Digital Storytelling for Teachers. Collaborative chain stories


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Narraciones digitales colaborativas de los participantes del curso de Formación en Red del INTEF "Digital Storytelling for Teachers". Edición Octubre 2013.
En inglés.

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Digital Storytelling for Teachers. Collaborative chain stories

  1. 1. Collaborative Chain Stories October 2013 Contributed by the participants in the October 2013 INTEF Online Teacher Training Course.
  2. 2. Running Out of Time Collaborative Story Group A SHELLY • OCTOBER 25, 2013 SONIA FLZ DECEMBER 09, 201 3 Sonia Fernández ... 6 kidnappers appeared at Rosco's door, dressed up as animals: a dog, a panda bear, a cat, a chicken, a mouse and a frog. They were carrying Johnson. They stayed staring at Rosco for a eternal minute... that finished when Johnson jumped to the floor towards Rosco and started barking at him. Then, an enormous cake made its way through the kidnappers and laughters invaded the corridor. Johnson couldn't believe it. When the supposed kidnappers got rid of their animal customes, they were Rosco's best friends who appeared. "Happy birthday, guy!! Don't get angry. Johnson is all right and
  3. 3. your face is really funny. Don't you understand it? Getting you in trouble was the only way we found to break your suffocating routine and celebrate your birthday with you. Did you enjoy our surprise?" A PA OLITA 28 DECEMBER 04, 201 3 ASTRID ORTIZ Right after that, Rosco just jumped off the bed and remembered that there was this private investigator who has discovered his neighbor cheating on his wife, so Rosco called him and thought he could help him, he immediately explained the guy about the note, and what happened to Johnson. The investigator got to Rosco's home and set up a plan. They will
  4. 4. pretend they paying the 50 grands they are asking for, but instead, they would tell the bank manager about the problem, so even though he was told no to call the police, the best thing is to let them know what their plan was. By the afternoon, Rosco did the money transference an then the kidnappers... A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 30, 201 3 Manuel Blanco The first thing he decided to do was to take off the women´s clothes. Then, when he could finally talk to his lovely friend Jessica, he asked her: "Dear, don't you know the old Marcus, the porter? You could get some information about who entered the building past night, oh, please... I'm sure you will
  5. 5. invent a witty story!", he implored. "Ok, Rosco, I will try to do everything possible." The persuasive Jessica managed to learn that the strangest thing that happened that night was that an old lady, accompanied by a tall and strong guy, had entered the building with an amazing excuse: she was looking for... RA UL NOV EMBER 25, 201 3 Raúl G A walking dead man, a cabaret
  6. 6. singer, some kind of prostitute, a panda bear... Oh, wait! Who would dress up as a panda bear? Only a paranoid would use that costume. Well, a paranoid and some other geek of costumes. Rosco was sure of something: the panda bear would give him some important information about where his dog was, or at least about his kidnapper. Rosco followed the panda bear to restroom, and there he cornered him and said: - Someone has taken my dog and you know something about it. - Me? Why should I know something about your dog? - Hey, don’t try to deceive me: a person crazy enough to dress up as a bear panda has to know everything about a person crazy enough to kidnap a dog. And if you don't want me to get crazy enough as to... Well, tell me what you know and get to the point! - OK, OK, dude! Stan, Jessica’s friend. He told me something about a friend of Jessica that had
  7. 7. loads. - I can tell you for sure that Stan has made a mistake. Anyway, thank you. I'm going to talk to Jessica. She’ll tell me everything about that Stan. - Only one last thing, Rosco. You should improve your walking on high heels. Rosco stared at him like he was going to say something. Instead, he came out of the restroom and went straight to his friend Jessica.
  8. 8. NESTOR NOV EMBER 24, 201 3 Néstor Alonso The alleged dog was a known editor of a trend magazine in town: "Posh Forever". Of course he was gay, like most cool hunters in the city. His name was Alex Piscelli, and was the current partner of Stan, a Jessica's old friend and home decorator. Stan knew perfectly most of the rich posh houses in New York, and Alex has written about that. They were a good tandem. Rosco excitation decreased immediately. Surely Alex's costume was part of a secret cool hunting strategy, and he could not give him clues about Johnson, his beloved pet. Moreover, Rosco feet were destroyed (damn shoes!), and his hips were ached from walking like a girl. Suddenly, Jessica and his strange friends arrived on scene.
  9. 9. A NA V A RRODIA Z NOV EMBER 24, 201 3 Ana Navarro It was a very strange feeling, it was like someone was passing a feather on his neck, he turned back, but he couldn`t see nothing, he was becaming more and more anxious. Rosco tried to forget that feeling and thought on find Jessica, he needed some more clues about that guy... People were so strange there, all wearing weird costumes, Rosco couldn't see Jessica nor the boy, suddenly, he decide to speak with one of the guests, he was wearing a dog costume " maybe that costume is a clue" thought Rosco.
