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Shared Services in HE IT Management


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A talk given by Chris Cobb at the Eduserv Symposium 2011 - Virtualisation and the Cloud.

A talk given by Chris Cobb at the Eduserv Symposium 2011 - Virtualisation and the Cloud.

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  • Definitions:Centralisation within one institution “Internal Shared Services”Sharing between institutions - which is included within Article 132(1)(f) of Council Directive 2006/112 “Service Sharing” Exemption) enable Universities and other exempt bodies to share services with one another without incurring VAT “in June 2010 HMRC announced it would be launching formal consultation”Out-Sourcing to a third party
  • KPMG Shared Services in HE Report: UK Examples
  • Key is to consider the transactional and reporting functionsLook at processes not systems EA
  • HEFCE / KPMG estimate savings from shared services inn the private sector of 30-50% and 20-30% in the public sector
  • HEFCE/KPMG – 2006 report:The need for HEIs to maintain their independence (and be seen to be doing so).”
  • University of Liverpool & Liverpool John Moores University by PA ConsultingSame is true of Bloomsbury GroupThese are large functional areas
  • 2008“engagement is mostly tactical in nature … aimed at meeting particular goals” and that overall “the level of engagement in both FE and HE is low”Focus around resilience and quality – cost savings is 3rd.
  • Results published July 29th 2010 from 29 respondents. The survey was initiated by Loughborough University.
  • Beguiling thought….But too complexMust consider this at more granular level to identify those processes which are likely to create savings i.e. that are transactional in nature.Move it from the opportunistic to the strategic
  • Records life cycle structure study” (Parker, 2002)
  • So lets look at the registry function
  • There are also some new National Initiatives that you will be hearing about shortly. Last week I was at a joint HEFCE/JISC meeting which endorsed expenditure of some £20M allocated by the Brown Government on Universities Modernisation. In the near future we will have:Promotion of e-marketplace systems and servicesNational Brokerage Service for Cloud InfrastructureNational Data Duration Centre – building on the pilot for UKRDSSystems and Services Procurement ServiceFirst project will be research management systemElectronic Resource Management Service £600k – cumulative NPV of £4.2M in five yearsArose from a SONUL study into shared servicesSecure Document Management ServiceBuilding on the work of HEAR to provide a qualification verification service.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Shared Services
      in HE IT Management
      Chris Cobb
      Pro Vice-Chancellor
      Roehampton University
    • 2. Overview
      Economies of Scale or Critical Mass
      Overcoming the Barriers
      The Devil is in the Detail
      Four Steps to Shared Services
      Universities Modernisation Fund
    • 3. 1. Economies of Scale or Critical Mass?
      UCAS >500,000 undergraduate applications processed per year
      JANETnetwork connecting UK universities, FE Colleges, Research Councils, Specialist Colleges and Adult and Community Learning providers. Over 18 million end-users.
      USS – pension fund with 133,000 active members
      SLC – over 800,000 loan applications for September 2010
      RCUK – shared HR, finance, procurement, IT, payroll, grant processing
      M25 Library group – 59 member institutions
      Follow the Sun – out of hours ICT Support
      Internal Audit : Kingston City Group, UNIAC
      Procurement – Advice and consortia LUPC, SUPC et al
      SUMS – management consultancy services with 31 members
      Critical Mass Economy of Scale
    • 4. Ernst Young – Finance Function
    • 5. University Finance Costs as % of Turnover
      From a survey of 18 self-selecting universities
    • 6. 2. Perceived Barriers
      Irrecoverable VAT
      HE staff costs are now 39% higher than the private sector and 32% higher than the economy as a whole (New JNCHES Pay Framework and Data Research Working group, 2011)
      Article 132(1)(f) of Council Directive 2006/112 “Service Sharing” Exemption)
      Don’t outsource a problem
      Turkeys and Christmas
      Devil is in the Detail…
    • 7. 3. The Devil is in the Detail
    • 8. Duke & Jordon: Principal Drivers for ICT Shared Services
    • 9. Software as a Service
      UCISA survey by Martin Hamilton, Head of Internet Services, Loughborough University. July 2010 from 29 respondents.
    • 10. 3. The Devil is in the Detail
    • 11. Records life cycle structure study” (Parker, 2002)
    • 12. “Transaction Processing” Functions
    • 13. 4. Four Steps to Shared Services
      Disaggregation of systems and processes
      distinguish the strategic from the transactional
      Transfer systems and services to cloud based architectures
      possibly through join procurement
      Share one architecture in discrete organisations
      e.g. a finance system with multiple operating entities
      Share services that support multiple institutions
      e.g. invoice processing
    • 14. 5. University Modernisation Fund
      e-marketplace for procurement
      JANET Brokerage Service for Cloud Infrastructure
      National Research Data Curation Centre
      Systems and Services Procurement Service
      • First project will be research management system
      Electronic Resource Management Service
      Secure Document Management Service