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A presentation outlining the key outcomes from COP17 in Durban

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Durban Outcomes Presentation Slides Only

  1. 1. Beyond DurbanBuilding bridges to an effective, efficient and equitable climate regimeEDWARD CAMERON | Director, International Climate Initiative
  2. 2. Building Bridges • Architecture • Engineering • Equity
  3. 3. The Architecture post-Durban• The Durban Platform on Enhanced Action• Kyoto Protocol• Implementation of Cancun• "What got us here wont get us there"
  4. 4. The Engineering post-Durban• Green Climate Fund• MRV / Accounting issues• Adaptation and Technology• Periodic Review
  5. 5. Assessing the Durban Outcomes• Renewed commitment to multilateralism / a rules- • LCA track needs work based system • The Lack of Ambition remains a crucial challenge• Pathway to a comprehensive and inclusive effort and the absence of Urgency continues to be a worry• Acknowledgement of current failings / commitment to ambitious goal • Pledge and review and lower levels of ambition remain in the short-term• A new alliance / a new voice • Financial architecture is not the same as financial resources• An opportunity to avoid collision course between historical responsibility and environmental integrity
  6. 6. The Players and their strategies The European alliance with LDC and AOSIS BASIC and G77: The Equity question The United States: Role and long-term vision? The South African Presidency and the destination to do a deal
  7. 7. Equity and the Durban Outcomes • The omission of Equity and CBDR in Durban • The backlash • A window of opportunity to safeguard equity and environmental integrity
  8. 8. Legal Form • Protocol • Another Legal Instrument • Outcome with Legal Force
  9. 9. The challenges from Durban The Emissions Gap: Much needs to be done to generate increased urgency and ambition in the regime. The current emissions pathways put 2C ll beyond reach. This is the most immediate challenge of the climate regime. Equity and CBDR have not been resolved: With one group of countries claiming that the Firewall has been breached and another using every statement to reaffirm the commitment to CBDR it is clear that the equity debate is putting major players on a collision course. The ambitious majority must not become a casualty of these divisions: Much of the success in Durban can be traced to the alliance built between the EU, LDCs and AOSIS. This alliance needs to be sustained to push for progressive outcomes.
  10. 10. Moving Forward beyond Durban Correcting the Flaws in the LCA text Establishing the ADP Durban Outcomes with the Second Commitment Period, Implementation of Cancun and establishment of"Correcting the flaws in the LCA text the Durban PlatformWorking to ensure sustained ambition
  11. 11. Thank youEDWARD CAMERON | Director, International Climate Initiative