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  • 1. Using Social Media Professionally You mean it’s not just cat photos?
  • 2. The Tweet a Fart Chair• You will need: – - Office chair – - Squidbee TX/RX pair – - 1/8" piece of acrylic – - 50K trimpot – - Natural gas sensor – - Solid hookup wire – - Soldering setup – - Laser cutter (or saw and drill) – - Razor blade – - Screwdriver set – - Drill – - Nuts and bolts (or screws) – - Pliers – - A staple gun – - Python – - A Twitter account –
  • 3. More Professional Uses for Twitter• Make existing professional relationships stronger and more intimate.• Get questions answered.• Expand your professional network• See what people are interested in.• Create an ad hoc back channel at conferences.• Learn important news.• twitter-is-useful-professionally/
  • 4. Institutional Use– Do treat Twitter as a conversation rather than a broadcast medium.– Do search Twitter daily for mentions of your institution.– Do follow everyone who follows you.– Do post approximately once a day, or up to as many as five or six times a day.– Don’t let the account go inexplicably quiet for extended periods, and don’t overwhelm people with too many posts
  • 5. Personal Use• Twitter Netiquette – Provide your name, avatar and a short bio – Be social – Give credit – Don’t use twitter for chatting or personal conversation – Your post should not span through multiple tweets
  • 6. Continued• Follow, unfollow and block whoever you wish• Do not follow everyone who follows you• Use hashtags, but do not overuse them• Provide enough information – netiquette-rules-you-must-know
  • 7. Other Professional Networks• Google Plus – Fast growing – Lots of Librarians – More intelligent than facebook
  • 8. Slideshare• Absolute necessity if you are presenting• Requires minimum interaction• Works with linkedin
  • 9. Linkedin• Most professional of the bunch• Good for job hunting• Good for finding prospective employees• Easy to build large professional network• Set it and forget it
  • 10. People to follow• G+ – Sara Houghton – Big list from Debbie Ohi • PMJu9wnSN• Twitter – Nicole Henning (@nic221) – Marshall Breeding (@mbreeding) – David Lankes (@rdlankes)