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EDU Niche was founded on the belief that students deserve access to affordable, high-quality tutoring services whenever and wherever they need help. We believe that students can exceed their expectations and perform well on homework and tests when lessons are tailored to their personal strengths and learning style. That’s why every one of our tutoring sessions is a personalized, one-on-one interaction between a certified tutor and a student.

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EDU Niche - Presentation Update

  1. 1. On Demand Online Tutoring, Just A Click Away. Over 1000 live tutoring sessions served ! EDU Niche
  2. 2. Leading E-Learning Company Across World EDU Niche – US, UK, Canada and International Markets Fastest Growing On Demand Online Tutoring company  Served over 500 students till date Capabilities  24/7 available online tutoring with customer support  Connect with any available online tutor  Scalable tutoring platform Cap  Guaranteed Results  Tutor Hiring, Training, Certification, Retention  Personalized Help  Affordable and Unlimited  Mobile Access  The Easiest, Most Effective Way to Learn EDU Niche employs a diverse and highly professional team of tutors.
  3. 3. EDU Niche Business Model Employ highly talented team of tutors and employees. Live one-on-one tutors with chat , whiteboard and audio/video session. Option to choose favorite tutor. Scale quickly with high quality Cover more than 5000+ subjects Tutors are experts at every school level, from elementary and middle school curricula to advanced high school and college subjects. Easy access to mobile devices including IPad.
  4. 4. Equipment/Connectivity • Windows PC or Mac • Internet connection – Broadband (DSL, Cable) recommended – Dial-up connection ok if > 36k/bps • Digital Pen Tablet(Not mandatory) – Recommended for math & related courses – Easy to write, show work, draw figures – Cost: Approx. $50-100 • Accessible on all mobile devices included IPAD and tablets.
  5. 5. Structured Learning Program (SLP) Structured Learning Program available upon request. Dedicated agent is appointed to monitor program. Lesson plans created based on assessment tests and past results. Feedback shared back with parents via weekly progress reports.
  6. 6. Subjects Covered
  7. 7. EDU Niche Tutors  Over 500 tutors  Spread across worldwide.  Well educated, licensed, & certified,  Work primarily from home.  Recruited, trained, & certified.
  8. 8. Exam Preparation and Tutoring This U.S. industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in offering preparation for standardized examinations and/or academic tutoring services. Academic tutoring services. College entrance exam preparation instruction. Learning centers offering remedial courses.  Tutoring across grades  Math, Science and English  Unlimited one-on-one sessions  Tutors available 24x7  Expert professional tutors  Instant access to tutors  Concept, homework, assignments  Assessment test prep  Session record and replay  Whiteboard and interactive tools  Mobile accessibility Unlimited tutoring at an affordable price!
  9. 9. On Demand Live Online Tutoring • Live one-on-one session with tutors available 24*7 • Interactive virtual whiteboard • Instant or scheduled- based sessions • Mobile access • Cover 5000+ subjects • Audio/video session
  10. 10. High School Online Enrollment This growth is shown in the chart above is a projection for high school online enrollment
  11. 11. Press Speak
  12. 12. Customer Speak
  13. 13. What makes EDU Niche unique EDU Niche is committed to providing the best, most affordable online tutoring for students. Affordability Flexibility Proven Performance Guaranteed Success “The virtual classroom environment provides an easy-to-approach and interesting platform to students for grooming their academic skills.”
  14. 14. Thank you for your interest in EDU Niche.