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Celebrity Drug Overdoses
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Celebrity Drug Overdoses

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Prescription drug abuse is a major and growing problem in America. Here are 14 celebrities whose lives have ended early due to drug overdose, whether accidental or not.

Prescription drug abuse is a major and growing problem in America. Here are 14 celebrities whose lives have ended early due to drug overdose, whether accidental or not.

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  • 4. PHILIP SEYMOUR HOFFMAN AGE: 46 Drug intoxication, including heroin, cocaine, benzodiazepines and amphetamine DEATH YEAR: 2014 ACTOR AND DIRECTOR
  • 5. WHITNEY HOUSTON AGE: 48 Drowned after a cocktail of cocaine and prescription drugs (12 bottles found, including Xanax and Flexeril) DEATH YEAR: 2012 SINGER, ACTRESS, PRODUCER, MODEL
  • 6. ERICA BLASBURG AGE: 25 Asphyxia and an overdose of prescription drugs taken for headache, pain, cough, and anxiety DEATH YEAR: 2010 PROFESSIONAL GOLFER (LPGA)
  • 7. BRITTANY MURPHY AGE: 32 Passed away from pneumonia, anemia and prescription drug intoxication. DEATH YEAR: 2009 ACTRESS AND SINGER
  • 8. MICHAEL JACKSON AGE: 50 Died from a lethal injection of the anesthetic propofol. DEATH YEAR: 2009 AMERICAN POP ICON
  • 9. HEATH LEDGER AGE: 28 Australian actor overdosed on painkillers, anti-anxiety drugs, and sleeping pills. DEATH YEAR: 2008 ACTOR
  • 10. ANNA NICOLE SMITH AGE: 40 Accidental overdose of at least nine different prescription drugs. DEATH YEAR: 2007 MODEL, PLAYBOY PLAYMATE, ACTRESS
  • 11. ELVIS PRESLEY AGE: 42 Abuse of prescription drugs including painkillers, tranquilizers, and opiates, is thought to have contributed to his death. DEATH YEAR: 1997 MUSICIAN, SINGER, ACTOR, ICON
  • 12. MARGEUX HEMINGWAY AGE: 42 Phenobarbital overdose DEATH YEAR: 1996 ACTRESS
  • 13. BRUCE LEE AGE: 32 Cerebral Edema due to meprobramate, aspirin DEATH YEAR: 1973 ACTOR, DIRECTOR, MARTIAL ARTIST
  • 14. JUDY GARLAND AGE: 47 Overdose of barbiturates (sleeping pills) DEATH YEAR: 1969 AMERICAN ACTRESS AND SINGER
  • 15. DORTHY DANDRIDGE AGE: 42 Imipramine, a tricyclic antidepressant DEATH YEAR: 1965 ACTRESS AND SINGER
  • 16. MARILYN MONROE AGE: 36 Overdose of barbiturates DEATH YEAR: 1962 ACTRESS, SINGER, MODEL, SEX-SYMBOL
  • 17. ROBERT WALKER AGE: 32 Amobarbital and alcohol DEATH YEAR: 1951 ACTOR
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