Using the CloudStore and engaging with SMEs


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Andrew Hawkins discussed Eduserv's research into what the public sector thinks of CloudStore.

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  • 162 (31%) grade 7+
  • 82% of procurement professionals who understand what CloudStore is believe G-Cloud is an improvement to public sector IT procurement.36% of procurement professionals have used Cloudstore
  • 36% of procurement professionals have used CloudStore, but still only 23% are confident they know how to use it!
  • 73% don’t know if it is more risky than previous procurement frameworks. (49% know what CloudStore is, but don’t know if its more risky).
  • Percentage figures refer to the number of people who know what CloudStore is and perceive barrier as major or total barrier.
  • Using the CloudStore and engaging with SMEs

    1. 1. Using the CloudStore andengaging with SMEs„Research findings: The public sector‟s views of G-CloudAndrew Hawkins, Business Development Director
    2. 2. EduservFounded in 1999Not-for Profit“IT for Public Good”Delivering and Exceeding Expectations Managed Services Web Development Professional Services
    3. 3. Who we work with
    4. 4. Creating a marketplace …
    5. 5. So how is it working ? Our Survey: • 529 responses, • 70+ government organisations • 268 (51%) Senior Executive Officer or above
    6. 6. Scene setting 39% plan to improve engagement with SMEs. have specific purchases they plan to make 40% from G-Cloud in the next 6-12 months.
    7. 7. Great progress so far 94% of IT professionals 50% 73% of procurement professionals of IT professionals of senior civil servants who understand what who understand what understand what CloudStore is believe it is CloudStore is feel it will CloudStore is. an improvement to public help them save costs. sector IT procurement.
    8. 8. But still some work to be done… don‟t know if using G-Cloud will create more 71% work for them. of procurement professionals don‟t understand 27% what CloudStore is! Only 15% of civil servants feel confident they know how to use CloudStore.
    9. 9. The details
    10. 10. I am confident I know how to use the CloudStore
    11. 11. We asked people who knew what CloudStore is whatthey thought of itIs G-Cloud an improvement topublic sector ICT procurement? 23% 67% don‟t know say yesWill it save costs and makebuying easier? 50% say yesThe vast majority don‟t know enough about G-Cloud.
    12. 12. Top three potential barriers 32% 30% 24% said difficulty splitting cited lack of detailed Lack of trust / no existing services into the information about previous relationship with constituent parts they services and suppliers on available suppliers on the could purchase through the CloudStore. CloudStore. the CloudStore.
    13. 13. Top three potential benefits   Greater competition Faster and more Greater visibility ofand transparency effective procurement, suppliers and servicesdrives lower costs saving money and and fast availability ofand greater ROI insuring best fit new offerings through framework refresh
    14. 14. Things that aren‟t barriers! 63% 57% said that size and agreed that their organisation capacity of smaller taking responsibility for providers was not a shortlisting/ selecting barrier or just a suppliers rather than the minor barrier. framework provider was not a barrier or minor barrier.
    15. 15. Which services are you most likely to procure fromG-Cloud in the next 6-12 months? IaaS SaaS Agile Private Specialist Public cloud Other development cloud cloud services (IaaS, PaaS , SaaS)
    16. 16. So where are we? We‟ve come a long way in a short time Significant progress in awareness and use G-Cloud iii takes us further along the journey But: There is more to be done !
    17. 17. What should suppliers do?Ensure complete easy to understandservice definitionsProvide additional information on casestudies, references, accreditationsProvide feedback and engageproactively Be Part of the Journey
    18. 18. Thank YouAndrew Hawkins, Sales Director, EduservEmail: @andrewhawkins65