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Presentation by Dr. Sally Stephenson
Fall 2012

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Study abroad infosession dk

  1. 1. Study Abroad:Education Around the World Infosession: October 2012
  2. 2. Two Main Types of Study Abroad • Semester exchange programs • Faculty-led short term experiences Education Department current focus: Denmark Ireland
  3. 3. Current possibilities for studentsinterested in education:• Spring or fall semester in Denmark (independent travel and study)• Two-week trip to Denmark in Jan ’13• Two-week trip to Ireland in Jan ’14 (small groups with faculty leaders)
  4. 4. Study Abroad requirements• 24 earned credit hours• GPA 2.5• Recommendation by a professor• Completed application including personal statement on goals for study abroad• Must have a valid passport
  5. 5. How It Works• Semester experience (UG): • Create an academic study plan (many courses transfer back as electives*) • For exchange partner schools, you pay tuition to FSU and it covers your tuition abroad • You pay room & board and travel costs* For Denmark exchange, transfer credit availablefor EDUC 201 & an Identity and Difference course
  6. 6. • Short-term faculty-led experience: • You register for a specific FSU class taught during intersession or summer • Undergraduate and graduate options • Pay cost of tuition, food & lodging, airfare and all other travel costs • Some scholarships are available to help pay a portion of the expenses • FSU class requirements to be met
  7. 7. Estimated costs for DenmarkJanuary 2013• Study Abroad fee $150• ISIC (insurance card) $25• Airfare $1250• Lodging--two weeks $850• Meals--two weeks $750• Local transportation/sight-seeing $250• Tuition (UG) $700 or (GR) $1000TOTAL COST BEFORE TUITION: $3275 (est.)
  8. 8. Financial Aid/Scholarships• For the semester experience, it may be possible to use your financial aid• For all study abroad experiences, the CIE has limited scholarships (Deadlines for applications are October 15th/March 15th)• For Denmark January ’13 trip, the Dept. of Educational Professions also has partial scholarships available by application.
  9. 9. Next Steps?• Decide on a program and term• Make sure you have a valid passport• Apply for Study Abroad• Apply for scholarships• If approved, set up study plan (semester) or register for intersession class EDUC 490/590• Pay fees according to schedule• If faculty-led trip, meet with professor• Travel and have an experience of a lifetime!
  10. 10. Scenes of Copenhagen: Canal tour boats
  11. 11. Sculpture of The Little Mermaid from the story by Hans Christian Andersen
  12. 12. Zahle, one of thebranches ofUniversity CollegeCapital (UCC)
  13. 13. UCC Students in study and chat groups.
  14. 14. Classes at UCC:English and philosophy teaching methods.
  15. 15. The other main campus of UCC,called Blaagard (formerly KDAS).
  16. 16. Copenhagen is a city of bicycles!
  17. 17. Visiting a primary school: Students singinga Viking song written by their teachers.
  18. 18. The upper grades have enrichment classes:cooking, design,
  19. 19. French and music
  20. 20. Kongevejens Skole, one of the“practice schools” for student teachers.
  21. 21. Danielle Emerick, FSU exchange student,practice teaching in an English classroom.
  22. 22. Danielle Emerick spent Fall 2011 in Denmark. Here she is heading home from school on her bike. She LOVED Copenhagen—and you will too!
  23. 23. For more information:• Dr. Sally Stephenson•• Center for International Education• Study Abroad