  10. 10. Rosco was excited, he thought he was on the right way. He knocked at the dog shoulder, the dog looked at him... ENRIQUE NOV EMBER 21 , 201 3 Enrique Franco In the Jessica's costume party, there were a lot of people with masks and weird hairstyles. Some of them wore animal teeth and lenses. Other people only were makeup with single dresses trying to confuse the rest of the staff about their own gender. In this moment Rosco thought: -"I must find the boy that Jessica toled me,...but I can't recognize him. She only told me one clue
  11. 11. about him, and I am confused" A moment later, Rosco felt a strange feeling in his left shoulder, like a small ant running to his neck... A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 20, 201 3 M. Oreja " If my dog was here, it would tell me that I need to practice more to be a woman"- he though. While he walked by the street, he was thinking what he could did to improve his plan. "Ok, it´s a good idea!!!"- he said"I need to phone Jessica" She is the best option" Jessica was one of the best actress of the city, she was the main character of the tv serie "Sex on the City" He called her and they met in a cafe, in the center of the city. They
  12. 12. were speaking 3 or 4 hours more or less. They used the computer, write a lot of notes and so on... He was prepared to get his plan. The first plan was to go to a party which Jessica organized where a lot of friends of both turned up. No one could recognize Á NGEL NOV EMBER 1 9, 201 3 Ángel L. R-P He was finally out of the building moving his hips but he was very tired, because he didn't know to walk like a woman, and the worst thing was that he was wearing a pair of shoes. Those heels were killing him. He couldn't understand how women walk on tall shoes. It was very difficult for him. And the clothes... Woman
  13. 13. clothes were very uncomfortable for him. While he was walking along the street, some men whistled him. (They thought that he was a woman). He laughed and laughed because he couldn't understand those whistles if he was walking like a tipsy duck. He started thinking about his dog. He couldn't forget his lovely Johnson, because it was the most important thing in his life... MA RTITA 451 8 NOV EMBER 1 8, 201 3 Marta García R-M He was desperate, he didn't know what to do... He wanted his dog and hig life back. He started thinking how to devide the porter. He was walking on the room, from one side to another; from the bathroom to the door;
  14. 14. from the closet.. yeah! the closet!! It was so easy! He just needed to dress up like another person. I don't know.. a women for example. (we all know men love dressing up like women). He went out of the building moving the hips just like women do. And he sent a kiss to the portrer. The funny thing was that the portrer seemed to like it!! As I was saying, he was finally out of the building... FRA NCISCO NOV EMBER 1 8, 201 3 Francisco Marín But, suddenly he realized that the phone did not work properly. Then, Rosco, with a mysterious and terrifying face, had a look at
  15. 15. the phone and…surprise!!!! Someone had cut off the light!!!. Rosco was getting more and more nervous because he needed to ask for some help and, obviously, his main objective was to rescue Johnson. Then, Rosco came up with a great idea!! And said himself “Aha!! I will dress up and will go to the police office!! Nobody is going to disturb my daily routine and, of course, I must get Johnson home!!!”. With a smile on his face, Rosco immediately dressed up, took the paper and went out. Unfortunately, Rosco had another problem…the porter of the building was at the main door!!!. Rosco said “Damn!!! What can I do? I have to device the porter!!!”….
  16. 16. Y ESSICA NOV EMBER 1 7 , 201 3 Yessica Calle It was at that precise moment that he realized what was really happening. It hadn’t been a nightmare; everything was real… as real as the fact that his lovely dog had been kidnapped by somebody asking him for a huge ransom. And, besides all of this, this person had dared to disturb his dairy routine, what really made him angry. The paper on his hands told him what he wasn’t allowed to do, but…what should he do now? He could only think about his life next to Johnson, the good and the bad moments and their laughs
  17. 17. together as he was getting angrier and angrier. Although against Johnson’s kidnappers’ requests, an idea was going around in his head…he look around the room and went quickly towards the telephone… A LICIA NOV EMBER 1 4, 201 3 A. Moreno Rosco couldn’t believe what had happened. He was a normal guy, with a normal job and a normal life! Was this just a crazy nightmare? Initially , he ignored the paper ly ing on his bed, and went ov er the apartment calling Johnson. There was no response. His bed was empty . He was gone. Only then, Rosco actually realised that the situation was real. He went back to his room and picked the phone to call the police. - “Police Department. What can we do for you?”
  18. 18. In this moment, he saw the paper. He hung up the phone and sat down on the bed to read the note: SHELLY OCTOBER 25, 201 3 The story starts here! Rosco Jake is an accountant for a big firm in New York. His only companion is his pug, Johnson. He loves that pug. For the most part, his days are routine. He likes routines. He doesn't like change. Routines and schedules comfort him. Today, was a different day. Rosco woke up to a knife at his neck. The intruder wore a mask. His deep voice instructed, "We have your pug. If you ever want to see him again and make sure we don't
  19. 19. destroy your life, you will have to transfer $50,000 to this account by 10 p.m. today." The intruder was suddenly gone, only leaving a paper with instructions.
  20. 20. Running Out of Time Collaborative Story Group B SHELLY • OCTOBER 25, 2013 A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 27 , 201 3 Ana L. Cordon This was the most difficult choice I´ve ever made. So I told myself, calm down, you have to be smarter than her. She was a very tough but sentimental woman, I decided to talk her into solving this without giving away all I ever worked money and losing my dear Johnson. I tried to explain her my reasons, if any, for what I did to her, but she didn´t want to hear what I had to say, she was hurt so badly that she only wanted me to suffer and had her revenge. After a while I realized it wasn ´t working and the clock kept ticking....meanwhile I was losing all faith of recovering him, so I changed my plan...
  21. 21. NA V EGA NOV EMBER 26, 201 3 Marga Gutiérrez When I got married her I thought she was the love of my life. She was the best person I had ever met. She was generous and kind. Johnson was her "little boy". The lawyer told me not to trust in her after our divorce but I didn't want to listen Ms White. She would never forgive my affair with Dana, her best friend. Now, she wanted me to suffer as much as she did four years ago. "My little boy doesn't deserves a shelfish guy who always think of himself". Lt's make a deal, darling: keep your money and go home", she said. She always knew how to get me on my nerves...what should I do? On one hand, that was all money I had. On the other, I loved Johnson.
  22. 22. A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 26, 201 3 Maria b When I got off the taxi everything in my mind became dark, maybe impressed by the figure I was watching at the front door. It would be impossible. For a while I thought I was dreaming and at some point I will wake up and everything will be just a horrible dream. But the reality was other completely different, she stood firmly in front of the door as she was waiting me. Those 2 minutes were the longest of my whole life. I couldn't more any part of my body, even my voice was blocked as I had forgotten how to speak. So, the only thing that passed through my mind was a question: Why could she do that?
