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Scrumbuts - Italian Agile Day 2010



Italian Agile Day 2010

Italian Agile Day 2010
Scrumbuts (DemotiScrum)



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    Scrumbuts - Italian Agile Day 2010 Scrumbuts - Italian Agile Day 2010 Presentation Transcript

    • ScrumBut: Scrum e la resa condizionata? - DemotiScrum -
    • Talking of Scrum in your company...
    • It's not another toy to break off...
    • Edoardo Schepis Scrum Master in Funambol Certified Scrum Master and Scrum Professional [email_address] twitter: edschepis http://www.edschepis.net
    • Agenda
      • Do we really know Scrum?
      • A selection of ScrumButs
      • Surrenders?
    • Scrum
        Do we really know Scrum? Scrum is NOT...
        • just a matter of meetings
        • just a matter of roles
        • just a matter of artifacts
    • Scrum
        Scrum is not just this...
    • SCRUM is...
        The Scrum Pillars
        • Lean Thinking
          • Respect People
          • Continuous Improvement
          • “ Anything that does not create value for a customer is waste ”
        • Agile Manifesto
        Scrum as a MIRROR
    • Scrum is like your mother in law
    • ScrumButs are...
      • ScrumButs are reasons why you can’t take full advantage of Scrum to solve the problems and realise the benefits.
      • Format: (ScrumBut) (Reason) (Workaround)
      • Example:
        • “We use Scrum, but Daily Scrum meetings are too much overhead so we only have them once a week.”
      • Agile development is like teenage sex. Everyone says they’re doing it, but only 10% are. And those who are — ARE DOING IT WRONG.
    • Goalless/Soulless Scrum
        “ We use Scrum but... only because... ”
      • Scrum just for Scrum
      • Scrum because the boss wants it
      • Nobody knows why
    • Goalless/Soulless Scrum – Try to...
      • Use Scrum to govern the Scrum adoption
      • Regularly share and challenge Agile/Lean/Scrum/YOUR values and principles
      • Perform retrospectives on how you're applying Scrum
    • Makes our life difficult
        “ We use Scrum but... we don’t like it because it makes life more difficult. ”
      • It's a Mirror
      • It won't be better with age...
    • Makes our life difficult – Try to...
      • Look into the mirror
      • Inspect and adapt
      • Encourage people
      • Coaching vs. Training
    • Planning Paralysis
        “ We use Scrum but… we're still not confident about our plan after two days of Sprint planning! ”
      • Try to...
        • Keep the focus on the Sprint
        • Find and adapt your velocity
        • Use a checklist for a good Sprint planning meeting
    • http://www.sprint-it.de/scrum-checklists
    • Command and Control
        “ We use Scrum but... a manager keeps telling the team which tasks to do ”
      • It's all about self-organized teams. It doesn't mean:
        • No managers at all
        • No help
      • Try to...
        • define boundaries... like railroads for trains
        • self-organized teams need you!
    • Rewards
        “ We use Scrum but... we track individual performances with rewards ”
      • Is the emphasis really on the team?
      • Try to...
        • Review and assess the goals (Individuals vs. Team)
        • Do not attack the organization mindset
    • It's done... almost done
        “ We use Scrum but... at the end of the Sprint we need additional time to get things done ”
      • Take time to understand and share the issue
      • Try to...
        • Write/Review a Definition of Done
        • Improve your integration systems (continuous build/integration/testing)
        • Sprint Review with live demo
    • Risk Management
        “ We use Scrum but... we need a formal Risk Management process ”
      • Do we really know Scrum?
      • Try to:
        • Review and map risks with scrum principles and practices
        • Time-boxing
        • Prioritization and estimation must consider risks
        • Spikes
        • Last responsible moment
          • A military officer: "The most important thing I did in my career was to teach young leaders that whenever they saw a threat, their first job was to determine the timebox for their response. Their second job was to hold off making a decision until the end of the timebox, so that they could make it based on the best possible data."
    • Risk Management Chart
    • Risk Management mapping
    • Status Quo
        “ We use Scrum but... we have so much work to do (bug fixing, new features, documentation, testing, reporting, managing) that we don't have time to do anything more ”
      • Try to...
        • Inspect: work on failures immediately (pain-driven)
        • Ask the 5 Whys
        • Eat the dogfood
    • Time-boxing what?
        “ We use Scrum but... if needed we extend Sprint lenght ”
      • The illusion of... “just few more hours and it's done”
      • Try to...
        • Overcommitment and/or bad estimates?
        • Track velocity as average from some past sprints
        • Retrospective: missing (lack of) a commitment is an opportunity to inspect and adapt
        • Work with managers to reduce pressure
    • Component Teams
        “ We use Scrum but... we cannot have feature teams ”
      • Communication between teams is easier with feature teams
      • Try to...
        • Define “feature”
        • Keep focus also at feature level (maybe more Sprints)
        • Minimize FIP (features in progress)
        • Empower the team
        • Move from dev. to user point of view
    • Functional Teams
        “ We use Scrum but... we cannot afford cross-functional teams ”
      • Sometimes it's not a management decision
      • Try to...
        • Define primary and seconday skills
        • Reduce WIP
        • Shorten the Sprint
    • Stabilization
        “ We use Scrum but... we still need a Testing/Integration/QA/Release team to validate/finish the work ”
      • DONEish
      • Try to...
        • Work on DONE
        • Improve integration and testing systems
        • Setup automated testing with mocks to avoid dependency
    • The Scrum Monster
        “ We use Scrum but... the Scrum Master is a Manager ” (the SM with two heads)
      • Command and Control
      • Trust?
      • Try to... (if you can't avoid it)
        • Give parts of the role to other members
        • Avoid personal rewards
        • Be a good manager ;-)
    • ScrumButs
      • Goalless
      • Makes our life difficult
      • Planning Paralysis
      • Command and Control
      • Rewards
      • It's almost done
      • Risk Management
      • Status Quo
      • Time-Boxing what?
      • Component Teams
      • Functional Teams
      • Stabilization
      • Scrum Monster
      • ...
    • But Scrum...
        “ When a person/team/organization flips off their 'thinking bit' and just burps up whatever Scrum tells them to do ”
        • But Scrum says all my stories must follow a template: “As a ___ I can ___ so that____”
        • But Scrum says our teams should be 7, +- 2
        • But Scrum says we need self-organizing teams
        • But Scrum says we estimate
      http://blog.versionone.com/blog/productive-agility/0/0/but-scrum Joel Tosi
    • Surrending to the Status Quo?
        La resa incondizionata
          trattato secondo cui una parte accetta di arrendersi al nemico senza avanzare alcun tipo di pretesa (la forma di sconfitta più totale e umiliante per la parte che si arrende)
        L’onore delle armi
          particolare tipo di riconoscimento, un onore cavalleresco che si conferisce in ambito militare per rendere ossequio al valore dell'avversario sconfitto
    • we all grow up...
    • Edoardo Schepis Scrum Master in Funambol Certified Scrum Master and Scrum Professional [email_address] twitter: edschepis http://www.edschepis.net Questions?