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Children’s film evaluation






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    Children’s film evaluation Children’s film evaluation Presentation Transcript

    • Children’s Film Evaluation
    • In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
      There are many typical conventions of a children's opening sequence, such as an establishing shot, music to give a feel for the genre, environment and characters feelings, as well as the opening title of the film and sometimes beginning credits. In our children’s film, we used an establishing shot, music to give a feel of genre and character feelings as well as the title of the film. All of these conventions, I feel, clearly showed our film was an adventure film, with the use of props, mysterious music, low lighting to show the mystery and then higher to show a safer and more friendly environments as well as a black and white effect to establish the time of setting.
    • How does your media Product represent particular social groups?
      This product is marketed at children, aged around 5-10, as well as families. This film is there to excite and challenge the minds of children with a mysterious narrative. Also, there are 3 main characters that are children, this helps the audience of children to relate to the story and find the film more engaging.
    • What Kind Of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product And Why?
      The UK film council would be a main contributor we feel, because they support all kinds of British films, from children’s films to those aimed at older audiences. But other companies like 20th century fox would also be interested in this kind of children’s film too, because it is an exciting adventure film with a different narrative to most films that have come about to be released. Films similar to this would be, Jumanji, UP and Peter Pan, because they are all adventure movies and the characters in them are on an actual adventure and the audience follow along with them.
    • Who Would Be The Audience For Your Media Product?
      When we started out making this Children’s film we intended the target audience to be children aged between 5 and 10. I feel we reached or aim in making this an engaging and exciting opening sequence for a children’s film in all our macro features, like the use of music and props to establish the genre and time of setting. I feel this classification would be a PG
    • How Did You Attract/Address Your Audience?
      The narrative of the product was relatable to our target audience, 3 young boys playing in the woods and then discover a treasure map. This makes it appealing to young children because of the sense of adventure and also the desire of being in their shoes. Also, the film has a “bad” pirate in it, a villain, and in all traditional adventure films, there is always a villain, which adds an opponent and it is an enjoyable experience to follow a narrative with a slight struggle as we see with most children adventure films.
      Also with the initial use of mysterious music and a black and white video filter, it gives the audience something to think about immediately, where is it set? When is it set? What is going on?
    • What Have You Learnt About Technologies From The Process Of Constructing This Product?
      I have learnt how to use the computer more effectively and constructively and find greater use of my time to get the most out of each lesson. I have built on my initial knowledge of Final Cut editing suite and found new ways to make a film flow better and keep continuity within the narrative. After making this product I feel more able in using the camera, from making the shots look better to discovering new ways entirely to shoot a part of the film. I have learnt that the video camera can be used to take stills to put up on Blogger too.
    • Looking Back At Your Preliminary Task, What Do You Feel You Have Learnt In The Progression From It To The Full Product?
      The final product used much more of a variety of shots, giving a greater idea of what was going on, as well as making the scenes not seem repetitive and boring while watching them. The sound quality in the final product was a lot better because I discovered how to collect more sound effects from the computer and I had more of a chance to break down most of the existing audio from the camera and re-create it using sound effects and music.
      The preliminary task didn’t help me too much because I already did AS Film Studies last year but it did help me to remember the skills I already had.
      My highlight from this entire product was making a shot go from black and white to colour with no cut.