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Rapid Mobile Technologies MobileCAD Marketing
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Rapid Mobile Technologies MobileCAD Marketing


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MobileCAD marketing and licensing opportunities.

MobileCAD marketing and licensing opportunities.

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  • 1.           MobileCAD   Emulation   MobileCAD Wireless  Network       MobileCAD   A  patented  mobile  network  emulation  technology   developed  to  create  drive  test  emulation  environments   for  2G/3G/4G  networks  and  devices.  A  Computer-­‐ Assisted  software  and  hardware  emulation   environment  to  recreate  mobility  conditions  in   Telecommunication  networks.     3 7 0 1   F A U   B l v d   S u i t e   2 1 0 ,   B o c a   R a t o n ,   F L ,   3 3 4 3 1   h t t p : / / w w w . r a m o b i t e c h . c o m /   m i c h a e l @ r a m o b i t e c h . c o m    
  • 2. TM MobileCAD =     The  Problem   Software  and  Hardware  design  processes  as  well  as  certification  of  mobile  devices   and  components  (from  baseband  to  applications)  are  difficult  to  test,  specially  drive   testing  conditions.    Inaccurate  measurements  and  expensive  repeatability  will  lower   quality  and  provide  a  bad  user  experience.     Our  Technology   MobileCADTM  is  a  patented1  computer-­‐assisted  design  environment  to  recreate   wireless  network  conditions  in  cellular  networks  in  a  controlled  environment.    Our   product  allows  telecommunication  engineers  to  design  better  mobile  devices   (phones,  netbooks,  tablets),  wireless  applications,  protocols,  and  base  stations.       Our  platform  is  suitable  for  2G,  3G,  and  4G  wireless  networking  testing.     Additionally,  MobileCADTM  provides  network  connectivity  emulation  for  situations   where  handover  becomes  frequent,  as  well  as  emulating  changes  in  IP  connectivity   including  delay,  throughput,  network  congestion,  and  mobile  device  speed.   Drive  Test  "Replay"       MobileCADTM can load “Drive Test” measurements made with our tools. Once a drive test is measured, in can be “replayed” to a device with great accuracy. We can compare behavior on base stations, mobile devices, and infrastructure to determine proper behavior to meet specifications and requirements. Reducing  the   need  to  need  to  travel  to  a  particular  city  to  recreate  a   mobility  scenario,  bringing  cost-­‐savings  to  your  organization RF  Modeling  and  Emulation       Our  RF  Modeling  and  emulation  can  recreate  terrains  with  pre-­‐loaded  maps  with   simulations.  This  simulations  may  reflect  new  configurations   before  deployments  are  being  made.     Physical  Layer  Emulation       MobileCADTM  attenuation  and  fading  technology  integrates  with   our  RF  modeling  platform  allowing  engineering  teams  to   recreate  mobile  scenarios  faster,  by  modifying  parameters  such  as  RSSI,    SQE,  and   many  others  affected  by  mobility.                                                                                                                       1  MobileCAD is protected by US Patent: 7,231,330
  • 3.                                      Rapid Mobile Technologies, Inc MobileCAD®         Internetworking  Emulation       Our  realistic  emulation  scenarios  enable  designers  to  interconnect  base  stations   among  each  other  to  emulate  not  only  physical-­‐layers  but  mobile  data  networking   support  .    Our  emulation  platform  provides  emulation  for  Mobile  IP  at  all  levels   Cient  Mobile  IP  (CMIP)  and  Proxy  Mobile  IP  (PMIP),  permitting  faster  integration  to   LTE/WiMAX,  as  well  as  testing  of  thousands  of  mobile  applications  in  multiple   mobility  conditions,  testing  end-­‐to-­‐end  devices  and  solutions  such  as  E-­‐mail,  MMS,   SMS,  Web  browsing,  TCP/UDP,  and  many  others.     Modular  Design  and  Open  Sources   Our  platforms  are  scalable  allowing  end-­‐users  to  add  multiple  nodes,  antennas,   among  other  variables.    