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MyAthens Enhancements Feb Mar 2009


Published on

Enhancements to the MyAthens interface for spring 2009.

Enhancements to the MyAthens interface for spring 2009.

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. MyAthens Future Directions
        • Sarah Quintin – Software Engineer
        • [email_address]
    • 2. MyAthens Enhancements
      • New panels and additional panel functionality
      • Enhanced panel choice configuration
      • Additional resources
      • Customisation
        • Branding
        • Style
    • 3. Collaboration with Staffordshire
      • Demonstration of new functionality produced in collaboration with Paul Johnson, the Subject and Learning Support Librarian from Staffordshire University
    • 4. Customised Search Panels
      • Easily build and configure custom search panels within the Admin Area
        • Search engines (Google, Yahoo etc..) ‏
        • Metalib
        • Organisation's website (e.g. Staffs website) ‏
    • 5. Web Content Panel
      • Custom build panels with your choice of content.
        • Use the WYSIWYG editor for simple content (text, lists, images)
        • Or the HTML editor for more complex content (forms etc…)
    • 6. panel
      • What is
        • Social bookmaking service
        • Users can store, share and discover web bookmarks.
        • Users can tag bookmarks
      • How is it relevant to MyAthens?
        • Administrators and their users can bookmark non-Athens resources and use the existing panel to display them in MyAthens
    • 7. panel
      • So, what's new?
        • Users can now filter their own bookmarks by tag
        • Simply supply their (or their Organisation's) username and choose the relevant tag from the drop-down list
    • 8. Adding Additional Resources
      • New functionality to allow administrators to add and allocate additional non-Athens protected resources
      • These will then be merged with existing Athens protected resources in MyAthens
    • 9. Adding Additional Resources cont…
      • Additional feeds added via the admin interface.
        • URL
        • Title
        • Description
    • 10. Adding Additional Resources cont…
      • New resources can be allocated to permission sets
        • Modify permission set page updated to display Athens resources and additional resources side-by-side
      • New resources will be merged with existing Athens protected resources in MyAthens
    • 11. Restricting users' panels
      • New functionality in the Administrator's Interface
        • Restrict panels available from MyAthens panel chooser
        • Define which panels are shown to users on first login
    • 12. MyAthens Branding
      • Addition of organisations' logos to MyAthens
      • Administrators can upload an image via the Panel Options page in the Admin area
    • 13. Different styles
      • Users can change the appearance of MyAthens via View->Page Style menu in their browser
    • 14. Over to you…
      • Any questions, comments or suggestions?