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Business idea Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The beach bar Authors of business idea: o Domante Petkunaite o Aušrine Kutkaite o Edvinas Vyšniauskas o Kotryna
  • 2. Table of contents  Why beach bar?  Business description.  Specialization.  Vision.  Mission.  Market research.  How we will achieve our goals? Business strategy.
  • 3. Why beach bar? o Beach bars or clubs always amazing summer become atraction. o In world resorts are thriving beach bars and night clubs business. o Palanga is our summer capital, but there is no place, where people can eat at a great value or have
  • 4. WE WANT TO CREATE fantastic place by day, by night, where customers should love everything – the stunning sea views, interior, delicious food, music, coctails, night parties and so on..
  • 5. Business description o Business type – sole proprietorship. o Is scheduled to open on May, 2012. o Hours – Monday/Sunday 9:00-03:00. o Location – seaside, Palanga, Lithuania.
  • 6. Specialization Business specialization – breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffe, alkohol drinks, coctails and nigtclub. Best services – best prices...
  • 7. Vision(1) o Our main goal is to be the most successful beach bar and night club in Lithuanian seaside, in Palanga. o We will strive to be a premier local beach bar brand in local market place. o Our main focus will be serving high-quality food and coctails at a great value.
  • 8. Vission(2) o We will attract the best DJ's from all around of Lithuania. o We would try to find DJ's from foreign countries to work for us. o We will attract best specialists from other spheres, like lights specialists, bartenders and so on.
  • 9. Mission o To provide the hottest night life entertainment and a great menu during the day time. o Increase the popularity of seaside of Lithuania during the summer. o Make people to have the best memories from their holidays. o Increase the popularity of Lithuanian DJ's.
  • 10. Market research(1) o So small menu; o Only Asian food; o Expensive ; o Located far away from city center. o „Shiva Bar“
  • 11. Market research(2) o Too focused on only young people and night parties; o Expensive . o „BarBar‘a beach bar“
  • 12. KEY To SUCCESS – competitors mistakes and disatvantages.
  • 13. How we will achieve our goals?
  • 14. Business strategy(1) Menu  We will create unique menu that will differentiate us from the rest of competition.  We will serve a limited menu and we try to make everything on our menu as good as it can be.  Our menu will include various dishes
  • 15. Business strategy(2) Incorporate juice and icecream business o Now is fashionable to drink natural juices from various fruits and vegetables so we will sell variety of juice at great price.
  • 16. Business strategy(3) We will pay attention to children. o 50% of restaurant visits and according to a recent study 75% of parents consider their kids preference when choosing a restaurant so we target our advertising at children and students.
  • 17. Business startegy(4) Loyal customer „passport“ o We will create „a passport“ or something simmilar, where everytime guests dines, drinks coctails or spends a certain amount, the service staffs stamps the passport. If they collect some number stamps, they will get something.
  • 18. Business strategy(5) o Čia vieta, kur reikia įdėt kuo bus patrauklūs ir viliojantys mūsų vakarėliai, nes nieko apie tai nešnekam....
  • 19. Advertisement o We will create advertisement board near the bar. o We will hand promotional leaflets in the beach and city centre. o We will craete website. o We will craete Facebook page.
  • 20. F4E&feature=related
  • 21. Thank you for your attention 