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5 paragraph essay
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5 paragraph essay


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Published in: Education, Business

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  • 1. Constructing a 5-Paragraph Persuasive Essay
    • Turning Points in WWII
  • 2. Step 1
    • Using the notes you made in class last time and the books available in class build an outline/idea map for your essay
    • Your essay will answer the question, “What was the most important event/battle/campaign of WWII?”
  • 3. TOPIC Reason 2 Reason 3 Reason 1 Facts & Background
  • 4. Sample
  • 5. Step 2
    • Refine and complete research of your topic and arguments
    • Find facts to back up each of your arguments
    • NOTE: Be sure to note which book [or video or lecture] each piece of information comes from - we will be citing all information later!
  • 6. Step 3 - The Thesis Statement
    • The thesis statement declares what you are going to ‘prove’ in your essay.
  • 7. Sample
    • “The Battle of the Bulge was the most important battle of WWII as it both ensured and sped up Germany’s eventual defeat.”
  • 8. Formula
    • A specific subject (your event) + a specific condition, feeling or stand = an effective thesis statement
    • e.g. “The Battle of the Bulge was the most important battle of WWII as it both ensured and sped up Germany’s eventual defeat.”
    SUBJECT SPECIFIC FEELING Adapted from Writer’s Inc.
  • 9. Write your thesis statement!
    • Take a few minutes now to construct your thesis statement.
        • Even though others are doing the same subject, your thesis should be unique
  • 10. Thesis Statement
    • It should be only 1 or 2 sentences
    • Have at least two classmates proofread your thesis.
  • 11. Peer Proofread
    • exchange your thesis statement with a classmate
    • proofread the thesis based on the following checklist...
  • 12. Thesis Checklist
    • identifies a specific, limited subject...
    • focuses on a particular feeling or feature of the subject
    • is stated in a clear, direct sentence (or sentences)...
    • can be supported with convincing facts and details..
    • meets the requirements of the assignment
    Adapted from Writer’s Inc.
  • 13. Final Thesis Statement
    • Once you have your thesis statement back from your peer proofreader, make any necessary changes to refine it.
    • Now... we’re ready to write an introduction...
  • 14. Step 4 - The Introduction
    • Topic sentence
    • Thesis statement
    • Preview of arguments
    • Background & context
  • 15. Introduction
    • Write your introduction paragraph
    • When you finish writing your introduction, have at least two classmates read it and make suggestions or corrections in a different colour pen
    • Be sure the proofreader puts their name on the page!
  • 16. Checklist for Introduction
    • Clearly indicates the subject
    • Shares some thought-provoking or interesting detail(s) about the subject
    • Previews the three main points of the essay
    • Has a clear thesis statement
    • Provides some background information about the subject
  • 17. Re-write your introduction
    • Using the feedback from your classmates...
    • make any necessary changes to fix your introduction
  • 18. Introduction
  • 19. Step 5 - The main body
    • 3 paragraphs
    • 1 for each of your arguments
  • 20. Sources [some guidelines]
    • wikipedia is NOT allowed as source [although it can be a starting point]
    • All sources must have an author
    • Online sources must be from a reliable website - no blogs .
  • 21. Main Body Paragraphs
    • Topic sentence
    • One argument per paragraph!
    • Use facts to justify your position [include citations]
    • Transitions
  • 22. A Main Body Paragraph
  • 23. Step 6 - The Conclusion
    • “See? I told you so!”
    • Refer back to thesis statement
    • Summarize main points
  • 24. Conclusion
  • 25. Works Cited List
    • Minimum of three [3] sources
    • Properly formatted on a separate page
  • 26. Final Steps
    • Peer proofread (at least one)
    • Adult/teacher proofread (at least one)
    • Final product - all drafts handed in, stapled together & final essay typed double-spaced and submitted via
  • 27.
  • 28. using
    • create an account if you don’t have one already
    • joining the class
    • uploading your assignment
    • To be turned in as hard copy:
      • Idea map/outline
      • All drafts, proofs and revisions of thesis statement
      • Proofread draft introduction
      • Rough draft of essay with proofreading notes from 2 proofreaders (at least one adult or senior)
    • To be turned in on
      • Final essay in MLA format.