  23. 23. V ICENTE_ELE NOV EMBER 24, 201 3 Vicente León He went to the bank and withdrew the amount of money required. He was really shocked. He was wondering how could they possible know he had been successful in finance. Maybe the strangers did know him. He didn't want to lose Johnson, that would be too painful. Something had to be done. He looked at the piece of paper once again. He was determined. Only when the taxi stopped he understood the extent of the problem. It hit it when he looked through the window. He knew the guy at the door... TEA CHER Ingrid
  24. 24. NOV EMBER 23, 201 3 But there was no key inside. Only some instructions to follow if he wanted to see his pet alive. He had already experimented that they were speaking seriously. They only wanted the money and no interference. No more bravery, no policemen, nothing except for the money. He stood up and to his surprise the door was unlocked so he went away. He was determined, he was going to the bank, take out the money and then leave it where he has been told on the piece of paper he had found inside the metal box. And there was no much time left... A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 20, 201 3 Encarnación Mª Sáez
  25. 25. Suddenly, he observed the wall and he found a strange brick. It was different from others, so it took his attention for a moment. When he touched it, he discovered it was a moving part. Then, he pushed it carefully and he introduced his fingers into the wall. Immediately he thought it could be a trap. Maybe he could get his hand stuck and he doubted during some seconds. However, he was so interested in recovering his dog that he couldn't resist the temptation to find out what was inside. Finally, Rosco put his trembling hand into the cavity and he came across with a metal box. What was that? Would he find some key to find Johnson? A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 1 9, 201 3 Cristina Querol He wascold. He wake up and he had a terrible headache. He was lying down on an old mattress. Everything was faint. How he could he sat on the old mattress and he started to remember everything: Johnson was not at home, the paper, the address, the busy long street, the
  26. 26. beggar... and the young man. He was sure that the young man hit him with something. That's why he got a terrible headache. The room where he was, was quite old and dirty. Everything smelt humid. He had to find out the way of escape and know why he was there and that man rapped his dog. I had no sense for him ESTELA GM NOV EMBER 1 9, 201 3 Estela González He was sweating now. He could feel tiny drops of sweat going down his forehead. He had to think, he needed to calm down. He looked around and saw a beggar a few metres away, crouching over some plastic bags. Maybe he had seen something. "Excuse me, I am...have you seen or heard this dog?" he asked as he showed him one of Johnson's photos. The beggar looked at him, spat on the palms of his hands and rubbed them together. He smiled and let Rosco see his toothless mouth. "They told me you were coming, they said you would be panicking" . Suddenly everything turned black, somebody had put a black sack on his head and he was
  27. 27. pushed into a car. The car drove off at high speed. The last thing he could hear before he fainted was a dog barking. A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 1 8, 201 3 Maite ELEJ. Thanks to the tea drops that fel on the paper he could see something that had been erased before. It was an address but only the first part of it. There was no number. He got dressed very quickly and decided to investigate that address. Perhaps he could see something or hear something because when Johnson was with strangers he usually barked a lot. He put on his raincoat and a hat to hide better. He jumped to his car and drove fast to the address. When he arrived there he was very disappointed. It was a very busy long street with tall buildings. He was very disappointed. He didn’t know where to start. attachment A NDRESA PILA R NOV EMBER 1 6, 201 3 P. ANDR Rosco thought it had been a nightmare and looked for his dog all over the house,
  28. 28. but Johnson wasn't there. Instead, he came across a small piece of handwritten paper on Johnson's empty bed. Then he started to realise what had happened. Everything was true and somebody was trying to blackmail him. He started to read the paper carefully, but his hands were shaking and the letters looked blurry. He thought it might be a good idea to have a cup of tea. He went to the kitchen and put the kettle on, made some tea, but he was very nervous and his hands were still shaking so much that some drops of tea fell onto the paper and blotted it. SHELLY OCTOBER 25, 201 3 The story starts here! Rosco Jake is an accountant for a big firm in New York. His only companion is his pug, Johnson. He loves that pug. For the most part, his days are routine. He likes routines. He doesn't like change. Routines and schedules comfort him.
  29. 29. Today, was a different day. Rosco woke up to a knife at his neck. The intruder wore a mask. His deep voice instructed, "We have your pug. If you ever want to see him again and make sure we don't destroy your life, you will have to transfer $50,000 to this account by 10 p.m. today." The intruder was suddenly gone, only leaving a paper with instructions.
  30. 30. Running Out of Time Collaborative Story Group C SHELLY • OCTOBER 25, 2013 A NONY MOUS DECEMBER 09, RAUL CACHO 201 3 His wife trying to blackmail him and getting a romance with Serenity, his lovely dog kidnapped, a perfect brother who was always right, a Russian workmate who tried to get him out of his job, his children lost forever and his bank accounts in bankrupt...but for the first time since his wife had left him, he felt strangely warm, if someone asked him maybe the answer would be happy. Rosco couldn´t be completely sure about his feelings, but maybe the light at the end of the tunnel was coming from the eyes of that middle-aged police officer who was staring at him. Anyway, his children have always wanted to have a pet and it was Christmas....
