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Gta5 script new


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  • 1. EXT. UNDER BRIDGE BY CANAL.EVENING. VINCE is slumped on a wooden bench. Elbows digging into his thigh, leaning over his knees, and cradling his head as he HUMS manically. His quiet murmuring ECHOS eerily around the bridge interior. Bold, heavy FOOTSTEPS can be heard from the other end of the bridge, as JOEY (a shadowy figure) makes his way rapidly closer. VINCE stops HUMMING as, with a grin he lifts his chin slightly to look at JOEY. VINCE's voice is slurred and he appears out of focus. VINCE Well would you look who it is! How you 'doin? Bending over to his side, VINCE reaches for a beer bottle from his collection. In a clumsy effort, it CLINKS as the glass bottles nudge against one another. Looking back up at Joey, he shoves the bottle into JOEY's chest and smiles. JOEY stares for a few moments at VINCE, his expression harsh but contemplative. As though holding back the urge to smash the bottle right over his face. Realising JOEY isn't here for a friendly visit, VINCE pulls the bottle back and takes a big swig of his drink before resting it in his lap. JOEY Remind me again why I ever got involved with you. VINCE (Cutting in)Because you're just as fucked up as I am and you need the money. JOEY looks away, standing very still and almost shrinking away. A frown forms on VINCE's face, and he begins to move his arms as he speaks, the tone of his voice slightly sarcastic, and his volume steadily increasing with impatience. VINCE So Then. You here to give me a package or somethin', or just to waste my time?- Cos know what? I'm really not in the mood. JOEY avoids looking VINCE in the eye as he UTTERS something under his breath.
  • 2. VINCE stumbles up from the bench, the bottle rolls off his lap and SMASHES onto the floor. He staggers his way towards JOEY. His stance hard and aggressive. VINCE What the fuck did you just say? JOEY backs off shaking his head. JOEY You're drunk. I ain'tdoin' this now. VINCE moves even closer to JOEY. His sheer size dominating over him. VINCE I'm not playing games. What are you even here for? JOEY Back off Vince. VINCE You already owe me. If you don't play ball I'll smash in that empty skull of yours. JOEY ...I'm not doing this. Talk to me when you're sober. Without hesitation, VINCE moves in close to JOEY. Kneeing him between the legs with a THUMP, he snatches him by his hair and hurls him into the canal with a loud SMACK and SPLASH into the cold water. JOEY BURSTS through the surface of the canal, gaggling and splurting, he slashes his limps through the water violently, swimming to the other side, before eventually clambering out, groaning in pain, and PANTING as he gains his breathe. He slowly looks up at VINCE still on the other side. VINCE casually takes another swig of his drink. JOEY You know. (Breathless) I'm am sick of cleaning up your mess. JOEY heaves himself up standing, soaked. JOEY You know what? Just fuck it. You're in deep shit anyway. You better findJOHNY before he finds you.. I'm done. VINCE ignores him and carries on drinking, staring anywhere but at JOEY.
  • 3. JOEY scowls at VINCE one last time before limping off. His FOOTSTEPS ECHO as he staggers his way up the stairs and over the bridge.