SENTRY, a Communications and Positioning System for Mines


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Provides mines with two critical functions that helps ensure the safety and efficiency of miners at work
The SENTRY is fusion of two technologies, combined in one miniature device, resembling
two-way handheld:

Real Time Location at all times, miner’s location is visible to a dispatcher and other Mine
administrative personnel. This is advantageous in case of accidents and in prevention of the same, as well as in increasing worker’s efficiency.

Two-Way Communication the same device that provides miner’s location also enables him to place or receive calls in an instant. He has only to press button, and speak. And SENTRY provides reliable transmissions deep underground, even when there’s no direct line of sight.

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SENTRY, a Communications and Positioning System for Mines

  1. 1. Securing Mine Safety Through Visibility
  2. 2. Real-time location When miners carry the SENTRY wireless communication device, management knows where they are at all times by simply looking at a display on their PC or laptop. Whether there’s an emergency, or simply to manage traffic in the mine, the system displays who’s in the mine shaft and where, in real time. Assets can be tracked in the same way, with one small tag that transmits location information to your backend system. What is SENTRY? Provides mines with two critical functions that help ensure the safety and efficiency of miners at work. Two-way communication The same device that provides a miner’s location also enables him to receive or place calls in an instant. He has only to press a button and speak. And SENTRY provides reliable transmissions deep underground, even where there’s no direct line of site.
  3. 3. Why use SENTRY? Ensure the safety of your miners SENTRY allows mine management to locate all its personnel instantly and communicate with them by sending or receiving messages. In the event of an accident, management has a head- start in its response by knowing where each miner is, with a clear line of communication that lasts hours, even on remote power. Improve efficiency of operations By tracking the flow of people and equipment through the mine, your management team can create the logistical deployment of men and resources that ensures efficient processes inside the mine. Meet regulatory requirements In response to mine accidents in recent years, federal and local agencies worldwide are demanding improved visibility of mine personnel whose lives are at risk. To meet these mandates, the SENTRY system allows mines to track and connect with miners in real time, even during an accident.
  4. 4. Sophisticated Technology Means Enhanced Safety for Miners In contrast with other systems that provide solely last known, in- zone/out-of-zone location, or limited communication through text messaging, SENTRY enables a miner to simply press a button and speak. In this way he no longer needs to carry a separate mobile phone or radio device.
  5. 5. Innovation brings communication to RTLS Our unique solution combines innovation with established technology -- RFID -- which relies on radio transmission and requires no line of sight to transmit. Our technology design, for which multiple patents are issued and/or pending, allows both real-time location and voice communications to integrate seamlessly into your existing operating system.
  6. 6. Tracking your assets By equipping a SENTRY tag to assets, including moving vehicles, mine management can also view the location and direction of equipment. This can not only provide inventory tracking, it can help prevent a collision between vehicles.
  7. 7. How it works Carried on a belt, or worn on a hardhat, the wireless communication device features real- time location (RTLS) technology with an RFID tag that transmits to access points installed throughout the mine. Our servers calculate the position of the device, even if the miner is on the move. And the device’s clear voice communication functionality and programmable buttons allow a miner to speak or send a message instantly. For mine management, the data is useful not only in real time, to identify the location of a miner within the shaft, but to provide business analytics that can help the mine better manage operations resources. The device can incorporate a number of additional options such as accelerometer, pressure, proximity or other sensors that would enable detection of a problem such as a man-down, and send an alert when a miner needs help.
  8. 8. Systems integrators/distributors We partner with professionals worldwide who can provide the personalized, ongoing service that only local integrators can offer. Our success relies not just on our innovative technology, but also on the high quality of our partners who are expert in systems integration and provide continual support and maintenance.
  9. 9. Ready to Take the Next Step? Want to learn the benefits SENTRY can provide your mining operation? Simply reach us by phone or by e-mail to find out how easy it is to get a system up and running. We work with partners worldwide including local, reputable IT systems integrators who understand how you run your business. SENTRY is designed to provide what’s most important to a mining operation – safety. With our technology your mine will have the visibility to meet regulatory guidelines, as well as a tool to improve efficiency of the mine. Edward Levin Director, Business Development +1 (720) 440-3545