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"Click to Add Title"/ Thoughts on Presenting
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"Click to Add Title"/ Thoughts on Presenting


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Short presentation for the Museums and the Web Speaker Training webinar. …

Short presentation for the Museums and the Web Speaker Training webinar.

The session was lead by Loic Tallon and Nancy Proctor, and Peter Samis, Dana Mitroff-Silvers, Amy Heibel and Susan Chun all gave short talks that are well worth looking at ;)

Published in: Technology

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  • excelente como siempre. ♥
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  • 1. “Click to add title”...Some thoughts on presenting Michael Edson Director, Web and New Media Strategy Smithsonian Institution, Office of the CIO April 2, 2013
  • 2. What you do withthis is a matter of
  • 3. I have given a lot of presentations
  • 4. I have made mistakes in judgment and execution ”Air Force One” by Stefano Petroni CC-NC-BY
  • 5. I have felt disappointment and humiliation (used with permission of the photographer)
  • 6. Here are 5 things I’ve learnedPhoto (C) Dan Hill (used with permission)
  • 7. Still from High Noon (1952)
  • 8. 1. Take a stand Still from High Noon (1952)
  • 9. 1. Take a stand You get paid (with time, attention, the cost of travel, the opportunity cost of not being somewhere else) to say something meaningful.So take a stand and tell us what you believe in. Still from High Noon (1952)
  • 10. 1. Take a stand No Passive voice Navel gazing Passing the buck(e.g. “Museums should be more open...”) Still from High Noon (1952)
  • 11. 1. Take a stand Yes Active voice Work on stuff that matters Own the solutions (e.g. “Museums should be more open in these 5 ways...”) Still from High Noon (1952)
  • 12. Taking a stand inpublic changes you,and acceleratesreal learning
  • 13. 2. Prepare
  • 14. 2. Prepare Jerry Seinfeld, the richest and most famous comic in America, regularly performs at small clubs in front of 10 people to practice and perfect his craft.
  • 15. Seinfeld will nurse a single joke for years, amending, abridging and reworking it incrementally, to get the thing just so. “It’s similar to calligraphy or samurai,” he says. “I want to make cricket cages. You know those Japanese cricket cages? Tiny, with the doors? That’s it for me: solitude and precision, refining a tiny thing for the sake of it.” When he can’t tinker, he grows anxious. “If I don’t do a set in two weeks, I feel it,” he said. “I read an article a few years ago that said when you practice a sport a lot, you literally become a broadband: the nerve pathway in your brain contains a lot more information. As soon as you stop practicing, the pathway begins shrinking back down. Reading that changed my life. I used to wonder, Why am I doing these sets, getting on a stage? Don’t I know how to do this already? The answer is no. You must keep doing it. The broadband starts to narrow the moment you stop.”
  • 16. 3. Don’t spread BSPhoto cc-by Michael Edson, from On Bullshit by H. G. Frankfurt
  • 17. 3. Don’t spread BS There’s too much junk thought In the world already: Say what you know, do your homework, and check your facts. Subject your own work to the best BS detector you can find.Photo cc-by Michael Edson, from On Bullshit by H. G. Frankfurt
  • 18. 4. Do build a foundation ~ 22 yearsDarwin Online:
  • 19. 4. Do build a foundation • Footnote and hyperlink your assertions • Be clear and complete, so others can build on what you know • Format your slides for slideshare • Record your talk and publish a transcript
  • 20. 4. Do build a foundation “The genius of Darwin wasn’t that he thought of modification with descent, it’s that he wrote it down in such a way that the idea would never drift away again...” {I don’t know the source for this, but I read it years ago...}
  • 21. 5. Keep trying “You could write the entire history of science in the last 50 years in terms of papers rejected by Science or Nature.” Paul C. Lauterbur, Nobel prize winner for his original research on magnetic resonance imaging. His seminal paper was rejected by the journal Nature in 1973. Quoted in Kevin Davies article Public Library of Science Opens Its Door (found via Scott Berkun’s The Myths of Innovation , p.54.)
  • 22. Adapted from Untitled, Rebecca Siegel, CC-BY
  • 23. In a lot of professions, conferences are about professional advancement, dominance displays, and ego.Adapted from Untitled, Rebecca Siegel, CC-BY
  • 24. But we’re different. We’re building something together for the public good. It’s a big, difficult job, and everyone needs to contribute. WE NEED EACH OTHER. WE NEED YOUR HELP.Adapted from Untitled, Rebecca Siegel, CC-BY
  • 25.