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Presentaion on managing website content for a large UK government department

Presentaion on managing website content for a large UK government department

More in: Technology , Education
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  • 1. Multi-Surfacing – Separating Content from Navigation Developer TrackStephen Pope - Technical Architect - Eduserv
  • 2. Introduction
    Stephen Pope – Technical Architect
    Eduserv – Not-for-profit organization, fund initiatives for IT and education
    First UK Sitecore partner
    First time in Denmark :)
  • 3. Problem
    Large UK government department
    Lots of disparate content
    Spread far & wide
    Multiple content types
    Multiple audiences
    Multiple domains and campaigns
    Consolidate yet retain
    Likely to change name or structure
  • 4. The plan..
    Web Administration
    Article Store
  • 5. Tagging
    French Exam
    Other metadata
  • 6. Mapping
    Article Store
  • 7. Advantages of this approach
    Central store of content types
    Navigation nodes deal with structure not content
    Articles pulled into navigation using article metadata
    Navigation can be reworked at any point without large migration
    Articles can appear in multiple places
    Articles can appear across multiple domains
  • 8. Multi-surfacing
    Keep each sections look and feel
    Maintain “Google Juice”
    Persistent URIs
    We had to take full control of the URLs in the system
  • 9. Multi-surfacing - Context
  • 10. Multi-surfacing - Context
  • 11. Keeping search engines happy ..
    Canonical Link
    <link rel="canonical" href="" />
    Add to <head> tag of pages that are derivatives
    Preserves “Google Juice” – Fully supported by Google / Bing / Yahoo! etc
  • 12. Strong URL Scheme
  • 13. Difficulties
    Letting go – Site is dynamic and evolving.
    Default Context – When an item can exist anywhere where is its default home ?
    Editor Education – Writing content that is self contained.
    Strong taxonomy – Enough depth and breadth to ensure good quality tagging.
  • 14. Successes
    True multi-surfacing
    Already had its first restructuring test
    Sitecore is our Swiss army knife
    Multi-surfacing is only part of the solution
  • 15. Full Solution
    Eduserv Web Framework
    URL Routing
    Full MVC – All items/templates have a controller
    IOC with Castle
    Spark View Engine replace XSLT
    Faceted Search
    Integration with open source projects such as Solr, CouchDB, Nutch and NServiceBus
    Customized ELMAH modules
  • 16. Thank you – Have a great time at DREAMCORE 2010Email :