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  • 1. At dawn on Sunday, something New Testament storiesextraordinary would happen thatwould change the lives of millions ofpeople forever...But thats another story! Jesu´s Passion Continued ... Idea and layout: ©educarconjesus.blogspot.com Translated by: Vanesa Borge Coloring (pages): Dibujos bíblicos (6) Erain (4,7,9) Familiacatolica (4,8) Patxi Fano (portada y contraportada) Salesianos (3,5,10) Sermon4kids (1) SM (2) by ©educarconjesus.blogspot.com 11
  • 2. When evening came, Joseph ofAccompanied by his disciples, Jesus Arimathea asked Pilate for Jesu´swent up to Jerusalem to celebrate the body. Pilate gave it.Feast of the Passover. People greetedhim with palms and branches in theirhands. © educarconjesus.blogspot.com They covered his body with a sheet, in a new tomb, with a big stone to close the place. © educarconjesus.blogspot.com 1 10
  • 3. Then they arrived at Golgotha ​wascrucified between two thieves. The Jewish religious authoritiesDarkness covered the region. At wanted to kill Jesus becausethree p.m. they created many problems and people thought he was the promised Messiah.Oh, my God! Why youOh, my God! left me? We must finish with this Jesus forever! 9 2
  • 4. At night, Jesus says goodbye his The Roman soldiers put a crown on offriends at the Last Supper. thorns, on his head and laughed at himTake and eat, this is Take and drink, my body this is my blood© educarconjesus.blogspot.com And gave them a new Jesus met his mother by the way commandment: "Love one another as I have loved you" 3 8
  • 5. Pilate asked: Must I do with Jesus, They went Olive´s Mount the Messiah? where Jesus prayed God Father Hail, Master! © educarconjesus.blogspot.com Crucify him! Then Judas appaeared with the Jewish soldiers to arrest Jesus.Pilate washed his hands, and Judas would give a kiss to him.he handed Jesus to be crucified. 7 4
  • 6. They took Jesus to Caiaphas, the high At dawn, they took Jesus to Pilate,priest, to ask some questions. the governor. After listening to Jewish religious authorities. He asked Jesus:You are theMessiah, the Are you the King of the Jews? Yes, I am theSon of God? Son of God Yes, I am Blasphemer! We do not need more Caiaphas wanted to sentence him evidences. He has to death! to death. 5 6