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Jessian Document Transcript

  • 1. Title: Discussion on seminar/journal club discussionJessian Muñoz was our speaker at our first seminar. He was a fellow student of UPRof Cayey and now a current student of New Jersey Medical School in New Jerseypursuing his MD-PhD degree. The topic of his talked was about his recent studyentitled “Brain tumors + MiRna = Stem cells”. Just from hearing the title I was eagerto learn more about how these concepts were related and might encourage others toconduct further studies on topic. During his presentation, Mr. Muñoz explained indetail his experience and how he conducted the experiment. He also explained thescientific terms that could have been confusing. I found interesting the term MiRna,that is a class of post-transcriptional regulators in our system that display variousfunctions in our body like in the physiology, in cell differentiation, proliferation,apoptosis to endocrine system, and also targets by translational inhibition and mRnadestabilization.After the seminar he shared with us about an article entitled, “Glioblastomamultiforme: a perspective on recent findings in human cancer and mouse models.”Brain Tumors is a type of cancer that in the near future will affect a lot of people.There are different types of tumors that are classified based on their stage of severity.The researchers said that the brain tumor at its forth stage takes form of a butterfly, inother words, it covers almost your whole brain due to its severity. Because of therelation between stem cells and cancer cells there may be new ways on conductingtreatments. The relationship that the stem cell has with the cancer cell is the ability togive rise to all cell types found in a particular cancer sample. On the other hand, thestem cell is found within the cancer cell. In conclusion, passion is what is going toenlighten my path. This experience awoke in me the desire to continue searching and
  • 2. studying more in the field of cancer with the hope to become in the future a medicalresearcher and doctor. These findings on the stem cells in the brain tumor are relevantoutcomes that had inspired me to specialize in the area of brain cancer.