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  • Typical stick insect Ed’s picture in costa rica, its not an adult, it’s a nymph so is hard to identify, looks like a male. The Phasmatodea (sometimes called Phasmida ) are an order of insects , whose members are variously known as stick insects (in Europe and Australasia ), walking sticks or stick-bugs (in the United States ), phasmids , ghost insects and leaf insects (generally the family Phylliidae ). The ordinal name is derived from the Ancient Greek phasma , meaning an apparition or phantom, and refers to the resemblance of many species to sticks or leaves. Their natural camouflage can make them extremely difficult to spot.
  • Typical stick insect Ed’s picture in costa rica, its not an adult, it’s a nymph so is hard to identify, looks like a male.
  • Leaf insect Phyllium sp. (Identification: thanks to Doug Yanega) I would say Phyllium bioculatum -- Sarefo 12:00, 4 March 2008 (UTC) Photo by Sandilya Theuerkauf, Wynaad
  • even eclosed Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect (Phyllium giganteum) Drägüs
  • Ed’s picture in costa rica
  •,_portrait.jpg Australian Leaf Insect, portrait These leaf insects always look as though their head is on backwards. The mouth parts are near its arms by its antennae. Genus, species:Extatosoma tiaratum 
  • They are related to gross hopers Photo by Ed Not technically a grasshopper but certainly Orthoptera - the sister group to phasmids.
  • 31/10/2007 - Ed Baker 'Rainforest' vivarium This was a (successful) experimental design for rearing Aretaon sperrimus, and a variety of cockroach, beetle and millipede species. Makes a good display, but requires a fair amount of maintenance!
  • Costa rica blue lagoon
  • Costa rica
  • The same as in the video
  • Baby atching
  • Phasmid = gost, aparition in greek, because they are hard to see
  • small
  • Baby
  • Small
  • Left, male female pair
  • Phasmatidae Ex Coll. Museum Wiesbaden Date 17 March 2009) Source Own work Author Notafly Unidentified Phasmatodea. Part of Don Ehlen's "Insect Safari" collection. Photo by Joe Mabel Photo by Joe Mabel
  • Being eaten by a spider
  • 47m or 42mya