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Leadership Training

Leadership Training
Presented by: Krystel Joy Sahagun



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    Leadership training ppt. kj Leadership training ppt. kj Presentation Transcript

    • The proposed XYZ Leadership Training isfor the benefits of all college students, to serve as guide in choosing the right way for the right future.
    • There are various ways for leadershiptraining to practice the student. •Manage his/her decision •Create a good relationship with other colleges peer group •To establish a good leader
    • 1. How can you help the students todevelop their leadership training?
    • Today in society, people tend to studywith various method through the touchof modern technology by using powerpoint presentation, interpersonalcommunication and leadershipactivities which is essential to buildtheir self-esteem.
    • 2. What are the possible knowledgethat participants could acquire through ejoining this training?
    • It is involved curricular as part ofthe innovation of computers butthe leadership skill is not enoughto take in school because it islimited. Although we have the extracurricular credibility in school but isnot enough to practice the studentwhat the leadership training.
    • 3. What will be the possible outcomeof these training?
    • It will enhance the form of basicfoundation of leadership, that will leadevery students to improvement bettertheir skills and knowledge to bring outexcellence and to become a goodleader.
    • 4. What the leadership training is allabout?
    • Leadership has been described as“a process of social influence inwhich one person can enlist the aidand support of others in theaccomplishment of a common task.
    • Types of leadership attitudes or methods
    • •Interact with the social problems orand figure out the answer.•The best way to become a goodleader.•How to solve necessary aspectbetween the leader and the member.•Create a team building.
    • Benefit/s •Students will be responsible to their duties •Leadership training bring out the best in you.
    • • Develop your strength• It enhances your skills setand abilities
    • •Leadership training you becomemotivated, perform better and there is asurge in creativity and productivity.•You understand you colleagues andpeers better which makes the workingenvironment better
    • •Leadership training gives you theopportunity to apply yourtheoretical knowledge into practice.•You learn to accept responsibilitywith ease.
    • THANK YOU!!!By: Krystel Joy A. Sahagun