  31. 31. A NONY MOUS DECEMBER 01 , MARIA JESUS PEREZ 201 3 "How on earth could he even consider paying such an amount for an animal?", he thought to himself."A ny way , he came here asking for help and help we will giv e him" so he asked: - "How do y ou think we can assist y ou? Is there any chip or tracking dev ice implanted in the dog?" - " Now that you mention it, the vet certainly told me that the dog had been very costly because he had been vacinated and chipped. So I imagine there is." - "Let's contact the clínic and find out if there is a way of tracking it remotely" Could Rosco believe that? Was there really a light at the end of the tunnel? A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 30, LAURA GÓMEZ 201 3 Suddenly, he heard the sound of a police siren . It was time to ask for help to professionals-
  32. 32. he thought. At he beginning, Rosco had rejected the idea because he thought the police might have laughed at him worrying about just a pet, but he was really running out of time and he was getting desperate. He approached the nearest police station. He came in decisively and asked, Can I talk to the chief inspector? I want to report a kidnapping. - Sure, come with me, sir. Who has been kidnapped? , said a middle-aged police man. They entered a small room where another police officer was standing next to a desk. - My dog, Johnson. I've been asked to pay a ransom of $50,000 before 10 pm today. Please, I need your help. The two police officers looked at each other in disbelief. A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 28, DAVID SAYAGO 201 3 Time was slipping away, only two hours until deadline and then Johnson would be killed by his kidnapper. Everything looked like a nightmare, a bad joke, nevertheless it was true, a painful and cruel truth. -What's happening? Johnson! Why…- A lot of questions and thoughts… but few answers, only conjecture, bad business for Johnson… But then, when she had just opened her book
  33. 33. again... it happened, her phone rang very loud and shrill, what astounded her, it was like waking up suddenly in the middle of a pleasant dream. -I'm going to make you an offer that you can't refuse Madam- The telesales worker said.. She was being disturbed by Vodafone's seller once again… Her words were incomprehensible to bathers, however they were pretty clear to the seller, who interrupted her little nap day after day, and she just slammed the phone down. Meanwhile Rosco… A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 28, Soraya Moreno (2nd part of story after 201 3 the computer crashed) 'Oh no! So, that means that in the end Jessica has decided not to fly overseas. You know we have been in touch for a long time. We met through one of those online dating agencies and this is the picture she sent me. She told me I would recognise her because she would be lying on the beach reading the book you
  34. 34. are just reading. What can have just happened to her??? A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 28, Soraya Moreno 201 3 After reading the book for a while, she decided to go to the beach. Sunbathing would make her good. When she was about to lie, a man approached her and started talking to her. 'Are you Jessica?', he asked. 'No, I'm afraid you've made a mistake'. 'But you are reading the book you told me you would be reading so that I could recognise you.' 'Recognise me?' 'Are you pulling my leg?' 'I found this book at the airport and just picked it up'. I guess it is one of those bookcrossing books that people leave around
  35. 35. V ICTORIA NOV EMBER 27 , Victoria QM 201 3 She put the book down. She could not concentrate. She´d picked it up at the airport, just before flying straight to paradise, to forget about everything for a few days. The book had no title, no author, ... It did have a sticker on its last page that showed a walking book (book crossing, maybe?). She was determined to read it and pass it on. She´d probably leave it on the beach... But she´d see to that later... She went inside the bar, ordered a refreshing drink and sat at a table. A nice selection of 80´s music was playing in the background. ´This is better`, she thought. ´I´ll give it another go now`. And she opened the book again... Just then Rosco looked at his watch. It was 7 pm already! He was running out of time and things were only getting worse!! A PA SPEI NOV EMBER 27 , Ana Pastor 201 3 His brother appeared behind the door. Guauuuuu....he couldn't feel so relieved, he thought he was going to faint again but took a deep breath and asked him why was he there, how did he know he was in the hospital. Richard, his brother, told him that his exwife- Claire- had called him to tell him that their children had suddenly disappeared and that she couldn't get in touch with Rosco. It
  36. 36. was a long time since she disappeared with the children and he had had no news from them since then. He had hired a private detective to find them but the only clue they found was that they took a plane to Romania but then they lost track of them. Could that have any connection? He needed to talk to Claire. He felt his head was going to explode...cigarettes, Serenity, the Danube song, Natasha, Claire, his doctor, the pills, his brother......aaarrrggggggg. He fainted again!!! CELIA NOV EMBER 24, Celia MS 201 3 Rosco thought this was the end. One hour! He just had one hour before Serenity went back to see him. Or even less. What would he tell her? How would he act? "Think, think, think", he thought. He was getting more and more nervous... He had to think of a plan, he was not going to tell her that he knew everything. How could he talk to his brother? Wasn't there a phone in the room? Yes, there was! but, what was the number? Oh shit, the mobile phone again, why do we people leave everything up to our damned mobile phone? Start again... Oh, yes, he could phone to his secretary, but how could he ask her his brother's mobile phone without telling her about anything? Suddenly there was a knock at the door...
  37. 37. EOISTORY TELLER NOV EMBER 24, BMartinez 201 3 I couldn’t believe his words… Oh, that terrible headache! If only the floor stopped moving! ... When he opened his eyes he saw a young wide-eyed nurse staring at him. “Doctor, doctor!! He’s come round! Don’t worry, Mr Jake, you'll soon be fine! Your wife is in charge of everything. She's such a kind woman! She told us she'd be back in an hour..." "My wife!? What do you mean!?" "Yes, Mr Jake, your secretary called Emergency when you fainted. Your blood test revealed a substance and we had to give you this serum injection. In a couple of days you'll be sent home. I'm sure you can't wait to see your wife again, she's so sweet and caring! She's called Felicity or... Serenity!! That's her name! It's an unusual name, isn't it? Where is she from?" Rosco was still trying to make sense of all this information when he remembered Johnson, his little pug, now in a stranger's hands (Serenity's!) Was she emotionally involved with his brother?! A new conspiracy theory was starting to build in his head. He managed to clear his throat and shouted:" Where's my mobile phone? I need my mobile phone!" "But... your wife took it with her! She came while you were sleeping... She told us not to disturb your sleep!"
