Pirates perfectly plan a healthy snack
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Pirates perfectly plan a healthy snack






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Pirates perfectly plan a healthy snack Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Pirates Perfectly Plan a Healthy Snack
    September 13-17 2010
  • 2. To prepare for our fieldtrip to Market Market, the Pirates…
    First, we read the book “How Are You Peeling?” by Saxton Freymann and Joost Elfers.
    Second, we broke off into small groups and talked about what kind of fruit we would want to buy in the market.
    Then, we decided to make a snack plan to help us put all our ideas in order.
  • 3. How are you Peeling?
    My favorite part of the book was when the orange was shouting at the little apple.
    - Alyssa
    I enjoyed looking at the pictures because the bodies were made out of different fruits and their eyes were made out of seeds. - Somya
  • 4. What fruit do I want to buy?
    If the market has them, I would like to buy some dragon fruit. I like it because it tastes like kiwi and it looks like a red oval. - Sonic
    If the market has them, I would like to buy some mangoes. Because it tastes yummy. The mango looks yellow and soft.
    - Augie
    If the market has them, I would like to buy some oranges. I like eating them, they are my favorite fruit. - Luc
  • 5. Our Healthy Snack Plan
    The Pirates’ Healthy Snack Plan
    What do we need to buy?
    What will we call our healthy snack?
    How do we make our healthy snack?
    Step 1 __________________________________________________
    Step 2 __________________________________________________
    Step 3 __________________________________________________
    Step 4 __________________________________________________
    Step 5 __________________________________________________
    What does my healthy snack look like? Draw it.
    How did I do?
    Do I give myself a Thumbs up? Thumbs in the middle? Or a Thumbs down?
    I did a thumbs up because I think it’s all correct. – Maher
    I did a thumbs up because we made a yummy fruit salad. - Sophie
    I did a thumbs up because I know everything what I needed to buy and it was easy very for me. – Fleur
  • 6. Fieldtrip! Fieldtrip!
    The first thing we did when we got to the market was to draw pictures about what we see and feel. We sat on a blue sideway that is made of stone. -Gustav
  • 7. Shopping Time!
    My group members were Noah and Somya.
    We bought oranges, mangoes, and blueberries as our ingredients. I liked shopping at the fruit market because because it’s so fun. I want to go back again with my mother.
    - Yash
    My group members were Maher and my mom Nicole.
    We bought pineapple and pomelo as our ingredients.
    I liked shopping at the fruit market because you get all these kind of fruits that you want. You also get to try new fruits that you haven’t tasted before.
    - Morgan
  • 8. Fruits All Around
  • 9. Using Our Senses
    What did I see? What did I hear?
    I saw a mango, watermelon,
    pineapple, and grapes. –Connor
    I heard people talking, a motorcycle moving, and a truck parking. –You Jung
    What did I feel? What did I smell?
    I was so excited to feel the soft
    banana. - Junhong
    I smell the fruit apple, mango, and banana. -Bayarka
  • 10. Who knew that making a healthy snack could be so fun?
  • 11. Look at our Fruit Salad!
  • 12. When we made our fruit salad, we had to chop the fruits. I chopped some watermelon, and pineapple. I even ate my banana that was supposed to be my lunch that day. I really liked eating the fruit salad. It was really yummy.I called my healthy snack RAINBOW FRUIT SALAD.- Lillian
  • 13.
  • 14. We cut the fruit small and we put it in the bowl. We mix it. We all eat it with yogurt.I liked it.- Bayarka
  • 15.
  • 16. I remember when I cut all the fruit. I cut pineapple and watermelon. After we made the fruit salad, we put toppings on it and then we ate it. It tastes really good and I want to eat some again.- Morgan
  • 17.
  • 18. Look at our Fruit Salad!