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G-Cloud: where we are, where we're going


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Peter Middleton and the G-Cloud team discuss the G-Cloud vision, what's been achieved so far, where improvements are being made and what's in store for the future.

Peter Middleton and the G-Cloud team discuss the G-Cloud vision, what's been achieved so far, where improvements are being made and what's in store for the future.

Published in: Technology
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  • What have we done?Creating a marketplaceSimplifying how we buy and deliver servicesEncouraging innovation – access to a wider choiceEncouraging the shift from custom to commodityChanging the culture across the Public Sector
  • Driving the shift from “custom” to “commodity”Working to create a competitive marketplace for commodity servicesPropagation: nurturing the buyer community to move to buying services, through G-CloudBuilding Peer Communities to support and drive this shiftBeing transparent: open, honest and iterative approach, using webinars, blogging and Twitter to get the message out
  • No software – licenses or client/server softwareNo hardware – unless as part of a commodity service – i.e. encryption service that includes a tokenFixed at Tender – Suppliers can lower their price on the CloudStore but it must be for all Buyers
  • Pan government accreditation has goal of accredit once and re-use;Will cover roughly 80% of what needs to be done – still your responsibility to check the scope of the accreditation; You must cover with your security, information risk officers & management that the risk appetite is satisfied for the service you purchaseYou can find the badges in the store – there are actually 14 services accredited to date with about 100 currently in the pipeline.
  • Transcript

    • 1. G-Cloud:Where we are, where we’re going Civil Service World and Eduserv 12th of March 2013 Peter Middleton & G-Cloud team UNCLASSIFIED
    • 2. G-Cloud vision• Public Cloud First “in order to move government more• Commodity solutions towards commodity buying, a policy such• Pay-as-you-go and as Public Cloud First is an essential tool to friction free – easy in ” make that happen McDonagh Denise G-Cloud Director and easy out of contracts• Scale up, Scale down• Change the way we use IT
    • 3. G-Cloud: where are we? Phase 1 complete: 1stOur aim is to encourage anniversary; open and competitive marketplacethe adoption of cloud-based services across 460 suppliers and 3,200+ services provide access to athe Public Sector much wider choice We’ve made it a lot easier for buyers SME SME Sales Vol Sales We’ve made it a lot easier for suppliers; we’re levelling the playing field for SMEs£7.4m to 80% vol 70% ofend of Jan of orders spend We’re getting the message out; we’re changing the market for gov IT
    • 4. G-Cloud:the benefits • No OJEUs or long procurements necessary Easy to buy • Compliant, self-service online CloudStore • Services, prices & commercial terms all Transparency online • Driving competition – open marketplace Significant • Elastic pay-as-you-go, up to 90% savings savings • No need to spend £m’s to keep the “lights on” Agile & • Reducing deployment time Responsive • Ability to meet changing user needs
    • 5. CloudStore:a few principles • Online Catalogue • Cloud based services only – Either: Cloud service – Or: Cloud supporting service • Commodity only • Services fixed at the point of tender • Non-negotiable terms and contract • No prime contracting between G-Cloud tenders
    • 6. Pan-Government Accreditation• Achievement Badges• Check CloudStore site to confirm• Check CESG issued certificate
    • 7. G-Cloud FrameworksG-Cloud framework OJEU Commencement Close Gi 18/10/11 14/02/12 13/11/12 – Closed Gii 23/05/12 26/10/12 27/10/13 Giii 11/01/13 April 2013 April 2014Service across 4 Lots: Gii Features:1 Infrastructure as a Service • Framework 12 months (IaaS)2 Platform as a Service (PaaS) • Framework value up to Software as a Service (SaaS) £100m3 • Call offs up to 244 Specialist Cloud Services (SCS) months
    • 8. Contractual Precedence - layer cake Between G-Cloud Framework – Schedule 1 supplier  Call-Off Agreement – Schedule & GPS 2 Between  Order Form supplier  Supplier’s Terms and & buyer Conditions As set out in the Framework Schedule 1
    • 9. We need to achieve more… • Champion the Cloud, obtain commitment from top-down, hand-hold Raise awareness • Provide tools and guidance for business users, benchmark benefits • Improve the quality of information, search, usabilityDeliver new CloudStore • Need to make it real, more case studies, knowledge base Challenge local issues • Internal processes cited as common barriers“red tape” and skills gap • Lack of appropriate in-house skills, i.e. ICT or Service Integration Address security and • Build confidence in public cloud services management concerns • More complex management – address concerns and provide models Clarity on policy and • Make Public Cloud First central, to drive a change in thinking standards • Drive open standards, ensure these enable, not undermine take-up Improve our risk • Develop in-house skills and embrace more direct control as positive management skills • Take a pragmatic approach: what are the changes in risk profiles?
    • 10. Immediate Get the messagefocus CloudStore 1 New out Real life Set2 Make it real studies policy3 Address barriers4 Improve guidance What New Next? Act on Store feedback Iterate Improve & Guidance Improve
    • 11. Contacts
    • 12. Questions?First a question for you…• How do we get you on-board, and make G-Cloud work for you? UNCLASSIFIED