  38. 38. ENCA BOPA LOS NOV EMBER 24, Encarna Cánovas 201 3 Anxiety was the feeling I was having at that moment. But then I remembered the pills that Dr. Boris had prescribed for me when Claire and me were getting divorced. Fortunately I had kept them in my office, so I decided to take one just to keep calm. Then my phone rang startling me. I couldn't find it, It might be Serenity!!! I had to tell her about the code and all the ideas burstling in my mind to save my super furry anymal.... But it wasn't her. It was my brother, my older brother. The one who is always right. I was wondering whether tell him the situtation or not. And then I realized I was feeling seasick. Oh no, the pill of Dr. Boris. -Boris is not an ucranian name? Is my doctor also in on it? Oh no, more thoughts confusing my mind!Maybe it should be a good idea If I could speak with my brother, that phone call may be of great help to me... But in that very
  39. 39. moment , Serenity was phoning!! -Hi Serenity!- I was wondering why you couldn't pick up the phone. I have more clues we can follooow..... -Wait one sec- shouted Serenity . -Listen carefully to me please. There might be more things or people in danger. Don't you have any possibility at all to get that money from anywhere- anyone??? I was confused, dizzy and dazed, I was regretting now to have taken that pill..... Serenity you know I am in bankrupt... and... But she was not there.... JesusChrist, suddendly, a whatssapp message arrived from my brother saying..... - My dear little brother, I have just seen Serenity with you dog, Johnson. Are you ill? I know you wouldn't ever leave Johnson to anyone. ILUMINA DA Iluminada Ortega
  40. 40. NOV EMBER 23, 201 3 His ex-wife!! How could he have been so stupid? Suddenly he remembered that Christmas office party . He had introduced them- Claire and Natasha had clicked right away . He couldn’t see why ; they were so different. Howev er, he was sure they ’d met up a couple of times afterwards. Claire told him she liked the my stery that seemed to surround her. She is really ‘ex otic’, y ou know. It was hard to believe, but not impossible. Maybe she needed the money. She’d emptied their joint bank account before disappearing, but there wasn’t much there… Yes, Claire must have contacted one of Natasha’s friends- some of them were authentic thugs. She must have planned everything carefully! That number… If only Serenity answered the phone!! A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 23, PPC 201 3 Rosco didn't know what to do. His mind went blank. He almost fainted. After some endless seconds, he made up his mind. He phoned Serenity again, he was sure she could have the clue to the code. Serenity dind't answer the phone for a while. She always did. Why doesn't she
  41. 41. answer my calls? Something must have happened to her. I can't lose both Johnson and Serenity. They have always been there for me. Rosco had had Johnson for two years. In fact, Johnson was like a son to him. Life had been hard and the little dog had helped him get over his divorce and the loss of his children, who had been taken away by his exwife and vanished...forever. PA TRICIA LUCA SA LONSO NOV EMBER 21 , 201 3 Patricia Lucas Alone in the office, he has never been the first to arrive in. But it was for nothing. He phoned Serenity and told her about the song, the cigarettes and the Russian girl. While talking by the phone and doing some research in Internet they discovered what was the song about. A folk one dedicated to a river, the Danube. That was the meaning of Dunayu (Дунай) in Ukrainian language. Nothing interesting. Serenity told him she was going to look for the lyrics, but he thought that probably it would be for nothing.
  42. 42. Alone in the office. He still had some minutes before all accountants were there starting a new common day. He missed his pug. Staring at the window and missing his pet he started to sing the folk song with the packet of cigarettes in his hand. Then he realized something. He looked at the packet and saw one of these threatening pictures used to make people stop smoking. Then he read: Fumătorii mor mai tineri. That wasn't Cyrillic! That wasn't Ukrainian language! Where was that girl from? In fact, the Danube flows through many other countries. He looked again at the picture. It looked like any other picture on a packet of cigarettes but he noticed that it wasn't the original one. It had been added afterwards. Could it be a clue? He looked at it more carefully. There was a number. He noted it down. A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 20, Luis García
  43. 43. 201 3 As he turned left and the wind blew on his face, it dawned on him: the cigarettes... right. He was pretty sure he had seen that brand before… Where? At work. The wind was getting colder these days, snow might come back soon, he thought. That blonde girl in the office, two months before the Russians took over back in 2012. Natasha was her name. That was it. That Ukrainian woman smoked that brand. He had to hurry up and contact Serenety immediately. No time to waste. He turned left again and for the first time in his life he started to run to get to his office before everybody got there. The song Natasha used to sing while she was having a coffee and smoking during the breaks, Dunayu. The key might be in the lyrics. She used to complain about the situation in the group, how they were all forced to be part of it, how they had no money to get new instruments and clothes…What if she was lying and was actually a mole sending a secret message? He needed to contact a translator urgently. A LMA BLA SCO NOV EMBER 1 9, M Alma Blasco 201 3 They had to start somewhere and they
  44. 44. decided the best thing was to go to work and look for answers there as our friend usually spends many hours working. They were both fans of CSI and there the answer to any mystery was always in the most common of places. Serenity strongly advised him to keep an eye on everything. Even the most insignificant thing could become an important clue. She was going to go back to his place to have a look at all the pieces of the puzzle they had already: the note and the empty packet of cigarettes. - ‘I’m sure we will find who has done this. Don’t panic’. ‘Don’t panic,’ – he thought – ‘easier said than done, especially when my dearest friend is in danger’ Nervous and depressed he headed to work EOITEA CHER NOV EMBER 1 8, Ms EOI Teacher 201 3 They could always count on a hot mug of coffe to make them feel better. The deep, untamed flavours of the blend was capable of transporting them to another place, another time... Without noticing, their mind slip away to that trip they had made to China while being at university. It was the year of the dragon and people were celebrating it on the street. Laughter was heard everywhere and shiny colours welcomed them after every turn. After enterring into a small and cosy coffeeshop, they had been invited to taste the Komodo Dragon Blend. They had loved its low acidity and had instantly become a
