How To - Using Google Video For SEO


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Learn how to use optimize your website using Google videos. Start using videos to increase traffic and brand awareness.

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  • Good points, all of them.

    Adding 'transcriptions' (captions) to your videos can also help to expand your audience and increase traffic. Here is a tutorial:
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How To - Using Google Video For SEO

  2. 2. There has been a huge changeon what kind of information aredominating the search engine.
  3. 3. There was a certain time beforethat many article sites aredominating the search resultsbecause people wanted to readmore information.
  4. 4. Instead of reading articles,people want to get specificpoints to learn from and not afull paragraph to read.“POWERPOINT ERA”
  5. 5. There is another change thatoccurred which puts the videoon the top search results..People preferred to watch videosinstead of reading.
  6. 6. “According to Forrester Research,videos are 53 times more likely thantraditional web pages to receive anorganic first-page ranking.”
  7. 7. Search Engines prioritize video’sbecause it is want most onlineusers wanted and most of it arerelevant.
  8. 8. Here are some tips you needto understand carefully withregards to video marketing:
  9. 9. A.) People watch video not to beentertained, but to learn.It is very important that all the videos arefull-packed of information.You will generate repeat visits oncepeople perceive you as a coach.
  10. 10. B.) Choose the right title.Search engines don’t know what’s insideevery video that is why you need tochoose the right title because itdetermines if your video will be rankedfirst, or ranked last.
  11. 11. C.) Add the perfect descriptionDescription will not directly affect thesearch results but it will make the viewerclick automatically if it convinced themthat the video is interesting enough.
  12. 12. D.) Submit your videoFor the videos to ranked faster, it issuggest that you submit the videos usingvideo sitemap that is formattedspecifically for videos.
  13. 13. E.) Target Long-Tailed keywords.It is hard to make your videos rank if youare using general keywords. You shouldtarget at least 3 or more keywords todrive in people that are specifically inneed of the content you offer.
  14. 14. F.) Don’t create videos for pureadvertisement purposes.You can create teaser videos ranging from atleast 2 to 3 minutes of talk but not pureadvertisement. To start with, you can get anexisting article or teaching material youhave and speak it out through videos.
  15. 15. G.) There are different kinds of video.Some videos are live streamed or prerecorded. There are some people whomake animated slides to inform (viewersare required to read).
  16. 16. Here’s how to submit a video(Google or other directories):- Create an account. Every websiterequires you to sign up or login sincemost of these websites are membershipsites.
  17. 17. - Click the upload button. It is easy toupload videos but the time it can beuploaded is highly dependent on yourcomputer’s speed, your internetconnection and the size of the video.
  18. 18. “To make your video rank higher, you might need to personally promote it to your friends for it tohave a constantly increasing number of videos.”
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