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Cv e terrazas english

  1. 1. Perspective
  2. 2. Eduardo Praxedis Terrazas de la Peña (Gua-dalajara, Jalisco, 1936) studied architec-ture at the National Autonomous Universityof Mexico and received his Master’sdegree from Cornell University in New York.He has an extensive national and interna-tional experience on an array of disciplinesthat range from urban and regional planning,architecture, graphic design and painting.In 1962, he worked with mexican museo-grapher Fernando Gamboa in the exhibitionMasterpieces of Mexican Art presented atLeningrad, Warsaw and Paris. He then workedwith renowned architects in London, Paris, NewYork and Mexico. Terrazas has also taughtat the University of Columbia in New Yorkand the University of California at Berkeley.HewastheGeneralCommissioneroftheMexicanPavilion at the New York World Fair in 1965.Back in Mexico, Terrazas worked forthe Organizing Committee of the 19thOlympic Games coordinating the com-munications, design and identity program.He was also the Technical Director of boththe National Institute for the Developmentof Public Housing and Community and theInstitute of Urban Action and Social Integration.Terrazas was also an urban de-sign consultant for the cities ofKarachiandIslamabadandapublichousingcon-sultant in India. He directed the mexican teamthatcolaboratedwiththegovermentofTanzaniain the production of the Master Plan for theirnew Capital City, Dodoma, in the mid-seventies.Likewise, he was charged with the de-sign of urban furnishing, signage andpublic space for Mexico City in 1978-1979.1International Exhibition and Convention Center CINTERMEXMonterrey, Nuevo León, MexicoXIX Olympic Games poster with logoMexico, 1968Metropolitan Cultural Space METROTampico, Tamaulipas, MexicoGonzález Cabornell ResidenceTepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico
  3. 3. In 1974, he established his headquar-ters in Mexico City where he accom-plished an important professional carreer.Terrazas authored the architectural designof the Cintermex Exhibition and ConventionCenter in Monterrey, ExpoTampico inTampico, and four cultural centers lo-cated in Tamaulipas: Ciudad Victoria,Tampico, Nuevo Laredo and Reynosa.He also designed the Embassy of Francein Mexico, the American Express build-ing and the Technological Museum ofthe Federal Commission of Electricity.Moreover, he was charged with the firststage of remodeling Terminal 1 of theInternational Airport of Mexico City and hasprojected many different residences bothin the capital and in the state of Morelos.2Centro de Arte y Cultura ReynosaReynosa, Tamaulipas, MexicoStrategic Development Plan for Central Mexico:Mexico City, Morelos, Puebla, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo and QuerétaroTechnological Museum of the Federal Commission of Electricity - MUTECMexico City, MexicoIn the last decade, he has focused in aRegional Plan for central Mexico with thecapital and its metropolitan area as strate-gic center, including the states of Morelos,Puebla, Tlaxcala, Hidalgo, Querétaro,and the rest of the Estado de México.He has given conferences internationally invarious countries, including India, Pakistan,the United States, Columbia and Chile.
  4. 4. 3Eduardo Praxedis Terrazas de la PeñaGuadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.March 5th,1936EducationUniversidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoBachelor’s degree in Architecture, 1958Mexico City, Mexico.Cornell UniversityMaster’s degree in Architecture, 1960Ithaca, USA.Centre Scientifique et Technique duBâtimentPrefabrication in Architecture, 1962Paris, France.Academic experienceColumbia University - School of ArchitectureAssistant Professor - Architectural DesignMexican Architecture Seminar TourNew York, USA.1964-1965University of California at BerkeleyCollege of Environmental DesignSeminars: “Limits to do”,“The ruralization of the urban”Berkeley, California, USA.1969-1970Centro Interamericano de Documentación“CIDOC”Seminar: “The intense use of space”.Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.World BankSeminar: “Urban Development in Mexico” ,Mexico City, Mexico.Professional ExperienceAlfredo Terrazas de la PeñaArchitecture OfficeMexico City, Mexico.1958 - 1959Howell, Killick, Partrigde & AmisArquitecture OfficeLondon,England.1961Candilis, Josick & WoodsArquitecture OfficeParis, France.1962Fernando Gamboa - MuseographerAssistant of Exhibition Design:“Master Pieces of Mexican Art”Hermitage Museum, Leningrad, 1961National Museum, Warsaw, 1961Petit Palais Museum, Paris, 1962Eduardo Terrazas
  5. 5. 4Pedro Ramírez Vázquez & Rafael MijaresArchitecture OfficeGeneral Commissioner of the Mexican Pavilion,New York World FairNew York, USA.1964-1965Organizing Committee for the xix Olympic GamesGeneral Coordinator of the Olympic IdentityDesign Program - “Mexico 68”Mexico City, Mexico.1966-1969National Institute for Community and housingDevelopment INDECOTechnical DirectorMexico City, Mexico. 1970Urban Action and Social IntegrationAURISTechnical DirectorToluca, Estado de México. 1971Minister for Human Settlements & Public WorksSAHOPConsultant to the MinisterMexico City, Mexico. 1976 -1982Minister of Urban Development & EcologySEDUEConsultant to the MinisterMexico City’s Main AxesUrban Design, Urban Furniture, Green Areasand SignageMexico City, Mexico. 1978-1979Director of the Mexican Consultant Team forDodoma, The New Capital of TanzaniaDodoma, Tanzania.1977-1978Office Building for the “Chama Cha MapinduziPolitical PartyDodoma, Tanzania.North - South Dialogue Presidential MeetingMinistry of Foreign AffairsCancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico.MacroplazaUrban Design and Master PlanMonterrey, Nuevo León.1981-1982Master Plan Parque FundidoraMonterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.
