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  • 1. Creating Powerful resumes
    A guide to writing your way into interviews….
  • 2. Contents
    Basics of Resume writing
    How to create a powerful resume
    Tips to get your resume to the right places
  • 3. Finerva academy
    Learning initiatives
    Training on life skills
    70 years of combined team experience
    0% Theory, 100% practicality
  • 4. Before we start
    What is a resume for?
  • 5. A resume is for….
    It is only and only a key to get a call for a job interview. Period.
    Secondary objectives
    Self marketing tool
    Job skills showcase
    Value addition
  • 6. The irony
    Potential recruiters have very little time to see your resume.
    Sometimes lesser than 20 seconds
    So what do you do?
  • 7. Build a powerful resume
  • 8. Basic outline of a resume
    Objective or summary
    Professional experience
    Educational Background
    Project/Internship exp
    Personal Interests
    Personal details
  • 9. What is this????
    Avoid redundancy
    Then why “resume” on top of your resume?
    Key point to understand is that space is very precious and hence avoid redundancy.
  • 10. The First Step
    Know yourself
    Who are you
    What do you want
    “who am I ?”
  • 11. The Objective
    Short and Powerful statement which helps the reader to understand how you fit into his needs.
    It is NOT about you, its about what he wants.
  • 12. Is this a good objective statement?
    An internship allowing me to utilize my
    knowledge and expertise in different areas
    Well-written but raises too many questions
    For example: What kind of internship? What knowledge? What kinds of expertise? Which areas?
  • 13. Sample Objectives…
    For an entry level accounting position:
    A position in the accounting field where excellent analytical and technical skills can help to improve the company's profitability.
    If you have two years experience:
    A Data Entry position where skills in spreadsheet development and troubleshooting can improve efficiency and enhance profitability.
  • 14. Sample Objectives…
    If you are changing areas of employment:
    A position as Assistant Engineer where construction knowledge, high mechanical aptitude and commitment to safety can contribute to profitable operation.
    If you are a creative worker:
    A Graphic Design position where advanced graphic and creative skills will produce a quality product for agency customers.
  • 15. Readymade objectives…
    For practice, fill in the parts in brackets
    To utilize my [qualifications, strengths, or skills] as a [position title]
    A position as a [position title] for [company name] allowing me to develop my [qualifications, strengths, or skills]
    An opportunity to [professional goal] in a [type of organization, work environment, or field]
    [position title] with emphasis in [areas of expertise]
  • 16. Key Learnings…
    Sometimes one size does NOT fit all
    Each person and employer is unique in certain ways
    Aim for a custom fit when possible, but how?
  • 17. The Experience Section
    Gives a brief of your current and past professional experiences.
    Need not necessarily be full time/paid but should be real-time.
    Try to match past profiles to current opportunity.
  • 18. A sample layout
  • 19. Education Section
    Educational background
    Most important section for freshers
    Info about formal education
    Relevancy to job
  • 20. A Sample
  • 21. Project/ Internship section
    Brief of Summer projects or off campus academic activities
    Give the reader an idea of what you learnt in addition to syllabus
    Clearer picture of your skills in practice. For e.g. Using SAP, Meeting customers, Researching etc.,
  • 22. Draft layout
    Title of Project
    Where (Company/Organisation)
    What you did? (explain the project)
    What you learnt? (personal takeaways)
  • 23. Certifications
    Valuable certifications that relate to job
    Professional certifications that add skills
    Avoid filling too many/un related certifications.
  • 24. Extras.. What’s he got that….
    Personal interests
  • 25. What goes and what does not…
    You should be a don in the activity
    The awards/achievements should be real worth it.
    Be ready for rough questions
  • 26. Personal Section
  • 27. Do’s of resume…
    Use single font, two sizes at max.
    Use commonly available font families
    Arial, Verdana, Times New, Trebuchet
    Give lots of white space
    Use powerful words, adjectives and buzz words.
    KISS – Keep it simple and sweet.
  • 28. Don'ts
    Do not write resume on top
    Do not use colors or too much of bold.
    Do not write undertaking
    Do not write stories
    Do not make reader search for information
  • 29. Some more value additions
  • 30.
  • 31. Thank You!
    +91-97-87- 55- 55- 44
    • training@edventures1.com
    • 32. www.edventures1.com