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Scope and Secuence
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Scope and Secuence


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. UNITS FUNCTIONS/TOPICS GRAMMAR VOCACULARY CONVERSATIONS STRATEGIES WRITING VOCABULARY NOTEBOOK UNIT 1    Write a short description of yourself Learn useful expresions to include in a biography or personal profile Happy or sad?  Learn new words and their opposites Present perfect staments Present perfect and simple past questions and answers  Use always with a continous verb to describe individual habits Use at least to point out the positive side of a situation Keeping the conversations going Use response questions like Do you? And Have you? To show interest   Manner adverbs vs adjectives Adverbs before adjectives and adverbs Adjective prefixes  THE WAY WE ARE |Talk about people’s behaviur and personality Describe friends and people admire Talk about people’s habits Talk about your secret dreams Discuss experiences you have and haven’t had Have you ever..?  Write the three main forms of different verbs in charts Talk about human wonders like buildings and structures Describe natural wonders and futures   Superlatives Questions with how+adjective….?  Use short responses with really and sure to agree and to show you are supportive listener Use superlatives for emphasis  Write a blog describing an exciting experience Use adverbs like, fortunately, unfortunately,and amazingly to show your attitude or feeling Write a paragraph avout a human or natural wonder in your country Andd information about a place or thing Talk about gripes people have about family menbers and household rules Talk about your memories of growinp up  Give opinions with expressions like it semms like.. and If you ask me,… Use expressions like exactly, definitely, and absolutely to agree   UNIT 2  EXPERIENCES  UNIT 3  WONDERS OF WORLD  UNIT 4  FAMILY LIFE       Behaviour and personality Personal qualites  Past participle of irregular verbs    Building and structures Natural features    Verbs let, make, help, have, get, ask, and tell Used to and would   Types of families Relatives and extended family menbers        Write ablog about a memory from your chilhood Use past and present time markets From the mountain to the sea  Draw a label a map to remenber the vocabulary of natural features, building, and structures Remenber that?  Use the word webs to log a new vocabulary about Family menbers