relationship. Support channels - Hotline, Email, Website, Chat Solutions : OTRS / Request Tracker / OsTicket
  • 13. Powerpoint Templates Page 13 Helpdesk (OTRS demo) : Avaliable as Turnkey Virtual Appliance
  • 14. Powerpoint Templates Page 14 Helpdesk (OsTicket demo) : Routes inquiries created via email, web-forms and phone calls into a simple, easy-to-use, multi-user, web-based customer support platform.
  • 15. Powerpoint Templates Page 15 Optimization : Purposes : Pooling various sources from discovery, assessment, reporting, monitoring, data classification and automation. Infrastructure Optimization introduces competitive advantage, growth, ROI and customer loyalty. Solutions : Failover / High Avaliability Heartbeat, keepalived, DRBD Load Balancing / Reverse Proxy / Caching HAProxy, Nginx, Varnish, Memcache Filesystem performance gains Convert Ext3 to Ext4, XFS
  • 16. Powerpoint Templates Page 16 Optimization (NginX Load Balancing demo) : Custom compile Nginx from source code with added customizations for scaling of resources intensive and demanding web applications. Performance gains from distributing load with Nginx web clusters to PHP preprocessors and replicated MySQL databases.
  • 17. Powerpoint Templates Page 17 Sercurity : Purposes : Apply security measures to OS and Applications (OSI Layer 7), creating proactive defences against threats and minimize risks. Customize builts of applications from Source code with added security mechanisms. Subscribe to Security Advisories and Alerts List. Operating system Sercurity updates and patches Kernel hardening, tunable sysctl PAM modules Netfilter Iptables rules, Xinetd, Tcp wrappers Partitioning, Filesystem Quotas, Mount Limits, Chroot, Jail, Cron SELinux Application lockdowns DNS threats – Open recursive, Hijacking DNS security – chroot, rate limiting, DNSSEC Mail threats – Open relay, Brute force Mail security – chroot, Anti-virus, Anti-spam Web threats – SQL/XSS/SSL vulnerabilities, Brute force Web security – chroot, ModSecurity SSH threats – Brute force SSH security – ssh_keys, iptables rate limiting
  • 18. Powerpoint Templates Page 18 Sercurity (ModSecurity: Web application firewall) :
  • 19. Powerpoint Templates Page 19 Sercurity (Attack vectors) :
  • 20. Powerpoint Templates Page 20 Sercurity (Samples):
  • 21. Powerpoint Templates Page 21 Vulnerabilities Scanning and Pen Testing : Purposes : Identification and Assessment of vulnerabilities and remediate the findings. Implement automated auditing and patching management. Vulnerabilities Scan Nessus / OpenVAS / Vega / Nikto / Wapiti / Lynis / Rkhunter / Nmap Penetration Test Kali Linux / Metaspoilt / Hydra / Medusa Benchmarking ApacheBench / Siege
  • 22. Powerpoint Templates Page 22 Vulnerability Scans (Nessus demo) :
  • 23. Powerpoint Templates Page 23 Vulnerability Scans (Samples) :
  • 24. Powerpoint Templates Page 24 Cloud Provisioning : Purposes : Public and Hybrid cloud service models (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS) requires virtualization, management and orchestration stacks to offer on demand and user self-service. Tradditional shared hosting requires control panels with admin, client and billing users interface. Virtualization Stacks Xen / OpenVZ / Hyper-V Management and Orchestration Stacks OnApp / CloudStack / Parallels / SolusVM / CloudMin Web Hosting Control Panels CPanel / Parallels Plesk Client Management Panels WHMC / Hostbill / Parallels
  • 25. Powerpoint Templates Page 25 Cloud Provisioning (Service models) :
  • 26. Powerpoint Templates Page 26 Web Frameworks and Stacks : Purposes : Designed for supporting the development of dynamic websites, web applications, web services and web resources. Web Application Frameworks PHP – CakePHP / CodeIgniter / Symphony Python – Django / web2py / Zope Ruby – Ruby on Rails Web Solution Stacks LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) / WISA (Windows, IIS, SQL, ASP.NET) Email Collaboration Stacks Zimbra / Horde / EGroupware / Microsoft 365
  • 27. Powerpoint Templates Page 27 Web Frameworks (Virtual Appliances) : Avaliable as Turnkey Virtual Appliances - Frameworks
  • 28. Powerpoint Templates Page 28 Backups and DR : Purposes : An essential process for business continuity planning and disaster recovery plan. Combinations of backup, data retrival / recovery and disaster recovery options for mission critical applications and data. Control measures to include on premise, offsite and cloud based soltuions. Backup and Retrival Duplicity / Rsnapshot / BackupPC Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Zmanda / Bacula /Bacula4hosts
  • 29. Powerpoint Templates Page 29 Backups and DR (Zmanda Solutions) :
  • 30. Powerpoint Templates Page 30 Backups and DR (Duplicity + GnuPG + Amazon S3 bucket demo) :
  • 31. Powerpoint Templates Page 31 Revenues : Purposes : Ongoing progress to achieve growth and increase revenues on the competitive market. Deriving of Case studies from hosting businesses footprint and niches. Keynote of Revenues : Value added services, Excellent support services, CRM, Customer refferals and feedbacks. Sales, Marketing, A&P and Loyalty Campaigns, Reselling and Partnerships Packages. Integration with new Technology and Products. (Virtual Appliances, Mobile Apps)
  • 32. Powerpoint Templates Page 32 Outlook (Cloud computing) : Full report here.
  • 33. Powerpoint Templates Page 33 Outlook (Linux jobs) : Full report here.
  • 34. Powerpoint Templates Page 34 Summary : We have reached the End of the presentation. The Systems Engineer, the magnifying glass for the business life cycles and advisory for business directions. Systems Engineer = Designer + Implementer + Administrator Thank You!