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Student-Made Project for EDUC W210 at Indiana University - Fall 2012.

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  1. 1. The Flipped Classroom Sharing ContentCreating Benefits &Content DrawbacksEquipment Resources
  2. 2. Overview of the Flipped Classroom The flipped classroom is an ideology/model that allows the teacher to step out of the role of content deliverer to that of a content facilitator/curator. It places the ownership of learning back on the students and the teacher takes on the role of a coach/learner. Teachers create content: lectures, lessons, presentations for students to access at home. Homework and assignments are then worked on in class where the teacher can help students individual needs, review key topics, and facilitate better learning.Main Menu Video
  3. 3. Video of Flipped ClassroomBack Menu
  4. 4. Creating Content Teachers can create content in a variety of ways. Content is similar to a lesson in class but has been converted to a digital resource. There are a vast amount of tools available for creating content.Menu Tools
  5. 5. Screencast-o-matic Features Benefits Tool that allows you to record Records what you are doing on what you are doing on your your screen and your voice. screen. Give lectures, presentations, and Record in HD demonstrate lessons through Up to 15 minutes of recording your computer screen. time. Easily share with students. Convert file to MP4 Share on YouTube or Google Converts to many different Sites. formats. FREE ONLINE TOOL Upgradeable to a Pro-Version.Back Menu
  6. 6. Equipment Certain equipment can be used to enhance the creation of content. Microphones if your device is not equipped with one. Tools for writing on your screen. Wacom tablets. Allows you to work out problems by drawing on the screen. Omni Dazzle for Mac Gives you tools for eye-catching screen effects. Highlight, flashlight, cut-out, pixie dust, etc. Screen-Menu marker
  7. 7. Screen Marker Piece of software that lets you make annotations on your computer screen. Easily downloadable. Free resource No registration required Use marker, shapes, highlighter, etc.Back Menu
  8. 8. Sharing Content Teachers must find a resource that allows students to access content online and at home Learning Management System My Big Campus Google Sites YOUTUBEMenu Teacher Tube
  9. 9. Teacher Tube Upload videos online Create groups Create an online classroom Align content with common core standards View collections Upload docs Share content with other teachers Free to sign upBack Menu
  10. 10. Benefits & Drawbacks Benefits Drawbacks Enables teachers to spend more Not for every classroom. time coaching and facilitating. Students must be disciplined Takes lectures out of the Students need a way to access classroom. content. Great for Math and Science. Technology can be Students get more 1 on 1 time in unpredictable. the classroom. Does require some skills with Can be done for free! tech tools and resources.Menu
  11. 11. Resources Websites Video yer_embedded Pictures