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  • 1. VENICE
  • 2. VENICE
    Venice is located in Italy, is the capital Veneto.Venice weather is sunny from March to October, but it is cold from November to February.Venice is known as the city of canals.  Venice is a very beautiful city.
  • 3. Let´sgo to Venice.
  • 4. SIGHTS
    in Venice, we can take a gondola and travel to through all 150 channels of the city, where we can listen to the history of the city, also be watching the beautiful buildings.
  • 6. Piazza San marcos.
    Is the principal public square of Venice.
    A remark usually attributed to Napoleon calls the Piazza San Marco "the drawing room of Europe".
    It is one of the few great urban spaces in Europe where human voices prevail over the sounds of motorized traffic
    it´s a beautiful place.
  • 7. in this beautiful piazza, we can go sometime to Basilica di San Marco and el Campanile or we can drinking a delicious coffee on the premises of the square accompanied by a great orchestra.
  • 8. Ponte deiSuspiri.
    This is it a magnificent bridge.
    The Legend says that since this bridge could hear the sighs of the damned when they were taken to jail.
    to visit this bridge we have to hire the excursion by the ducal palace.
  • 9. Giardinetti Reali.
    this is it a very beautiful place.
    where, we can taking a break, relaxing or walking with your girlfriend, through beautiful gardens.
  • 10. Giardini Pubblici
    this is it a very big and beautiful place.
    where, we find beautiful avenues lined with large trees, children's games, such as swings.
    here, we'll have a lovely time.
  • 11. venetian food
    Also to pasta and pizza you can taste differents dishes the Venice´s seafood. Fish and shellfish of the Adriatic because they are of high quality in many restaurants.
  • 12. Festivals of Venetia.
    Venice celebrates festivals throughout the year. Some of these parties enjoy international renown. But others not so well known outside the city.
  • 13.
    • Among the most famous, it's Carnival in February and marking the beginning of Lent.
    • 14. Other important events in Venice are the Biennale d'Arte, in mid-June every odd year, and the Mostra of cinema that takes place in early September with the presence of world-renowned actors as guests.
  • Gutierrez Solano Eduardo Enrique.
    Miranda Oscoy Jacqueline.