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Networking Class
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Networking Class


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • Wednesday Networking Presentation
  • Wednesday Networking Presentation
  • Orientation Presentation
  • Wednesday Networking Presentation
  • Wednesday Networking Presentation
  • Wednesday Networking Presentation
  • Wednesday Networking Presentation
  • Most “open” positions receive 500 to 5,000 resumes. Companies usually have 3 sources for resumes. 1) Internal Referrals always get priority. 2) When those are exhausted, they use their own company career site. 3) When that supply is exhausted, they go to third party sites such as Monster. When HR downloads resumes from these sites, they never down load all of them. Maybe the most recent 20. Then if they do not find enough “matches” they again download the newest 20. Not only are you hoping that you have the perfect resume in the eye of the screener, you have to hope that your timing meets when HR is downloading resumes. If you rely on “Cold” submissions to internet ads you might as well be buying lottery tickets.
  • Networking without purpose and a plan, is like trying to drive to Santa Barbara without a map. You might end up in Barstow.Without target companies, your networking has no goal or focus. If you have not decided on what you want to pursue, create a target list of companies in industries of interest, for the purpose of getting informational meetings, and researching your best opportunities.
  • Company lists will always evolve. Do not wait for the perfect list!Have students write their own plan for the next 4 weeks.
  • When receiving the other persons card, do not just put it in your pocket. Look at it!! Say the name and title or tag line. This helps in remembering the person, and it also shows respect to the other person.Take notes of pertinent information for later follow-upPrioritize new contacts for most efficient and timely follow-up
  • WAOC = We Are Orange CountyFENG = Finance Executive Networking GroupMENG = Marketing Executive Networking GroupTENG = Technology Executive Networking GroupAMA = American Marketing OrganizationOCTANe = Networking organization for Venture and Angel Investors and technology companiesMany more
  • Use coffee meetings to follow-up from people you met through mixers as well as other people you happen to meet in your daily networking.Networking Bio makes a great tool to show how you can remember and help each otherHave coffee meetings to see how you can help each otherMany people do not like to connect on linkedin until they have at least meet and learn about you. If you are not connected on LinkedIn prior to the meeting, confirm that it will be OK, then connect after the meeting.If you are connected on linkedin prior to the meeting, look at their connections to see who you want to be introduced to. Look at the groups they belong to, and ask about their experience.Maintain the relationships you build!
  • Wednesday Networking Presentation
  • Yesterday you learned about branding with social media. Today we will learn how to use social media in your networking and company research/ interview preparation.
  • We are going to talk about how LinkedIn will help you in your job search particularly in regard to networking and company research and interview preparation
  • LinkedIn is designed for professionals to assist them in their networking for a variety of purposes.Collaboration between peers to advance skills and knowledge. Assist friends or others in your network to know more about your professional abilities.Over 80 million networkers to search for on LinkedIn.Explain degrees of separation. If you know 10 people and they each know 10 people who also know 10 people you now have reasonable access to 1,110 people.That is the ideal situation, The numbers will really be lower because some of those people will know people that you know.Over 100,000 recruiters are on LinkedIn. What are they there for, to find the ideal candidate for the job they need to fill.
  • Many people are not sure who they should connect to. Our recommendation is that you connect to people you network with. Because part of the networking formula, is introducing your contacts as well as getting introductions, many people feel better to connect after a one on one “coffee” meeting, so that they are better able to understand each other and help each other out.
  • Networking Bios are a great way to help people remember you and remember how they can help you out. Use them purposefully.
  • Look up your target companies, to see who in your network is or has been in that company. Seek introductions and networking meetings leading to these contacts. From there set up informational meetings with key decision makers in your target companies
  • Result of company search “Taco Bell”
  • You can see how many employees are on linkedin as well as employee stats such as job function, years experience, educational degree and university attended
  • You can also see where employees typically worked before, as well as where they are located
  • Transcript

    • 1. Wednesday
      Experience Unlimited Wednesday Workshop
    • 2. AGENDA
      • Collect resumes & job descriptions
      • 3. 30 second commercial presentations
      • 4. Review
      • 5. Networking workshop
      • 6. Social Media for networking and company research/interview preparation
      • 7. Break
      • 8. Interview preparation
      • 9. Homework
    • 10. 3
    • 11. Review
      • PARs are building block of your job search
      • 12. You need at least 20 PARs for an effective job search
      • 13. 30 Second commercial is first opportunity to brand you
      • 14. Resume is simply a reflection and substantiation your branding and networking
    • 15. Networking
      Experience Unlimited Wednesday Workshop
      Experience Unlimited Wednesday Workshop
    • 16. Objectives
      • Understand what is networking
      • 17. Identify the different types of networking opportunities and how to maximize them
      • 18. Learn how to use network tools
      • 19. Develop a strategy for Networking on purpose
    • 20. Why Don’t People Network?
    • 28. How Did You Find Your Last Job?
      • Networking?
      • 29. Advertisement or Internet?
      • 30. Headhunter/Recruiter? (networking)
      • 31. Other?
      Over 90% of the jobs are found through Networking
    • 32. What is Networking?
      • Reciprocal communication process of give and take
      • 33. Process of building and maintaining business and personal relationships
      • 34. Networking goes on everyday with everyone
    • 35. Networking Advantage
      • Personal contacts within a company:
      • 36. allows your resume to land on top of the pile
      • 37. impacts hiring decision
      • 38. Don’t rely on submitting resumes to advertisements
      • 39. Find someone inside a company to hand-carry your resume?