  45. 45. favourite of theirs. Now, every time the met they drank it. A dog barked outside, they soon turned back to reality... There they were sipping a wonderful coffee... but where was their furry friend? It was high time to act. Yet... how could they get such a sum of money on time? SOPHIETT NOV EMBER 1 7 , S . Taylor While Serenity was chatting 201 3 away all by herself, going through numerous ideas as to who it could have been. Rosco just couldn´t get one thing out of his mind. The Brown business, a year back some dodgy business had been going on at his company and he had been the one to tip the police off about the illegal business happening. " Could this be related?" he thoughtsurely not. The firm´s attorney had dealt with everything- or not !Also, the cigarette packet was bugging him they seemed so familiar, "now - who smoked this brand?"Back to reality, both Serenity and him decided it was best if he acted as usual today, so he got dressed and they popped down to
  46. 46. Starbucks for a quick coffee.So, how were they going to raise the large sum before 10p.m? Rosco had been declared bankrupt just a few months back. Things were looking gloomy for his poor old four legged friend. EV A RM NOV EMBER 1 6, Eva RM. 201 3 The very first solution that sprang to mind was give Serenity, an old friend from college who had always been an expert on solving enigmas, a quick call. “-Oh, Toby, dear friend, how much I miss you", thought Rosco. -"Your barks echo in my loneliness and desperation“ “-If only there was something I could do right now...” “-Saved!, Here she is” As he made his way towards the front door, he realized there was something strange on the floor, right behind the sofa … He kneeled, and to his surprise, he discovered a crumpled packet of cigarettes “ -Who’s left this here?” […] “-Hold on, the front door! Serenity, please, do come in, how good to see you. There's a couple of things I'd like you to see!” They were running out of time. A NONY MOUS
  47. 47. NOV EMBER 1 4, 201 3 A. Salter That paper note was fairly impossible to understand. It was either written in broken English or the kidnappers of my innocent little pug where trying to confuse me with a strange code that could take me ages to translate into something barely int elligible. The only thing I could think of right now was all the times I told my teenager students they had to stop using that abhorring English when text messaging their mates because this was a hundred times worse. Well, there was somebody else I couldn't get out of my head: Toby, my mate, my companion, the maker of the sweetest barks on Earth, the happiest creature I've ever encountered... Where could he be now? I was pretty sure those ruthless people hadn't fed him with his favourite snacks. OK, OK, let's get to work now. Toby, your rescuer is on his way!! attachment SHELLY OCTOBER 25, 201 3 Rosco Jake is an accountant for a big firm in New York. His only companion is his pug, Johnson. He loves that pug. For the most part, his days are routine. He likes routines. He doesn't like change. Routines and schedules comfort him. Today, was a different day. Rosco woke up to a knife at his neck. The intruder wore a mask. His deep voice instructed, "We have your pug. If you ever want to see him again and make sure we don't destroy your life, you will have to transfer $50,000 to this account by 10 p.m. today." The intruder was suddenly gone, only leaving a paper with instructions.
  48. 48.
  49. 49. Running Out of Time Collaborative Story Group D SHELLY • OCTOBER 25, 2013 A NONY MOUS DECEMBER 02, 201 3 José Ángel Bañares All of a sudden he thought of the conspiracies taking part, Obama's illegal phone-hackings, the CIA, Edward Snowden, his classified documents revealed..."There was me", he thought "with a presumably friend escaping from the police". The only being he could trust was his dog Johnson, and he had no idea what the dog had on his neck. Perhaps the poor animal was in danger. What the f***!". Jena slowed down and took a secondary road. But in a few miles the road was blocked. There was a protest with hundreds of people.He took advantage of Jena's nervousness and got out of the car holding Johnson in his arms. He ran to hide in a protest
  50. 50. nearby . Johnson was overexcited. It hadn't had an adventure like that in so many years. Johnson estimated Rosco was unrecognizable, that is the friend and owner he was expecting to have some day...It started to bark loudly...the protestors moved aside and Rosco and Johnson made a space for themselves. At the back the Jena couldn't believe her eyes. She didn't manage to reach them as they slipped out. Now Jena was in trouble, she didn't have the chip and she was short of time. She finally took her mobile phone and made a call. Her only words were: "We've lost them" PCMISA BEL DECEMBER 01 , 201 3 "Where are you taking me and Johnson, Jena?" Roscoe asked. Jena: "I need the dog, there's nothing I need from
  51. 51. y ou ex cept from the dog. There is v ery important information contained in the dog's collar and I need to take it out and giv e it to the right person. That chip contained in the dog's collar is worth a million dollars, y ou see?" "I can't believ e y ou used me for this, I really thought y ou were my friend, I trusted y ou from the beginning. Can y ou tell me more about that information, Jena? I need to know more about this issue, y ou see?", asked Roscoe. Jena: "There's nothing I can tell y ou about this, this is top secret. I just need to go somewhere where nobody can see us and take the collar. I need to make sure nobody is following us as there are more people interested in the chip. I will pay y ou a tax i home when I hav e the chip and from now on y ou won't see me any more".