  6. 6. 5Architectural ProjectPeople’s TheatreMonterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.Lerma City Urban RenewalLerma, Estado de Mexico, Mexico.Amecameca Urban RenewalAmecameca, Estado de Mexico, Mexico.Civic Center Paso del NorteCiudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico.Nervion Urban Design Project Ciudad JuárezPRONAFCiudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico.Mercado CuauhtémocCiudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico.Master Plan Parque FundidoraMonterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.Urban & Architectural Designs for theElevated Train StationsMetropolitan Area of Mexico CityMexico City, Mexico.Plaza de la SolidaridadUrban Project for the Alameda CentralMexico City, Mexico.International Airport Master PlanTorreón, Coahuila, Mexico.Pedregal de San Luis Master PlanSan Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi, Mexico.Valle Oriente Office Park Master PlanMonterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.Master Plan, Parque FundidoraMonterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.Urban Project, Plaza de la SolidaridadAlameda Central, Mexico City, Mexico.Paso del Norte Cultural CenterCiudad Juárez, Chihuahua, Mexico.
  7. 7. 6Vitivinícola Casa Madero Master PlanParras, Coahuila, Mexico.Regional Planning of the State of GuanajuatoGuanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico.Strategic Development Plan Central MexicoMexico.Tamaulipas Cultural CenterCiudad Victoria,Tamaulipas, Mexico.Partial Plan Laguna del CarpinteroLaguna del CarpinteroTampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico.Metropolitan Cultural Space METROTampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico.Cancún’s Beachwalk Urban DesignCancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico.Omega & Company OfficesMexico City, México.Televiteatros 1 & 2México City, Mexico.Residence of the Ambassador of Mexico to theUnited NationsNueva York, USA.Mexican Embassy in AustraliaResidence and Chancellery. In association withAlfredo Terrazas de la Peña.Canberra, Australia.Eduardo Terrazas & Associates StudioTepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico.Casart - Arts & Crafts StoreEstado de México, Mexico.Global Regions, Mexico.Metropolitan Cultural Space METROTampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico.Tamaulipas Cultural CenterCiudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
  8. 8. 7Davidoff ResidenceCuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.González Carbonell ResidenceTepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico.De la Tijera Hernández ResidenceTepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico.Ortiz-Monasterio Riestra ResidenceMexico City, Mexico.International Exhibition and Convention CenterCINTERMEXMonterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.French Embassy in MexicoIn association with Bernard Kohn, ArchitectMexico City, Mexico.Terrazas - Goujon ResidenceMexico City, Mexico.Mexico City International AirportMaster Plan and Renovation ProjectMexico City, Mexico.Torre del Angel BuildingIn association with Robert Stern, ArchitectMexico City, Mexico.Technological MuseumMUTECMexico City, Mexico.Zag RestaurantMexico City, Mexico.Nuevo Laredo Cultural CenterNuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico.French EmbassyMexico City, Mexico.De la Tijera Hernández ResidenceTepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico.International Exhibition and Convention Center CINTERMEXMonterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.
  9. 9. 8Alianza Francesa OfficesMexico City, Mexico.Exhibition and convention center - ExpoTampicoTampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico.Reynosa Art and Cultural CenterReynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.Technological Museum MUTECMexico City, Mexico.Reynosa Art and Cultural CenterReynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.Exhibition and Convention Center ExpoTampicoTampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
  10. 10. 9Projects and CompetitionsPeugeot Office BuildingBuenos Aires, Argentina.City of the FutureNew York, USA.Mexican PavilionWorld’s FairMontreal, Canada.Bosques de las lomas Office, Housing &Shopping CenterMexico City, Mexico.Monterrey Hilton HotelMonterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.Punta Ixtapa Turistic DevelopmentIxtapa Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico.Edificio Puente - Paseo TollocanToluca, Estado de México, Mexico.Alameda’s Urban Renewal ProjectMexico City, Mexico.Touristic Development “XAAC”In association with Alfredo Terrazas andDaniel Camhi, Architects.Quintana Roo, Mexico.Cultural Park “El Olímpico”Matamoros, Tamaulipas, Mexico.Federal Preventive Police BuildingMexico City, Mexico.Cabo San Lucas Cultural CenterCabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico.Mexican PavilionMontreal, Canada.City of the FutureNew York City, USA.Peugeot Office BuildingBuenos Aires, Argentina.
