Pristine Resume Building Technique


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A presentation on how to build a proper resume to target your dream job.
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Pristine Resume Building Technique

  1. 1. www.edupristine.comResume Building
  2. 2. Content • Why: Determine your job search objective prior to writing the resume • Whom: Resume is a marketing tool • What : Resume is a tool to obtain an interview, not a job, don’t get into detail about every accomplishment. • How: Be clear and concise, use bullets with short sentences rather than lengthy paragraphs, Focus on the duties that do support your objective, e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  3. 3. Why is it Required • Recruiter – No time to meet everyone: will spend only 15 to 20 sec on a resume, If you don’t get their attention quickly, you’ll never get it – Separate the wheat from the chafe: try to have a 1 page resume, – Matching the skill set: make separate resume for different job objectives, one can have 3 to 4 resume • Interviewee – Sets the flow of interview – Showcase his abilities NOT JUST ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  4. 4. Judge the target • HR • References • Cover Letter You just can’t afford to tell about yourself in the interview- There will be no interview e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  5. 5. What needs to be known • Start with what you think the reader needs to know. Hints: – Who are you and how do I reach you?:name, address email(should be a decent one) and phone no ( no need to mention family details, religion etc) – What can you do for me? Start ur work exp with your strong areas, – Are you smart enough to train? – What have you done in the past that might be helpful to me? Mention about ur work exp in similar profile from past work exp ( Club the past work exp under one heading if its irrelevant to the job that u r applying for) – What did you accomplish in those jobs?: mention ur achievements e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  6. 6. What needs to be known: • How do / did you stand out among others who have held the same job? • Did you make or save the employer money? • Did you initiate any new processes or procedures that improved or streamlined operations? • Increased sales by x% in six months. • Acquired x new clients in existing territory, increasing sales by x%. e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  7. 7. Contents • Well targeted: make it specific to the job that u r looking for • No errors: no spelling mistakes, Have someone else review your resume. • No ambiguity • what YOU did last summer? • employer generally wants a brief description of your responsibilities, they mostly want to know what your achievements were. – Combine employment dates when in the same field. – Do not include your age, gender, race, church affiliation, or hunting skills e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  8. 8. Content • Your personal information – Leave it • Reachable at given Contact Details • Killer Typos • Use good paper and a good printer • Target your mailing to firms that could use someone with your skills • Please don’t mention your client names • No company symbols • No company profiles for known companies, • Mention ur marks • Start the work exp from the most recent job • Mention ur designation in the previous jobs e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  9. 9. Content (Cont) • No jargons please • Write short, easy-to-read, statements about your skills, knowledge, and abilities • Okay to have multiple resumes • It is a brochure for you e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  10. 10. Contents (Cont) • Use bulleted text. Short sentences • Use action words – Prepared, Co-ordinated • Give numbers – Saved $10 millions • Lead with your strengths • No Objectives: mention this in the cover letter • No “References Available on Request” e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  11. 11. Readability • Leave a lot of white spaces • Use fonts like Garamond • Font size of 10 or 11 • Absolutely No Typos • No Abbreviations • One, two, seven, 23, 456 • Consistent Format – dates, numbers e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  12. 12. SO WHAT??? • CAR ( do not mention – Context – Action – Result e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  13. 13. Showcase yourself • You have to do something • More important: Show it • The Elevator Test: well-targeted, expertly and flawlessly written and composed, and demonstrates within the first few seconds of review you have what the employer needs, e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  14. 14. Pristine & CFA CFA Institute, USA Pristine is the Largest CFA® Institute Authorized Prep Course Provider in India Trains 800+ CFA Aspirants each year e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  15. 