All  components  are  designed  individually  to  enable   upgrades  and  customizations  feasible.    Our  licensing   allows  our  customers  to  modify  and  expand  on  our   platform  depending  upon  what  licensing  agreement   has  been  chosen.         Our  Cloud  Support   Rapid  Mobile  Technologies  will  offer  Emulation   Software  As  Service  (ESaSTM).  Our  cloud-­‐computing   platform  hosts  RF  models  permitting  the  creation  of   emulation  scenarios  to  be  executed  by  your  device  at   your  premises.    Software-­‐defined  Base  Stations  (SDR   BS)  are  controlled  by  our  cloud  facilitating  management  and  lowering  acquisition   cost,  as  well  as  updating  of  new  emulation  models,  terrains,  and  base-­‐station   deployments.   Our  customers   Certification  and  Testing   Many  organizations,  countries,  and  contracts  require  devices  to  meet  requirements.   Organizations  may  choose  to  use  MobileCADTM  to  enact  a  mobile  device  in  multiple   conditions  that  reflect  usage  patterns  of  this  phone.  As  well,  infrastructure  parts   (e.g.  Base  Stations)  could  be  swapped  and  compared  against  devices  and  other   wireless  components  with  great  accuracy.   Wireless   MobileCADTM is protected by US Patent: 7,231,330 Network  
  • 4. TM MobileCAD Mobile  Phone  Manufacturers   Mobile  phone  manufacturers  may  be  able  to  emulate  devices  from  prototyping  to   release,  as  well  as  utilize  MobileCADTM  to  reproduce  issues  with  their  customers   hence  delivering  higher  quality  products  and  services  to  end  users.   Research  and  Development     In  order  to  develop  new  technologies,  were  deployment  scenarios  cannot  be  yet   created,  MobileCADTM  will  be  able  to  provide  a  virtualized  environment  for  test  and   contribute  to  realistic  development  of  protocols,  applications,  and  new  hardware.     MobileCADTM  Product  Family   MobileCADTM  Product  family  is  offered  in  two  flavors:   a) Licensing  products:       • MobileCADTM  License  for  Mobile  Phone  Manufacturers   • MobileCADTM  License  for  Certification  and  Testing  Facilities   • MobileCADTM  License  for  Educational  Purposes  (only  for  Educational   Institutions)   • MobileCADTM  License  for  Mobile  Operators   • MobileCADTM  License  with  manufacturing  rights.     b) Emulation  Platforms  can  be  build  and  customized  for  the  following   technologies:   • GSM/WiFi   • GSM/GPRS/EDGE/WIFI   • GSM/GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/WIFI   • 4G  (LTE  and  WiMAX)     Certi[ication     Mobile  Phone   Devel.   Licensng   Educational   License   Manufacturing   License   Mobile  CAD   GSM-­‐WIFI   Device   4G   High-­‐ Frequency          
  • 5.                                      Rapid Mobile Technologies, Inc MobileCAD®             Licensing  Products   Licensing   Documentation   Production   Support   Maintenance   Cloud   Rights   subscription   Patent(s)   No   No   No   No   Available   Specification   Yes   No   Yes,   No   Available   limited   Educational   Yes   No   No   No   Limited   Manufacturing   Yes   Yes   Yes   Yes   Bundle  with   license     Emulation  Products   Device   Base-­Stations   Nodes   Fading   Warranty   Cloud     GSM-­ GSM/GPRS/WiF 3-­‐BTS,  3-­‐ 6  Ports,  16   1  yr   Available   WIFI-­   I   APs   channels   600Mhz-­‐3GHz   4G   LTE  or   3-­‐APs,     6  Ports,  16   1  yr   Available   WiMAX/WiFI   3-­‐BS   channels,   (UTRAN)   600MHz-­‐3GHz   High-­Freq   Military  Spec   TBD   TBD   TBD   TBD       Sales  and  Marketing   Our  pricing  structures  are  only  available  under  NDA,  please  contact  us  for  a  term   sheet  if  you  are  interested  in  licensing.  However,  financing  may  be  available  for   export  with  EXIM  Bank.       • Contact  us:       Michael  Grider,         VP  of  Business  Development     • Address:     3701  FAU  Blvd,  Suite  210,     Boca  Raton,  FL,  33431     • Phone:     (404)  245-­‐3910       MobileCADTM is protected by US Patent: 7,231,330