Ad Agencies Need to Get Mobile (includes notes)


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Go Mobile presentation to advertising community in Gulf Region as part of Googe's and Mullen's Mobilize, Mobile program.

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Ad Agencies Need to Get Mobile (includes notes)

  1. 1. “I never bothered to learn about mobile.” Assistant Account Executive. Aged 42.Tuesday, November 15, 11We’ve all known that mobile is the future for a while now. But as our industry did with digital and then with social, we looked at as if it were something untoitself. A separate function, or department, or discipline of knowledge base. And so a lot of us did not become mobile savvy or even mobile aware as soon aswe should have. We’re running out of time. If we don’t all get on the mobile train now, it might be too late.I’m a big believer in motivation by fear. Hence this slide.
  2. 2. Tuesday, November 15, 11But there’s a second reason we should all get into mobile and fast. It’s a huge business opportunity. As you know, we launched this site withour friends at Google just last week.
  3. 3. 40,000 12Tuesday, November 15, 11Granted it was for a big, famous company. But, 40,000 people used the Go Mo meter in the first 12 hours?That’s insane. The takeaway, of course, is that there is no shortage of businesses looking to optimize for mobile. Or wanting to get smartabout it. And that’s a big opportunity for agencies to lead and guide our clients in an area that might mean more to their business than anyother technology or medium.
  4. 4. Everything and everyone will be mobileTuesday, November 15, 11William Gibson said, “The future is here, it’s just not evenly distributed.”
  5. 5. Search will be mobileTuesday, November 15, 1144 percent of last minute searches for holiday shopping will be mobile, and local. When you’re at Mardi Gras (in Mobile) are yousearching from a laptop? No. And you might be a little intoxicated. You do not want to pinch and zoom when you have a buzzon.
  6. 6. Content will be mobileTuesday, November 15, 11Content will be mobile. Only reason I still subscribe to HBO is HBO Go. This will change expectations from consumers for allcontent.
  7. 7. Travel will be mobileTuesday, November 15, 11Already is. Hotels. Restaurant. Check in. Reservations. All mobile. You search on Trip Advisor, find a restaurant, but if it doesn’thave a mobile site, forget it.
  8. 8. Retail will be mobileTuesday, November 15, 11We shop from our devices. We find locations from our devices. We navigate stores from our devices. We comparison shop fromour devices. We get rewarded for checking in from our devices.
  9. 9. Retail will be mobileTuesday, November 15, 11The idea of a site that comes up looking like this is death.
  10. 10. Payments will be mobileTuesday, November 15, 11Google wallet may be new, Square may be new. But within a year or two we won’t have credit cards or cash anymore. What doesthat mean for programs, loyalty, incentive. Amex invests 100 million in Serve, its newdigital payments system. “Everything will be digitized along the commerce lifecylce.” Much richer interaction.the ability to integrate store loyalty systems into the exact same action as the payment is potentially powerful. Apples systemreveals another secret, if you think about it: A more streamlined product delivery service to stores should be possible if morepeople shop beforehand by apps. Even new ways of pricing based on whether consumers will accept advertising and information.
  11. 11. Banking will be mobile “ By 2012 50 percent of all Fidelity Investment customer trades and transfers will be made from a mobile device.” - Joe Ferra, Chief Wireless Officer, SVP, Fidelity InvestmentsTuesday, November 15, 11This says two things: confidence in online security, and 50 and 60-year olds do it. (turn off your bluetooth to be safer.)
  12. 12. Social media will be mobileTuesday, November 15, 11More than 55 percent of all Tweets are done from a smart phone. Learn to connect people to each other as part of your mobilestrategy.
  13. 13. The physical world will be mobileTuesday, November 15, 11We have seen amazing innovations in connecting the digital world to the physical world in recent years. This will only accelerate.But it’s a great platform for creative innovation.