15. About Pristine Finance trainings for individuals/corporate/colleges - Authorized training providers for prestigious international Trainings for certifications like CFA*, FRM, PRM, CFP* etc. International - Pan India class-room trainings and web-based live online Certifications trainings for international students - Advanced training in financial modeling, valuation, risk, Corporate etc. to large corporate clients like HSBC , BOA, Pristine Accenture, IIMC, IIMI, FMS, CSFB, IDBI, Mizuho Bank Trainings etc. - Own certification programs in financial modeling, finance Pristine training for corporate lawyers, risk management etc. Certifications - Certification programs in Equity Research, Derivatives being launched e:; 15 C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  16. 16. Key Authorization CFA Institute (2010-11) GARP (2007-11) Authorized Training provider – CFA Authorized Training provider -FRM Pristine is now the authorized training provider Largest player in India in the area of risk for CFA Exam trainings . Pristine is largest management training. Trained 1000+ students training provider for CFA in India with presence in risk management across seven major cities. PRMIA (2009-11) FPSB India (2010-11) Authorized Training provider – PRM/ APRM Authorized Training provider -CFP Sole authorized training for PRM Training in An authorized Education Provider for India. Largest player in India in the area of risk Chartered Financial Planner Charter. management training. Trained 1000+ students in risk management e:; 16 C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  17. 17. Key Associations* Mizuho (2010) Bank Of America J. P. Morgan (2010) Ernst & Young (2010) Financial Modeling in Excel Continuum Solutions (2010) Financial Modeling in Excel Real Estate Modeling Bankers were using excel Finance for Finance The Real Assets Group were Senior Associates were trained models that they could not trained in Excel for on building valuation Associates were trained on understand. Conducted infrastructure and real-estate models for real estate valuation and mergers and financial modeling in Excel modeling acquisitions trainings to bridge the gap ING Vyasa (2010) Franklin Templeton Credit-Suisse India (2009) HSBC (2008) Infrastructure & Project CFA (2010) Risk Management and Quant. Risk Management and Quant. Finance Analysis Analysis Students were facing a gap in the Bankers were trained on making overall understanding of finance IT Professionals of Credit-Suisse New joinees in HSBC had a gap in integrated models for project topics like corporate finance, FSA India were trained on risk knowledge of Risk Management finance and infrastructure. and valuation. Provided training for management. and quantitative skills. Conducted over 100 hours to bridge the gap trainings (On campus) to bridge the gap *Indicative List e:; 17 C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  18. 18. …Key Associations NISM (2008-11) NUS Business School (2011) IIM Calcutta (2010-11) FMS Delhi (2010-11) Derivatives in Hedging (2008) Financial Modeling in Excel Financial Modeling in Excel Financial Modeling in Excel Financial Modeling (2011) Second year MBA students were Students about to go for Final Year MBA students of Faculty internships and join jobs found a of Management Studies, Delhi Corporate in Ludhiana incurred huge given a full 2-day workshop on gap in their grasp of knowledge of University were trained in financial losses because of derivative trades creating financial models. They excel for financial modeling. modeling so as to prepare them (for hedging). Conducted trainings learnt how to create integrated Conducted training for 75+ better for a job in finance. for directors and CFOs for better models of valuation. students with an average rating of understanding of derivative products 4.5+ IIT Delhi (2009) BITS Pilani (2009) IEMR Delhi (2010-11) SIMSREE (2010) Corporate finance Workshops on Basics of Financial Modeling in Excel Students get placed in finance Finance Final Year MBA students of Final Year MBA students of IEMR Sydenham MBA, Mumbai were companies (UBS, GS, MS, etc) Most of the students desire a went through extensive financial trained in financial modeling so as with no understanding of the career in finance. Conducted modeling workshop to acquire skills to prepare them better for a job in subject/ Job Profile. Conducted training for 350+ students with of financial modeling. finance. workshop to bridge the gap an average rating of 4.5+ e:; 18 C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  19. 