    • 40. Tell Everyone You Know:
      • That you are looking
      • 41. What you are looking for
      • 42. What you do
      • 43. How they might help(Tell them target companies and ask who they know)
    • 44. Networking Goals
      • Network on purpose
      • 45. Generate advocates
      • 46. Ask for contact in or related to your target companies
      • 47. Connect & develop relationships with your contacts
      • 48. Set up informational meetings
      • 49. Gather intelligence on your target companies
      • 50. Resumes delivered from internal trusted source get “VIP” treatment
    • 51. Networking Plan
      • Generate target company list
      • 52. Make ___ contacts/week
      • 53. Attend ___ meetings/week
      • 54. Call/write ___ people/week
      • 55. Arrange ____ informational meetings/week
      • 56. Follow-up!
    • 57. Networking Formats
      • Networking Mixers
      • 58. Use 30-Second Commercial
      • 59. Use networking cards
      • 60. Give your attention to the other party
      • 61. Goal: Generate Interest for further meeting
    • 62. Local Mixers
      • OC Networking Directory - available at One-Stop and Library
      • 63.
      • 64. Laguna Niguel Connectors
      • 65. Irvine Newport Networkers
      • 66. Saddleback church
      • 67. ConnectOC/ WAOC
      • 68. Professional groups
      • 69. FENG, MENG, TENG etc.
      • 70. AMA, OCTANet
    • 71. Networking Formats
      • “Coffee” meetings
      • 72. Use Networking Bio
      • 73. Goal: Learn how to help each other
      • 74. Get & Give additional introductions!!
      • 75. Follow-up within 24 hours!
      • 76. Connect on LinkedIn
      • 77. Establish periodic communication
    • 78. Networking Formats
      • Informational Meetings
      • 79. meetings with key people in or related to your target companies/ Industries
      • 80. Use Executive Bio
      • 81. Prepare for meeting with pertinent questions
      • 82. Goal:
      • 83. Learn about company and gain internal advocate
      • 84. Ask for more contacts!!
    • 85. Networking Taboos
      • Trying to “wing” 30-second commercial
      • 86. Telling too much/not enough
      • 87. Bragging or Interrogating
      • 88. Seeking free professional advice/service
      • 89. Failure to listen
      • 90. Burning bridges
    • 91. Leveraging Social Media during You Job Search
      Experience Unlimited Wednesday Workshop
    • 92. LinkedIn Objectives
      • Leveraging LinkedIn as a tool to facilitate:
      • 93. Networking
      • 94. Company research
      • 95. Interview preparation
    • 96. 10
    • 97. About LinkedIn
      • Networking tool for professionals
      • 98. 80 million subscribers - World wide
      • 99. Based on 3 degrees of separation
      • 100. 100,000+ recruiters
      • 101. Provided public profile
      • 102. More connections greater search capability
      • 103. Used by: customers, personnel departments, recruiters, associates, friends...
    • 104. LinkedIn Network
      • What is the value of a large network?
      • 105. Greater opportunity to find contacts inyour target companies
      • 106. Greater opportunity to help connect others to their target companies
      • 107. More contacts results in higher placement in search engine results
    • 108. LinkedIn Network
      • Who should I connect to?
      • 109. Current and previous contacts
      • 110. Supervisors, subordinates and colleagues
      • 111. Vendors and customers
      • 112. New networking contacts
    • 113. LinkedIn Network
      • What is the goal for new networking contacts?
      • 114. Set up one-on-one or informational meeting
      • 115. Ask how you can help them
      • 116. Ask to connect on LinkedIn
      • 117. Ask for new contacts!!
      • 118. Get a new advocate
    • 119. Searching on LinkedIn
    • 129. Networking to Target Companies
      • Networking
      • 130. Join groups pertinent to your function and industry
      • 131. Look for and attend events for the groups
      • 132. Look for members at target companies to network to
      • 133. Job Boards
      • 134. Monster, CareerBuilder, Ladders, Dice, Job Finder,,
      • 135. Look up these in LinkedIn to see who you are connected to
    • 136. Call to Action
      • Build and/or strengthen your profile
      • 137. Meet people and build your network
      • 138. Search your target companies
      • 139. Research in preparation for interviews
      • 140. Talk to hiring manager if possible
      • 141. Take friend or colleague out to lunch
      • 142. Ask about the company
      • 143. They can pass your resume to hiring manager or recruiter
      • 144. Many jobs are not posted
    • 145. Company Research & Interview Preparation
      • Look at company info on LinkedIn
      • 146. See what groups key contacts belong to, and follow their discussions
      • 147. Follow key contacts on Twitter and Facebook.
      • 148. Learn what their hot issues are
      • 149. Search company names and products on Twitter and Facebook
    • 150. Company Research & Interview Preparation
      • Use companies and groups searches to look for contacts leading to target companies
      This is the company search screen.
    • 151.
    • 152. 32
    • 153. 33
    • 154. Incorporating Internet Into Job Search
      • Network into company! Do not rely on submitting resume only
      • 155. Apply at Company website whenever possible
      • 156. Find better opportunities on websites which cost employers less and/or employers can use to network and promote their company
      Also, Professional Association Websites Often Have Job Boards for Members
    • 157. Additional Research Sites
      Better Prepare for Interview By Performing Online Research
      • Research Company (Challenges, future of industry, competitors, mission & goals)
      • 158. Research people (Company goal setters, who’s interviewing you & what they’ve been tasked with)
      • 159. Corporate website – Corporate Governance info
      • 160. Business news sites and trade publications
      • 161. Company profile/analysis websites
      • 162. Trade/professional associations
      • 163. Officers, committees, conference/exhibitor speaker bios