  52. 52. LDELIA HB DECEMBER 01 , 201 3 Luz Hdez Suddenly all the pieces of the puzzle started to fit in Roscoe's mind...he remembered the short time Jena had spent with Johnson last summer.They had met by chance in Coney Island and he had been elated because she had showed friendly to him...he had invited her to a drink and a hotdog and she had kept Johnson for some minutes while he ordered.When he came back,he had noticed a strange attitude in the dog:it started to whine when he saw him and it seemed to feel restless.And above all,it rejected Jena to caress him on his back,it
  53. 53. began to growl and stood back...Jena had bought a new glamorous collar for Johnson meanwhile...What had happened between Johnson and Jena in that space of time?What had Jena done to Johnson to cause that attitude in my dear dog?A voice sounded and ideas and memories sprang out of my mind...the dog's collar... MA RY A NNEBORRELL NOV EMBER 30, 201 3 Maryanne Borrell ... a car screeched to a halt right next to them. The window slid down and a beautiful woman shouted, "Quick, Roscoe. Jump in!" He couldn't believe his eyes: Jena!! He jumped in without thinking, Johnson still clutched tightly under his arm, and Jena slammed her foot down on the
  54. 54. accelerator like The Stig from Top Gear. As they sped away through red light after red light leaving a trail of smashed cars and debris behind them, Roscoe ignored Johnson's quiet growling and said breathlessly, "Jena, I never thought - a girl like you - a boy like me - I mean-" Jena's scream of laughter cut him short while Johnson's growls grew louder. "A boy like you?!!", exclaimed Jena, "a girl like me?!! I'm WAY out of your league, you poor wretch. Do you think you're in a Hollywood movie or Tadeo Jones or something?" Roscoe stared at her speechlessly, as Johnson's growls turned into barks. "I'm not interested in you, loser", she said, turning towards Johnson's flat, indignant, barking face, "it's the dog we need".
  55. 55. A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 28, 201 3 Silvia Cabrera At the end, as the story was becoming more and more confusing,he didn´t know what to do (he started thinking that he had already wasted a lot of his time in the case and didn´t want to get his friend involved ). Therefore, he decided not to phone his friend and to run to the pólice station and tell them his problem so as to see if they would have any other idea. The cops listened to him carefully but everything he told was so strange extravagant and incredible that they thought Rosco was one of these people that have become crazy because of the crisis. It was odd because he wore smart
  56. 56. clothes but today you never know who you are talking to. They decided to take him to hospital and file the case. While they were waiting for the ambulance to come……. A NNA PEREZR NOV EMBER 27 , 201 3 A. Pérez He turned round and the man was standing right nex t to him. His ey es froze Rosco's blood. He knew he had to react quickly . He grabbed Johnson and started running again. He thought the best thing he could do was go inside a building to lose the man. He went inside an office block and climbed to the 4th floor. But the man was behind him. He jumped out of a window and landed on a fire escape staircase. He rushed down still hearing the man's steps. He ran and ran with Johnson under his arm until he was out of breath. The man was no longer chasing him. He was somewhere in Central Park. What could he do now? Suddenly he remembered his friend Jena. Jena was a priv ate detectiv e and
  57. 57. she was the most beautiful woman Rosco had ev er seen. But of course such a beauty would nev er fall in lov e with a dull man like Rosco, he thought... Well, he could phone her and ask her to help him solv e the my stery . A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 27 , 201 3 G. Fern He went downstais as fast as he could. When he got to the ground, he left Johnson on the floor and they started running They turned right and Rosco saw a subway entrance. They went down without thinking, It was very crowded "it's the first time I think the peak hours are great", Rosco thought. He picked up Johnson, took a cap out of his pocket and started walking like he always do. "Don't worry Johnson, he won't find us now". He look at the
  58. 58. subway map, thinking where he might go, when he lost his breath as he felt a hand on his right shoulder INGLES NOV EMBER 27 , 201 3 A.García There were hundreds of them, of all colours, shapes and breeds. Were all these dogs kidnapped or was it just a kennel? Rosco looked around and saw how the man entered in a room. He didn't think twice to follow his steps and came into the room after him. It was a huge room full of shelves which,in turn, were full of file folders with labels indicating dates and names. He got distracted for a second trying to decipher what all those documents meant. Suddenly a woman sneaked up behind him and said-Excuse me
  59. 59. sir!- . - Damn it!, that scared me!Rosco responded. The woman continued- This is a private room, only for staff. Rosco thought to himself "I have to tell her everything, I'm sure she can help me". He was about to start the story when he saw the man, just in front of them, staring at him... HERFIMO NOV EMBER 27 , 201 3 Helena Rosales He noticed he was being followed by the man so he decided to set up a trap to catch him. He left the car in a very accesible parking lot near the United Nations building, he left the car there and ran towards a place where he could hide behind a hot dog stand. From there he could see the man as he opened the car and started driving. He decided to take a taxi
  60. 60. and followed him. It was a long chase, finally the man got out of the car and went into a very tall building. Rosco was overcome with bravery and followed him, waited outside his door and when the man left his house decided to go inside. Oh, lots of barking puppies were there!!!!! A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 27 , 201 3 Helena Rosales He noticed he was being followed by the man so he decided to set up a trap to catch him. He left the car in a very accesible parking lot near the United Nations building, he left the car there and ran towards a place where he could hide behind a hot dog stand. From there he could see the man as he opened the car and started driving. He decided to take a taxi
  61. 61. and followed him. It was a long chase, finally the man got out of the car and went into a very tall building. Rosco was overcome with bravery and followed him, waited outside his door and when the man left his house decided to go inside. Oh, lots of barking puppies were there!!!!! A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 26, 201 3 Adela Chinchilla "Who knows?"- he said to himself. "Fortunately, I already have Johnson with me, but I really would like to find out who is behind this". He felt very worried about it. “Clearly, whoever has been, can try again and maybe next time I will not be so lucky! What if I wake up at night again and this nightmare repeats?”such thoughts tormented Rosco. “That is the reason why I should close this matter as soon as possible”. Rosco parked the car and wrote down its license carefully. The next step was to investigate who was the mysterious owner of the vehicle...
