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Graphic design intro2

Graphic design intro2






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    Graphic design intro2 Graphic design intro2 Presentation Transcript

    • Graphic Design for a Purpose Field Ecology Information for Walking Trail
    • Graphic Design for a Purpose
      • Meeting the client’s needs
      • Clarity of communication
      • Text: how it reads, as well as how it feels to the reader
      • Unifying vision
      Morris Farm Walking Trail
    • Meeting the Client’s Needs
      • What needs to be included
      • What is important to the client
      • Final use and audience for the product
      • Nonfiction vs Fiction : how much can you alter the images?
      • Size and resolution constraints
      • Color vs Grayscale
    • Relevant Information
      • You need to include:
      • Common Name
      • Scientific Name
      • Description - range (where grows)
      • Characteristics
      • Leaf Arrangement
      • Habitat
      • Use in the Ecosystem
      • Historical Uses
      • General Information
      • Other points
      • Science: Reality is important
      • Audience: Visitors, all age ranges
      • Size: 8x10
      • Resolution: 300ppi
      • Color: RGB mode
    • Clarity of Communication
      • What needs to be communicated?
      • How do you say it? Style must be appropriate for content.
      • How much detail is enough? Too much?
      • Sometimes less is more - smaller words, fewer words, etc.
      • Using negative space for clarity
    • Layout Variations Use your judgment with layout . . . Try different options
    • Don’t think you have to be BORING
    • Text
      • Which font is readable at what size?
      • Which font has the appropriate feel for the information you are communicating?
      • Justification: full? Centered? Left?
      • KEEP IT SIMPLE: One or Two fonts maximum in a project
      • Color . . .vocabulary accented?
      • Style: What to bold , underline , italicize
    • Size Matters Size Matters Size Matters Size Matters Readable Fonts Readable Fonts Readable Fonts Readable Fonts How annoying is this? Can you read this ok? What about this combo? Perhaps some colors work Better than others . . . . What kind of font says “SCIENCE”? What kind of font says “SCIENCE”? What kind of font says “SCIENCE”? What kind of font says “SCIENCE”?
    • Unifying Vision
      • Layout should be uniform
      • Balance : symmetry vs asymmetry
      • Flow of information and images within the piece
      • Color choices for background, images and text should be uniform.
      • Complimentary colors for impact, similar colors and tones for ease of reading.
    • Checklist
      • Photos from the site: plant in situ
      • Photo or scan of the object, leaf, etc
      • Additional photo/scan of bark, etc
      • ****Photos and Scans edited for quality control********ie: dust, ease of view, etc.
      • List of Relevant Information (see slide #4)
      • Font choices
      • Color choices
      • Multiple choices for layout (provide 3) and discuss with a classmate for final decision