  11. 11. 10Convention CenterAtlacomulco, Estado de México, Mexico.Biometropolis’ Iconic BuildingMexico City, Mexico.Exhibition DesignOlympic Identity Program “Mexico 68”Organizing Committe of the XIX OlympicGames 1968Mexico City, Mexico.XIV Triennial of MilanMexican PavilionMilan, Italy.Imagen MexicoExhibition program design for the opening ofthe Mexico City subway systemMexico City, Mexico.C.F.E. 70Mexico City, Mexico.Everything Depends on EverythingIn association with Arnaldo CoenClub of Rome / Presidential OfficeGuanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico.Mexico City a New Urban ParadigmMinistry of Foreign AffairsRimini, Italy.Designing Mexico ‘68Modern Art MuseumMexico City, Mexico.Convention CenterAtlacomulco, Estado de México, Mexico.C.F.E. 70 ExhibitionMexico City, Mexico.14thTriennial of MilanMexican PavilionMilan, Italy.
  12. 12. 11Graphic DesignArt Director of the Olympic Identity DesignProgram Mexico 68Mexico City, Mexico.“Mexico 68” Logotype and PosterIn association with Pedro Ramírez Vázquez &Lance WymanGeneral Ambient Decoration in Olympic Sitesand Public Buildings of Mexico CityOlimpic Balloons, Olimpic Judas, OlympicCauldron and Plaza painting at the Olympicand Aztec stadiums.Mexico City Urban StructureInformation BoothsUrban FurnitureSignageOfficial Olympic ProgramTicketsImagen MexicoLogotype and posterOpening of Mexico City’s subway system1970 Soccer WorldcupLogotype and posterMexico City, Mexico.North-South Dialogue Presidential MeetingCancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico.Casart’s Identity Design ProgramMexican Arts & Crafts CenterModernismPosterMexico City, Mexico.
  13. 13. 12Equality or IdentityConvention PosterAspen, Colorado, USA.Goya-PosadaCollection PosterMexico City, Mexico.Voces en LibertadInternational collection posterInternational Poster Biennial 2010Mexico City, Mexico.Unidad en la DiversidadSilkscreen on crystal muralReynosa Art and Cultural CenterReynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.ConferencesOlympic Design Program - “Mexico 68”Pratt Institute, Syracuse University, MIT andHarvard UniversityPeople’s Participation in Low Income HousingCenter for Social Science ResearchNueva Delhi, Chanigard, Calcutta, Ameclabadand Bombay, India.The Industry of DeconstructionIn association with Raymundo CuervoHuman Settlement Conference - HabitatUnited NationsVancouver, Canada.Dodoma is not a City, Dodoma is a CapitalDodoma, TanzaniaEquality or IdentityAspen, Colorado, USA.Museums of the FutureColombian Institute of CultureBogotá, Colombia.Employment & Urbanization in the Third WorldCornell UniversityIthaca, NY, USA.Beyond the ObjectInstituto Mexicano de Comercio ExteriorMexico City, Mexico.Unidad en la DiversidadSilkscreen on crystal muralReynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico.The Industry of DeconstructionThe Industry of Deconstruction
  14. 14. 13People’s Participation in Low Income HousingIEPESSan Luis Potosí, SLP, Mexico.A Sunday in ChapultepecCasa del Lago - UNAMMexico City, Mexico.NeighborsInternational Design ConferenceAspen, Colorado, USA.Mexico City. A New Urban ParadigmBologna FairBologna, ItalyEduardo Terrazas & Associates - ArchitectureTecnológico de MonterreyCampus QuerétaroNuevo León UniversityMonterrey, Nuevo LeónArquitecture CollegeGuadalajara, JaliscoPublicationsWorld Architecture OneStudio Books - Editor, John DonatLondon, England.Arts of the EnvironmentGeorge Braziller - Editor, Gyorgy KepesNew York, USA.Spazio e SocietàEditor, Giancarlo Di CarloMilan, Italy.El Módulo Social en la ViviendaEditor, FovisssteMexico City, Mexico.Eduardo Terrazas’ artworks
  15. 15. 14The end of the MilleniumEditor Museo of DesignNueva York, E.U.A.Plaza MonterreyEditor, Nuevo León Government.Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico.CODEX Solidarity For Peace and DevelopmentEditor, Club de Roma/Mexican Ministry ofForeign AffairsGuanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico.The Industry of DeconstructionEditor, Eduardo Terrazas/Raymundo CuervoMexico City, Mexico.Multiplicaciones(in association with Iván Chermayeff)Editor, Mobil Oil de México.Mexico City, Mexico.Sin Saber que Existías y Sin Poderte ExplicarEditor, Benjamin Franklin LibraryMexico City, Mexico.AssociationsCentro Tepoztlán, A.C.Co-founderTepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico.El Colegio de Tlaxcala, A.C.MemberTlaxcala, Tlaxcala, Mexico.Sin saber que existías y sin poderte explicarBenjamin Franklin LibraryMultiplicacionesMobil Oil de México.-