Unit4 Family life


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Unit4 Family life

  1. 1. 
  2. 2. FAMILY LIFE Introducction. In Unit 4, you learn how to…… • Use let, make, help, get, want, ask, and tell to talk about rules and discipline. • Use used to and would to talk about memories. • Talk about family, relatives, and childhood. • Give opinions with expressions like It seems like and If you ask me. • Use the expressions like definitely, absolutely, etc., to agree.
  3. 3.  FAMILY.- Kids gripe about their parents LOVE.- Parents gripe about their kids. WORK.- Spouses gripe about each others
  4. 4. d Verbs let, make, help, have, get, want, ask, tell Structure For let, make, help, have + object + verb Examples My parents won’t let me stay put late. They make me come home before 11:00. My kids never help me clean the house 
  5. 5.  Structure For get, want, ask, tell + object + to + verb Examples: I can’t get them to clean up their rooms My parents want me to study law I have to ask them to drive me everywhere
  6. 6. TASK Complete the sentences with verb 1. When I was a kid my parents let me ……. To school by myselft . 2. My parents made me …….. To bed at 8:00. 3. My brother couldn’t get me ….. Any vegetables. 4. My sister never lets me ……….. Her computer. 5. I always have my husband ………. breakfast on the weekends. 
  7. 7.  In conversation you cant also say, for example, help me to do something, but this is much less common. Help+ verb Help + to + verb
  8. 8. VOCABULARY Family members  Inmediate family Father Mother Brother Sister Husband Wife Son Daughter Blended family StepFather StepMother StepBrother Step Sister Step son Step daughter Halfbroter Halfsister Extended family Great-grandfather Great-grandmother Grandfather Grandmother Uncle Aunt Cousin Cosin Nephew Niece Brother - in - law Sister - in - law
  9. 9. d USED TO Ruler.- Use used to for regular activities or situation in the past that don’t happen now or are no longer true.  Examples: I used to go over my sister’s house a lot My grandfather used to keep candy in their pockets The five of us used to play on a team Negatives and questions with used to are less common I didn’t use to like jazz What kind of musick did you use to like?
  10. 10. d USE WOULD Ruler.- Use would to for regular activities or situation in the past. Examples I’d play my niece and nephew She’d always give use some We would always win Don’t use would for situations in the past My sister used to live next door (NOT My sister would live next door) 
  11. 11.  In conversation….. People often being a story with used to and continue with would