  62. 62. JULIA NOV EMBER 25, 201 3 Julia he hoped to find a supportive officer ready to listen patiently to his odd story and willing to believe he was not the lunatic type police officers were so familiar with these days...."Hold on a sec, man-Rosco said to himself- and face the facts: How on earth are you going to explain you are driving a car is not yours, paying no attention to traffic ligths or speed limits, without your driving licence (Rosco didn't own a car as driving in NYC could be most times an extreme sport he didn't feel like trying) and with a dog barking hysterically in the back?". Rosco couldn't help an
  63. 63. involuntary shudder of fear. He realized he was on dire straits, running out of time and with no one but himself to trust. "Okay, man, don't panick. I'll come up with Plan B ", he mumbled as he slowed down to stop the car in a garden centre huge car park. Around his car, families tried to instruct Daddy how to get their new Christmas tree in the car boot without any further collateral damages. Just then, Rosco thought the old lady might have flown back home for Christmas..... A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 24, 201 3 ALmudena Franqueira Without thinking twice about it,he ran towards the car droppingthe bagel on the floor.Never in hislife
  64. 64. had he felt so proud of beingskinny. He slid in through thewindow and sat on thepassenger's seat amazed to seethe car keys in the engine.Hestarted the engine while trying tocalm his dog down.From the rearwindow he could see that the manwith the gloves had fallen on theground after stepping on HISbagel! Damn with him, hethought 'I might end in jail forthis but so would you!'He ignoredthe traffic lights and was almosthit by a huge trailer.He had sethis mind. He was going straight tothe nearest police station where...
  65. 65. A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 23, 201 3 F.Chicharro ... be wise and very careful. The glove person ( was it a man? a woman?) was not joking. No one enters a house armed with a knife and kidnaps your dog just like that. It must be someone in a desperate situation. What did they want the money for? , he had time to wonder. Lots of ideas crossed his mind in a matter of seconds, mortgages, sudden ilnesses, drugs... And then he had
  66. 66. a look at the car where the barking came from and there he was, Johnson, his lovely dog, barking, telling him "I'm here" "Hey, you!" "can't you see me?". He immediately felt ashamed of his behaviour for having thought about looking on the bright side of trouble. He loved routine. He adored the safe side of it, the comfort , and that was Johnson, wagging its tail in happiness asking for nothing in return and sitting next to him when he came back home from work. Luckily,he realised that one of the car windows... INGLESIESPJM NOV EMBER 22, 201 3 E/Lopez but after a while waiting there, he realised that the man was about to leave the shop, so there was no
  67. 67. time to waste. He gathered all his courage and decided to follow him and see if that man was really the intruder who had taken his beloved dog and wanted him to transfer such a big amount of money. "50,000 dollars!", he exclaimed, "All my savings". Would he give away all that money for a pet? Would he risk his life to save an old dog, which was always sleeping? In the distance he could hear the melody of that famous song by the Monty Python group, "Always look on the bright side of life". That song reminded him of all the fur over his place; no dog, no more poos or pee on the carpet; no more visits to the vet and no more more money spent on expensive treatments. At that moment, he didn't know what to do, but a familiar bark coming out of a car parked in front of the bagel shop helped him make his mind, he had to ...
  68. 68. A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 22, 201 3 Eva M Vives ... start looking into the matter in the place nearest his home where a man named Karl Grice lived. So he headed toward Union Square where the suspect lived. It was a freezing day in NYC, the shadow of the Empire State while walking down 5th Avenue made the atmosphere even colder. The New Yorkers were running to and fro with their coffees on their hands and Rosco felt suddenly terribly hungry. "I can make a quick stop to buy a bagel" he thought. And so he did, he stopped at one of his favourite places in town, "The XXL Bagel Shop". He went into the shop, lined up and looked at the big quantity of bagels that
  69. 69. were in the display case. When he was about to order, he realized that the man next to him was wearing the same gloves that he found in the apartment. "Oh Gosh, what shall I do now?" he wondered. He ordered a garlic bagel with cheese and waited at the napkin holder for the man to come... A NONY MOUS NOV EMBER 21 , 201 3 Jose Hidalgo ... he knew it would be hard to figure out who could have bought the glove, but he knows that, as an accountant, he can have access to different sell records within stores, so he got his computer,
  70. 70. logged into the national accountant system and used all he knew to search for the information. He ended up with three results: such gloves were bought by an old lady who lives in another country, a man who lived five blocks away from his house and a person who's name was not clear on the record because it seemed fake, he thought that was very suspicious. "Why would someone try and hide their identities when buying gloves? Would it be someone who wants to try and keep their identity secret at all costs?" he thought. He now had addresses where he could start looking for clues, now, all of a sudden, he had became an investigator! So he decided to...
  71. 71. LESLIE NOV EMBER 1 6, 201 3 LESroncar Rosco burst into tears: he had just lost the most important thing in his life: his dog! Suddenly he realized that the intruder had left a glove…and he knew where it came from: the dandy boutique! The best in town! He remembered that he went there the other day because he was looking for a present for his father’s birthday but he couldn’t make any connection between the intruder, the shop and the pug. “Anyway, he said, I do not have the money, what am I suppose to do in this
  72. 72. case?” but then an idea came up to his mind... SHELLY OCTOBER 25, 201 3 Rosco Jake is an accountant for a big firm in New York. His only companion is his pug, Johnson. He loves that pug. For the most part, his days are routine. He likes routines. He doesn't like change. Routines and schedules comfort him. Today, was a different day. Rosco woke up to a knife at his neck. The intruder wore a mask. His deep voice instructed, "We have your pug. If you ever want to see him again and make sure we don't
  73. 73. destroy your life, you will have to transfer $50,000 to this account by 10 p.m. today." The intruder was suddenly gone, only leaving a paper with instructions.
  74. 74. Collaborative Chain Stories Read more at educaLAB Contributed by the participants in the October 2013 INTEF Online Teacher Training Course.