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Education Post (online education property under South China Morning Post Group)'s presentation on selected digital marketing trends in Hong Kong, including:
Mobile advertising;
WeChat marketing; and
Native Advertising.

Presented by Razlan Manjaji & Jin Wong.

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Education Post - Advance your business with e-marketing

  1. 1. Advance your businesses with E-marketing Nov 13th, 2013 Razlan Manjaji, Senior Business Manager Jin Wong, Digital Marketing Executive
  2. 2. Introduction EDUCATION POST, part of the South China Morning Post Group, is Hong Kong's leading online education website with up-todate editorial contents, education-related resources and the most comprehensive course search database in postgraduate, MBA and continuing education. The following presentations are the speakers’ sharing of the latest selected digital marketing trends in Hong Kong, using Education Post and other brand advertisers for illustrations.
  3. 3. Agenda 1. Mobile advertising 2. WeChat marketing 3. Native advertising
  4. 4. Mobile advertising: the must-try
  5. 5. What we did on mobile • Mobile campaign to drive newsletter subscriptions • When goes mobile, goes full-screen takeover UA app AM730 + ETNet apps Click rate as high as 24% AAStocks app
  6. 6. Rich media to create higher engagement Interactive ad formats allow users to play around and have fun with the ad Case study: Crazy Horse Users can swipe the screen to show full image, then call for action for ticket purchase
  7. 7. Connect with social media • • • Full-page ad shows top posts on Facebook Users can like the brand’s Facebook page with one click Install click-to-call / tap-to-email buttons to increase engagement Case study: Benefit
  8. 8. What mobile can do that web can’t Specific targeting options to narrow audience reach Case study: L'Oreal Paris on HK Weather app Targeting options: • Temperature • Relative Humidity • UV Index • Air pollution Index Weather conditions affect purchase condition; L’Oreal Paris is selling a UV protection cream; Banner ads only show when there is strong UV
  9. 9. What we learned about Mobile Advertising More prominent ad formats > higher click rate Connect with social media properties to drive engagement Make use of targeting options (weather, location, devices) to reach the right audience
  10. 10. WeChat: the new social media platform
  11. 11. Our experiment with WeChat • SCMP Group’s first WeChat account • WeChat ID: EducationPost Follow us!
  12. 12. WeChat: Different types of messages • • • Managed on a web platform ( Coordinate with WeChat staff for setup Details to be filled in the profile: Profile icon name WeChat ID Description QR code
  13. 13. WeChat > Different types of messages • • • • Rich Media Image Audio Video
  14. 14. WeChat > Rich Media Message What you need: • • • • • Title Image (720*400) Description Contents Source URL
  15. 15. WeChat > Rich Media Message Remember to call for action! At the end of each article, we put a call-for-action image to encourage sharing and clicks
  16. 16. WeChat official account (微信官號) Pre-set custom messages / auto key-word replies
  17. 17. Case Study: Nike HK WeChat Wise use of pre-set custom messages Welcome message When user replies… Chatting with user
  18. 18. What we learned about WeChat WeChat isn’t about driving traffic But to build high-quality conversations Engage with loyal audience
  19. 19. Native advertising
  20. 20. What is Native Advertising? In-stream ads? Advertorials? Special reports? Sponsored contents? Blending advertisers’ contents into natural user experience
  21. 21. Our Native Advertising experiment > In-stream content Homepage Advertisers’ course displayed as one of the grids with other editorial contents Average CTR 1.22%
  22. 22. Our Native Advertising experiment > Priority search result Search result page Advertisers’ courses are displayed in priority with special green highlight
  23. 23. Our Native Advertising experiment > Sponsored content labels Website Mobile site Web & mobile site Advertisers’ contents are clearly labeled and highlighted in different colour
  24. 24. Our Native Advertising experiment > Sponsored content labels Newsletter Newsletter Advertisers’ contents are clearly labeled and highlighted in different colour
  25. 25. What we learned about Native Advertising Native ads need to be clearly labeled and not misleading Content must be relevant and engaging Need to work closely with advertisers & editorial team Dare to experiment & consistently measure performance
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  27. 27. Thank you