medical colleges in Ukraine


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Looking for medical colleges in ukraine, mbbs in Ukraine of top edufactsindia management colleges provide professional study in ukraine. Call us 9560463826.

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medical colleges in Ukraine

  1. 1. Put yourself in others position, you'll put others in better position - This attitude is not observed throughout with companies dealing with overseas student admission, as I have observed during my admission for PG course. EduFactsIndia with its team of expert counselors makes sure to explore the student’s interest and to realize his inclination to a particular professional course. We conduct an individual counseling session with each student for the same.
  2. 2. Services Our Counseling Objectives: To explore the candidate’s real interest for a particular course. To provide complete information about the selected course offered at the selected university. Admission: To help the candidate complete the application form for the chosen university To help the candidate pay the application fee (if applicable) To help the candidate obtain conditional admission notice from the chosen university for the chosen course. To explain the pros and cons of each country/university.
  3. 3. our presence not only in India but in the destination country. Visa STAL Forming batches for students to a particular university to travel together. Arranging tickets for travel to the destination. Providing students will all the documents required for travel. Making sure of safe departure of every student. Providing parents with contact numbers of our representatives in the destination country. Procuring the Passport from the candidate and applying for visa approval letter/ invitation letter from the chosen university. Helping the candidate to get his/her medical fitness certificate as per the required format. To obtain appointment for visa application from the respective embassy. To apply for student’s visa as a student’s representative.
  4. 4. Universities O.O Bogomolets National Medical University Admissions open for Intake 2014-2015 Degree Awarded: M.D. Physician (Undergraduate program) Duration: 6 Years City: Kiev Medium Of Instruction: English Program commences: Sep 01-2014 Last Date to join program: Sep 30-2014 Last date to apply: July 15-2014 Tuition fee: 4300 $ per annum Crimea State Medical University Admissions open for Intake 2014-2015 Degree Awarded: M.D. Physician (Undergraduate program) Duration: 6 Years City: Simferopol Medium Of Instruction: English Program commences: Sep 01-2014 Last Date to join program: Nov 14-2014 Last date to apply: Aug 01-2014 Tuition fee: 3800 $ per annum
  5. 5. Courses Medicine Lucky is he who finds his vocation in the realms of avocation. In this ever changing world of affairs, very few people gets to choose a profession of their choice may be due to their social, economic or personal pre disposition. Medicine is one of those noble professions that makes you stand out as an individual and as well as an epitome of social integrity. A doctor is not only a man of high values but also of high standards in every aspect of his sphere, be it social, economic or simply put cultural. MBBS in China is a 5-6 year program depending upon the university chosen. The student has the option to do his internship either in India after clearing the screening test or in china. During the MBBS program you shall be trained and mentored to have a clinical outlook and understanding in all form of undergraduate medicine. You shall be exposed to the ever changing world of Medicine, which is almost alive with renewed vigor of innovation and discoveries. It is your chance to be a part of the exciting journey called medicine, a journey that will enable you not only to become a master of your own but as an example to your own keens.
  6. 6. Engineering Courses In this present era of technology, one cannot think of accomplishing the basic chores without an active assistance of gadgets and paraphernalia. The person who makes these technological advents possible is the Engineers. They represent the part of our society which gives our modern society the ultra cutting edge look. Ranging from machineries, communication, transportation, research defense and even health care, we all owe our allegiance to those creative souls called Engineers. In Ukraine, engineering sciences has been taken to a new height by various institutes of eminence which provides unparalleled opportunities to its students and faculties alike, which facilitates superior exchange of ideas, free mix of perspectives and optimum development of skills. Ukraine still leads the entire Europe in its industrial ventures and choosing such a progressive country shall not only be a matter of wise decision but an investment for future as well.
  7. 7. Management Courses The business world, given the current economic crisis, which is so dynamic and competitive, is in need of professionals who possess solid knowledge of the various areas of management and, at the same time, have personal and professional skills such as versatility, adaptability, cognitive skills, decision-making skills and creativity. At EduFactsINDIA, we help students to achieve the below objectives through various management programs we offer them for the best of the best places and institute in order to make them future directors and managers: To manage and lead an organization by strengthening essential knowledge in all areas of a company. To develop the tools and skills for leadership. To evolve easily within complex and competitive organizations, on a national and international level, under sustainable development.
  8. 8. Countries Ukraine Located on the eastern fringe of Europe, the crown jewel of the former Kiev-Russian Empire, now known as the Eurasian belt, Ukraine is truly the mirror of Europe. REASONS TO STUDY IN UKRAINE Located at the heart of Europe Superior infrastructure and reformed educational system Member of the Bologna Education System Affordable over other western countries like UK, USA, Australia Easy and secured visa process Globally Recognized Courses accepted in Europe, UK, USA, Asia, Africa etc.
  9. 9. Countries China The country with the largest population in the world and with one of the highest GDP, China is perhaps one of the hottest destinations for both tourists and students alike. This country at its disposal has the state of the art technology along with its age old cultural heritage and rich tradition. Known for its historical stance in shaping the course of human history, China still evokes awe and instills hope in the hearts of millions. The country is known for its industrial and medical advancement and is therefore possibly one of the best destinations in the world for medical and technical education alike. China is not only to be seen as an epitome of progress, it is widely diverse country with a very intricate cultural foundation. This colorful country needs to be explored, felt like a blanket encompassing a feeling of warmth, content and satisfaction. Explore the wilderness of the countryside, delve deeper into the neon crazed city light, and ride high in its diversity. China is a land of possibilities and it is just waiting to be explored. The choice is ours whether we embrace a land full of opportunities and savor it to the fullest.
  10. 10. Countries Malaysia As it is aptly said, “Malaysia, truly Asia”, the beacon of progress and glamour, Malaysia stands as an example of progressiveness and human ambition. The city of Kuala Lumpur stands out as a stark reminder that perseverance and determination can create The Petronas Twin Towers for the world to behold and wonder in awe. This country is packed with surprises, whether it’s the Rainforest World Music Festival, Hari Raya or the F1 Petronas Malaysia Grand Prix, it never ceases to amaze you. If you are expecting for an experience to last you a life time then Malaysia should be the destination of your choice. If your preference lies in obtaining a world class education and sharing your experience with the best in the world then you should choose Malaysia hands up. The medical arena of this country is considered to be one of the best in the world. Consisting of two regions separated by some 640 miles of the South China Sea, Malaysia is a federation of 13 states and three federal territories.
  11. 11. Contact Us Official Address: 620, 7th Floor, West End Mall Near Metro Station, Janakpuri West New Delhi- 110058 Website Email Telephone +91 9560463826 , +91 9560463877