  14. 14. awareness consideration intent support loyalty advocacyTuesday, November 15, 11Mobile will play a role at every part of the purchase funnel, both on the traditional side and the flipped side. We’ve begun to seemore innovative advertising to generate awareness with rich media and contextual executions.Discovery’s in-application rich-media tornado animation wipes away everything in its on-screen path and "cracks" the iPhonescreen.As the tornado fades away, the user is prompted to click to watch the Storm Chasers season 4 trailer.“Our consumer insights research showed that our Storm Chasers 25-54 target is a heavy media consumer that is receptive tocontent that involves sports, character-driven human-interest stories and ‘hands-on’ technology fun,” Ms. Rodriguez said.
  15. 15. awareness consideration intent support loyalty advocacyTuesday, November 15, 11Here’s a great interactive outdoor campaign from DDB Stockholm for McDonalds. Pick N’ Play offers the user a fun and interactivechallenge where they can play for their favourite McDonald’s treat. Using a large interactive billboard users can control the gamevia their mobile phones enabling interaction with the billboard.By using the latest technology the smartphone’s geo location verifies that the user is in the game area, therefore there is no appdownload required in order to participate. Players choose their treats and if they last for more than 30 seconds they win acoupon, earning them free fast food at a nearby McDonalds. This digital coupon is automatically sent to the users phone alongwith instructions on how to claim their McDonald’s treat at their nearest store.
  16. 16. awareness consideration intent support loyalty advocacyTuesday, November 15, 11Retailers are using QR codes to add incentives at purchase or to tell back stories about products to make them more appealing.
  17. 17. awareness consideration intent support loyalty advocacyTuesday, November 15, 11They’re extending product advertising into brand experiences. We created a mobile job site for Timberland boot customers tohelp them “Stay on Your Feet.”
  18. 18. awareness consideration intent support loyalty advocacyTuesday, November 15, 11Combining loyalty programs with mobile payment systems. Google Wallet offers huge opportunities in data and loyalty forretailers. We will see who wins: Google, Apple, Amex with Serve.
  19. 19. awareness consideration intent support loyalty advocacyTuesday, November 15, 11And developing utility that is community based.
  20. 20. GOMO PLAYBOOK What do advertising agencies have to do?Tuesday, November 15, 11
  21. 21. Embrace the mobile mindset Dressing up is all fun and games again. With tons of brands like Blowfish, Levi’s, and AK Anne Klein, finding something to wear has never been so much fun. Scan this code to dress the doll.Tuesday, November 15, 11Ad mindset yields ads.
  22. 22. Embrace the mobile mindset Dressing up is all fun and games again. With tons of brands like Blowfish, Levi’s, and AK Anne Klein, finding something to wear has never been so much fun. Scan this code to dress the doll.Tuesday, November 15, 11Mobile mindset puts mobile everywhere.
  23. 23. Think utility over messagesTuesday, November 15, 11Great site with great utility.
  24. 24. Consider context over demographicTuesday, November 15, 11Baker’s Tweet. Old but perfect example.
  25. 25. Change the team and the brief CW Mobile AD Social UX TechTuesday, November 15, 11Change the team.
  26. 26. Learn from the start ups gaming dynamics deferred intent inspired sharingTuesday, November 15, 11You can learn from all of these companies. See their innovations at work. Replicate the tactics.
  27. 27. Make your ideas collaborativeTuesday, November 15, 11Samsung campaign was simple and brilliant. Text to the phone and drive it off edge to win it.
  28. 28. Find new sources of inspirationTuesday, November 15,
  29. 29. Tuesday, November 15, 11
  30. 30. Think beyond the appTuesday, November 15, 11
  31. 31. Do it to get itTuesday, November 15, 11You need to check in, play with QR codes and use the new mobile payment systems yourself to get it and think/create in the new space.
  32. 32. Take advantage of this siteTuesday, November 15, 11
  33. 33. 100Tuesday, November 15, 11
  34. 34. Percentage of clients who will insist that their agencies understand mobileTuesday, November 15, 11
  35. 35. 0Tuesday, November 15, 11
  36. 36. Percent of agencies that will still be around if they fail to learn about mobileTuesday, November 15, 11
  37. 37. a lotTuesday, November 15, 11
  38. 38. Money to be made by agencies who learn to think, market and create in the mobile spaceTuesday, November 15, 11
  39. 39. It may be too late to be early But it’s still early enough not to be lateTuesday, November 15, 11
  40. 40. Tuesday, November 15, 11
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