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  • 1. ENGLISH TASK 3 Page 1
  • 2. Tsunami Tsunami is a Japanese word for a sea wave generated by an underseaearthquake, landslide, or eruption. Most tsunamis happen along the Ring of Fire. It is a zone of volcanoes andseismic activity. The zone encircles the Pacific Ocean. Historically, tsunamis have caused much destruction and death. Since 1819,about 40 tsunamies have struck the Hawaiian Islands and since 1883, about 20tsunamis have struck Indonesia. The last one was on December 26, 2004, whichcaused over 100,000 deaths. A tsunami can have a width of 100 to 200 km and may spread far across thedeep ocean. The speed is as fast as a jet plane. When the wave reaches land it can bevery high, about 15 m or more.1. What is the main idea in the first paragraph ? a. the effect of tsunami c. the meaning of tsunami b. the example of tsunami d. the incident of tsunami2. Why the tsunami can be happen ? a. erosion c. undersea earthquake b. flood d. burning of the jungle3. How long the tsunami has happen in the Hawaii until now ? a. 191 years c. 182 years b. 181 years d. 192 years4. How many sacrifice who has die in the tsunami in Indonesia on December 2004 ? a. less than 50,000 deaths c. less than 100,000 deaths b. over 100,000 deaths d. over 200,000 deaths5. How the speed of the tsunami waves ? a. like a jet plane c. like a motorcycle b. like a busway d. like a ship ENGLISH TASK 3 Page 2
  • 3. Platypus The word platypus is derived from Greek. Platys means broad and pous meansfoot. Many people call it duckbill because the animal has a bill that looks like aduckbill. Its native to Tasmania and southern and eastern Australia. Platypus have flat tails and webbed feet. Their body length is 30 to 45 cm andcovered with a thick, soft and woolly layer of fur. Their bills are for detecting preyand stirring up mud. Platypuses eyes and head are small. They have no ears, but theycan sense sounds and light. Duckbills are shy animals and are seldom observed, even in localities wherethey live. They are active only during the early morning and late evening. They areexcellent swimmersb and divers. Platypuses live in streams, river, and lakes. Female platypuses usually digburrows in the banks of river or stream. The burrows are blocket with soil in severalplaces to protect them from intruders and flooding. For their nest the femalesconstruct a bed of grass, leaves and woods. Males don’t stay in the burrow. The adult females usually lays two to four eggs. The young animal have no furwhen they were born. The female uses its tails to hold the young to its abdomen.1. Why are the peoples call the platypus the duckbill ? a. because the platypus has a long tail c. because the platypus has feather b. because the platypus has a bill d. because the platypus has four foot2. The platypus native to .... a. Tasmania and southern and eastern Australia c. East Java and West Java b. Hawaii and eastern Brazil d. Somalia3. Their body length is 30 to 45 cm and covered... The word “their” means ? a. the people c. the monkey b. the duck d. the platypus4. What is the fourth paragraph about ? a. the platypus food c. the platypus appearance b. the platypus habitat d. the platypus anatomy5. How the condition of the young platypus when they born ? a. have the fur so much c. have no the eyes b. have no the fur d. have the ivory ENGLISH TASK 3 Page 3
  • 4. 1. Cup = cangkir 6. Calm = tenang 2. Fun = kesenangan 7. Spot = noda 3. Bus = bis 8. Not = bukan 4. Much = banyak 9. Knock = manampar 5. One = satu 10. Got = mendapatMatch the words with the meanings!Knock . . NodaCalm . . MenamparSpot . . MendapatGot . . BanyakMuch . . Tenang 1. Fur = bulu binatang 6. Prey = mangsa 2. Shellfish= kerang - kerangan 7. Bill = paruh 3. Shy = malu 8. Conspicuous= menyolok mata 4. Burrows= bersembunyi 9. Muddy = berlumpur 5. Worm = cacing 10. Lay = meletakkan 1. A duck has a …. a. Fur b. Shy c. Bill d. Muddy 2. She’s always trying to make herself…. a. Conspicuous b. Prey c. Lay d. Worms 3. Mary is a … girl. She rarely goes out of her house. a. Burrows b. Shellfish c. Prey d. Shy 4. Rabbits make their… by digging the ground. a. Muddy b. Burrows c. Bill d. Conspicuous 5. The hens… their eggs in the nest. a. Lay b. Shy c. Bill d. Fur ENGLISH TASK 3 Page 4
  • 5. Ana : Listen! I have interesting news.Wulan : Yes, what?Ana : You know many people want to help the victims of the tsunami in Aceh.Wulan : Yes. People gather money and things the refugees might need.Ana : just now, I saw on TV that a businessman from Manado, named Jembo , gathered money by running for twenty six kilometers nonstop.Wulan : Really? Tell me more about it.Ana : He’s got people’s sympathy for his unique effort. Therefore, people are willing to support him.Wulan : How much did he get?Ana : about fifty million rupiahs.Wulan : Fifty million rupiahs?Ana : Yes. He donated all the money to the people of Aceh.Wulan : Wow! 1. What are Ana and Wulan talking about? a. the incident in the Cipularang high way b. the corruption case which happen to businessman c. the people which sympathy with tsunami in Aceh d. the people which sympathy with erosion 2. How many persons in this dialogue? a. 2 person c. 4 person b. 3 person d. 5 person 3. Who a businessman from Manado which gathered money by running for twenty six kilometers nonstop? a. Ana c. Jembo b. Jarot d. Wulan 4. How much are Jempo get from his doing? a. Rp 55,000,000 c. Rp 25,000,000 b. Rp 50,000,000 d. Rp 30,000,000 5. He donated all the money to …. a. to help victims of tsunami in Aceh c. to help the victim of flood b. to help the victim of an incident d. to help the victim of lndslide ENGLISH TASK 3 Page 5