19. About Pristine • Founded by professionals and alumnus of Standard Chartered, Goldman Sachs, Reliance Private Equity, SBI, Accenture, IBM and CRISIL, IIM, IIT and SIBM. • Last Year Results: Have delivered trainings to more than 5000+ candidates in last four years with a success rate of 65% to 85% for various batches for CFA/ PRM/FRM exams. • Training centers: in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Singapore & Online. • Provided Online trainings to 500+ professionals from US, Europe, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa and Australia. • Conducted Corporate Trainings for leading organizations namely JP Morgan Chase, E&Y, ING Vyasa, HSBC, BOA Continuum, IDBI, STCI, Accenture, IITB, Bits Pilani, IIM C, FMS, Mizhua Bank etc. e:; 19 C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  20. 20. Pristine Offerings Course Classroom Online Content Crash Course/ Hours of Accreditation Price Trainings Trainings Mock Test training CFA Level I All* + Singapore Yes Original Yes 100 CFA Institute USD 595; INR 17,950 CFA Level II Mumbai, Delhi Yes Original Yes 100 CFA Institute USD 595; INR 16,950 FRM Level I All + Singapore Yes Original Yes 75 GARP USD 495; INR 12,950 FRM Level II Mumbai Yes Original Yes 60 GARP USD 495, INR 10,000 PRM All + Singapore Yes Original Yes 135 PRMIA USD 795, INR 20,000 APRM Corporate Yes Original Yes 80 PRMIA INR 10,000 Financial Mumbai, Delhi, Yes Original NA 50 - INR 10,000 Modeling Bangalore, Pune, Hyd, Chennai Finance for Mumbai No Original NA 50 - INR 45,000 Lawyers CFP Mumbai, Delhi Yes Original NA 120 Under Process INR 30,000 *All cities include Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune and Hyderabad ; e:; 20 C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W:
  21. 21. Financial Modeling & Valuation using Excel • Excel Modeling techniques are used in many different areas, such as credit analysis, investment appraisal, risk management, valuation, financial analysis and forecasting. • The objective of the training is to help the candidates to prepare Integrated Financial Models to enable decision making in areas like, Corporate Finance, Equity Valuation, Credit Analysis/Appraisal, Investment banking, Project Appraisal, M&A, etc. • The programs would provide the participants with - Understanding the company and its equity valuation process. - Developing Integrated Models to incorporate interlinked Financial Statements, Financial Analysis, Valuation, Project Finance and Merger & Acquisition. - Knowledge of excel advance tools like scenario analysis, solver, charting mechanisms, data-tables etc. - Please refer to the Free Sample Financial Models in the CD e:; 21 C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine © Neev Knowledge Management W: Pvt.Ltd.-Pristine
  22. 22. Training Contents • Understanding and creating a financial model template • Excel Skills – Shortcuts, Formulas and cross referencing • Historical financial statement modeling (P&L and B/S) • Calculating growth drivers • Building the asset and depreciation schedule • Building debt & interest schedule • Building cash flow statement • Building interest on excess cash and cash revolver • Building ratios for analysis • Updating integrated model for valuation using DCF and Comps • Sensitivity/Scenario Analysis • Creating foot-ball field for valuation analysis • Modeling other Accounting concepts - Revenue Recognition, Deferred tax etc • Project Finance Modeling covering Infrastructure sector • Merger & Acquisitions Analysis e:; 22 C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine © Neev Knowledge Management W: Pvt.Ltd.-Pristine
  23. 23. Training Details • 6 days 30 hrs ( on Weekends) interactive training program using extensive case studies & real life examples • Complete hand-holding to enable the participants to develop Integrated Financial models. • Free Financial Models of latest IPO’s Linkedin, Tata Steel, Punjab & Sind Bank, Coal India Ltd, Shipping Corp of India, Microsoft, Patni & Igate Merger Deal etc. • Effectively using keyboard shortcuts & Formulas in Excel. • Please refer to the Financial Modeling brochure in the CD for Faculty Details • Support for revision in future • Certification of Participation • Training Fees: Rs 10,000. • Training dates & Venue: – Delhi : Batch starting in June, Malviya Smriti Bhawan, ITO New Delhi – Bangalore: Batch starting in June, Manipal Center Dickenson Road – Hyderabad: Batch starting on 18th June, Pasha College of Education, Banjara Hills – Mumbai : Batch starting in June, Khar Education Society , Khar (W) e:; 23 C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine © Neev Knowledge Management W: Pvt.Ltd.-Pristine
  24. 24. For Registration or Query Karuna (for Mumbai) : 80800 05533 Sanjay ( for Delhi & Bang) : 95602 14422 Dikshu ( for Hyd) : 88009 59911 Mansi (for Online): 99202 75533 Register for Free Financial Modeling Seminar Delhi: 12 June, 1pm to 3pm, Malviya Smriti Bhawan, ITO , Delhi Mumbai: 11 June, 12am to 2pm, Khar Education Society, Khar (W) Hyderabad: Pasha Institute of Education, Banjara Hills, Hyd Bangalore: Manipal Center, Dickenson Road mail us at e:; C: +91 8080 005533© Neev Knowledge Management – Pristine W: